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  • My Fight Inside - Passed Future [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Giu 16 2009, 9:27

    My fight inside - Passed Future

    My Fight Inside dolaze iz Njemačke, točnije iz Neunburga. Sviraju hardcore muziku koju sami nazivaju "no school hardcore", a i imaju i potpuno pravo iz razloga što u njihovoj muzici stvarno ima raznih kombinacija hardcore-a. „Passed Future“ njihovo je drugo izdanje izdano 2008.-e godine te sadrži 6 pjesama(dvije na njemačkom, četiri na engleskom jeziku) u trajanju od 20ak minuta. Prva pjesma na albumu zove se „Just a Little…“ i odmah po toj pjesmi može se reći da My Fight Inside imaju raznoraznih kombinacija. Dakle, nekakav brzi new-school hardcore početak, spori i melodični uvod u refren, refren sa više „krasterskim“ pjevanjem i metaliziranim trzanjem na gitari te još raznorazne kombinacije. Meni je ujedno pjesma „Just a Little…“ i najbolja na albumu jer jednostavno ima neku žestinu i zanos, koliko zbog muzike, toliko i zbog riječi koje su na totalno „odjebi“ način usmjerene prema posesivnim i egoističnim ljudima.
    Kao kod ove, i kod ostalih pjesama na albumu, ovakve neke slične muzičke kombinacije su u pitanju. Između njihovih brzih ritmova ima dosta metaliziranih riffova, a kao što sam i spomenuo, ima i dosta tih nekih više „krasterskih“ vokala/back vocala.
    Ono što ovom bendu nedostaje, po meni je možda samo vježba i nekakva kvalitetnija snimka, mada to meni opet ne igra veliku ulogu, ali dosta njima bi to smetalo. Dakle, radi se o jednom bendu kojeg svakako morate provjeriti slušate li ovakvu muziku, mada nemojte očekivati nešto „predobro“ već samo još jedan bend koji možete preslušati par puta i nakon toga si eventualno povremeno preslušati „Just a Little…“.

  • Farmer's Boulevard - Red Carpet [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Mag 9 2009, 16:13

    Farmer's Boulevard - Red Carpet
    I think I don’t need to introduce Farmer’s Boulevard again because I wrote all about them in review for their “Still Four” (suggest you to read it before you read this) album. This one is their last material and it’s been released in 2006 (again, not very new…but as I said it before, if you didn’t hear it yet, it’s new). As the old one, this album is also not very long and it contains 11 songs plus “Outro”. Except advancement in their music, on this release they have one more additional guitar (they had only one before). Following the previously album, songs are again, mostly against media, about politics, about the “hardcore scene” etc…and if you like this band, you will probably like mostly all their songs. Comparing with “Still four”, “Red carpet” has different and better production, sound is more purely, and also, songs are slightly slower but still they have power and energy as they use to have it before. Cover and artwork is also better then before and this time is in red-white-black color, I don’t know what exactly is representing but band surely does. As I said it, they didn’t shifted a lot on this album and I don’t know what to say anymore because this is just the slightly better continuation of the past release and I’m expecting that next one will be even better.
    And once again, don’t forget to listen this band, and don’t forget to check them in Pula on 29th of May, or in Koper on 30th of May.

  • Diverzija - Bloodied but Unbowed [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Mag 9 2009, 11:03

    Diverzija - bloodied but unbowed

    New release from the young melodic HC band from Osijek called ”Bloodied but unbowed” is let’s say, a surprise. It is different genre if we compare it to first album ”Days of our lives” which is totally melocaliflorida(this is one word:)) garbage. The new album has turned to more HC-like sound. On the other hand if we take a look on the CD cover and their Myspace design we see that melocaliflorida style didn’t go far away. Talking to other people I found out that they think ”Diverzija” is not nothing else but a copy of their neighbour band ”Fat prezident”. I’m not going to write about them in that sence, because I think every band has it’s influences and it is positive to look up to older and better then you. Anyhow, about the album, it has eleven, fast, sharp sounding songs which easily hold on to your ear. I once said that a good album is one on which you dont have to skip any tracks, well, I’m listening ”Bloodied but unbowed” for like a week and i didn’t skip a song. The lyrics (written in english) didn’t leave any emo track on me, mostly because I already know that people are stupid (most of them), I already know that people kill for and because of money, I know that people are passive and they need to be woken up, but if we take in to consideration that lyrics are not in any way original, they are not bad, everything has sense and it is nicely brought together with HC melodic riffs.

    Diverzija ”Bloodied but unbowed” is an album not revolutionary for HC/Punk scene, but it is positive step forward in Diverzija’s musical progress.

  • Farmer's Boulevard - Still Four [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Apr 26 2009, 11:34

    Farmer's Boulevard - Still Four

    Farmer’s Boulevard are a allschool hardcore punk band from Leipzig, Germany. They’re playing since 1997, but I didn’t heard them until Haschek (he’s singing in Farmer’s Boulevard and running small DIY label PCS Records) contacted me and send me 2 albums of them. This band is continuously observing that they are strongly “against racism, against old as well as new fascists and the daily ignorance of the state” so that’s why I’m also mentioning this. Except this, band members are also active in campaign “Good night, white pride!” since its beginning, in PCS Records label, local webzine www.sxhc.de and its associated festival “Hardcore Lives?!”. “Still four” has been released in 2002 on CD, and 2003 on LP, but because band is not very known in our region, I think this will be still interesting release for anyone who didn’t hear them yet.
    First time I have heard this album I was kind of surprised when they start to play some kind of powerviolence/fast-core on half of first song (“Not tough enough”), but as I said it before, they play “allschool” and in their songs you can find all kind of stuff…from fast-core to slow breakdown songs, from breakdowns to punk rock, from punk rock to…you have it all here combined with vocalist who’s mostly singing in some “trashy”(but not in bad sense) screaming and aggressive style with some clean parts. Album is just 21:05min long and I can’t say that I have some favorites on this album because all songs are very similar in some way, but also, there is not either a bad songs. Album cover is mostly brown and when you open it, there is a drawing that’s presenting some kind of fight, but I’m not sure what exactly…it doesn’t matter. All lyrics are included and they’re nicely written, mostly about social issues, about “fake” hardcore scene, media,…in some way nothing revolutionary but it’s always nice to find out people who are thinking in similar way as you, and also, many times those people maybe have few more thoughts about different themes so it’s always nice to read it.
    There is two more things I have to say…First, I have and last (“Red Carpet”) Farmer’s Boulevard album at home so you can expect also that review very soon. Second, Farmer’s Boulevard are playing on 29th of May in MonteParadiso, Pula…and 30th of May in Koper, so don’t forget to check them on tour.


  • Kajla - Prva Kuja u Svemiru [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Apr 19 2009, 13:10

    Kajla - Prva kuja u svemiru

    So, this is latest release from lazy members of 3rd Rocket Records. Kayla/Kajla is playing punk rock, with female vocals, coming from Zagreb, Croatia. This is their first album and it contains 8 songs, 5 written in Croatian, 3 in English. On cover, there are some drawings, and some photoshop effects, not to complicate but also not too clearly. Songs/Lyrics are about different things, about love with town they are born (not all of them ;)), violence against women, dreams, love… so, lyrics are very fine and every song has own theme. All the songs on album are melodic and are very memorable, but those are punk rock songs and must be that way. Who doesn’t know anything about Kajla, I could maybe mention that drums are playing maXse (Dolibasija, Protest Mozga, Plan B,…), Eva(Puf Pant) is singing,… other members were probably played also somewhere but I’m not informed.
    So, this release is average, for someone who loves that music more than me it will probably be more than average but that all depends on that who’s listening. All I can say, check that band, then you will see if you like it, I recommend it to all of you punkrockers.

  • Ema Camelia @ free download

    Mar 13 2009, 14:32

    Ema Camelia - album 2006 is now free for download on our website... www. dead-space. org
  • Lost Boys - s/t [7"] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Mar 7 2009, 13:46

    Lost Boys - s/t

    Lost Boys are from Lyon, France, they’ve stuck somewhere in the 80’s and don’t want to get out of there. When I say that, I talk about music they’re playing because it’s some kind of oldschool melodic hardcore punk in the way of Zero Boys, Angry Samoans, Freeze, Agent Orange,… (mostly bands from their front cover). This 7" has 4 songs and it’s been released by few european diy labels (i’ve got it from Ha-Ko Bastards from Serbia). Except this release, band has also selftitled tape (I remember I bought that when they have played in Buje, I think maybe 2 years ago). So…first song here is called “Tuta Blu” and it’s written in some way of a story talking against the job and against bosses. “Nerds” is second song, and their lyrics can are visually demonstrated on the cover of this release; there is a man who’s taking his LP’s and running away from war and bombs, refrain of the song is “You can burn my flag and torture my kids, this is my whole life don’t touch my LP’s”. This line is maybe kind of brutal for someone, but I find it very amusing and don’t imagine it like that, but just like authors love to music and hardcore punk scene. “Bonnot vs Sisyphe” comes after “Nerds” and in this song, I think, author is comparing life of Jules Bonnot (French anarchist) with myth about Sizif (Sísuphos). Song ends with “Fuck you…Let me live my life this way” and that’s the point of all :). Last song is called “Lost Boys” and they’re describing itself like every human being, like you and me…”we’re all doomed from birth, we work, we vote,…”, we’re all fucked up, we’re all different but all equal – we must find out that once for all.

  • Thema Eleven - the Great Misanthrope [LP] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Mar 5 2009, 11:20

    Thema Eleven - the great misanthrope

    First time I’ve heard for this band was when somebody told me that they will play in Rijeka on May 6th 2008, or when I got mail announcement for gig. After that, I’ve downloaded this album, have a quick listening and it was fine to me, but nothing special. Also, this was one more reason for visiting that gig. It was Tuesday, I can’t now remember all details from that day but I know that Thema Eleven has blown one of the best and the dearest gigs I’ve ever attend to. They were full of energy, sound was heavy and intensive, but clean, one microphone didn’t work so second singer was bawling to the crowd without it, atmosphere was great; the whole show was a real pleasure.

    But enough about show, this is album review…so, 9-10 months has passed from the gig, and I finally get this album on the LP (I still don’t know why didn’t I bought it on that day).
    Album has 8 songs…8 great songs and intro. They are playing some kind of chaotic post-hardcore mixed with screamo and sludge, but then again, with some ambiental post rock/metal parts. Two vocals are singing, one is very crude and another performs some mix of screaming and loud clean singing, it’s going great together. After intro, album starts with song called “Soft is the skin” and except that, my favorites on this album are “the Impact”, “Private vision of hell”, “the Tempest” …shortly, all songs are great but I think I can say that those are my favorites. In their abstract lyrics, they are mostly cultivating social theme fields and some strange (but very interesting and speculate) apocalyptic views. Material is recorded on summer, 2006. and album has been released somewhere in 2007 through Insane Society records. Cover and booklet are very nice, with wonderful green-yellow-red-black design, and with lyrics and all informations included. The Great Misanthrope is one great release from the one great band; hope to see you again in Croatia…or somewhere.

  • Timer - Yet Here We Stand [CD-R] - review from Dead-Space.org

    Mar 5 2009, 11:13

    Timer - Yet Here We Stand

    After short intro, album is starting with the intensive riffs and then is jumping to the beautiful guitar melody…I liked that first time I’ve heard this debut album/EP of Timer, ambiental and experimental sludgecore band from Antwerpen, Belgium. When I heard this, I didn’t believed that this is their first album, because they sound like they’ve been practice and playing for a years. Album contains 8 tracks, 4 complete songs, intro and short apocalyptic clips between those 4 songs. Problem is that I’m not having an original release because it’s only released in 150 copies, and it would be expensive to send it from the Belgium, but band has ask me a favor, they’ve send me their booklet in digital format, and I’m doing this now. On this release, there are also like guests some band members of Maudlin, Mount Venus and Daybreak. CD booklet is made by Jarne from Fortune Design, and it’s a blue/black one with lyrics included.
    How Timer sounds? Really great…but on their website you can see info about every band member, and there are also favorite bands of that band member…when you take few bands from that list, you can freely say that Timer sounds like a mix of Isis, Tool, Kyuss, Pink Floyd, Soundgarden, Cult Of Luna, Nirvana, Sigur Ros,… with abstracted lyrics about life, moments where we are imprisoned inside society and searching inside us how to make things better, how to survive another day and if whole life makes sense at all…I think you all know what I mean.
    I suggest this one to everyone, the only thing I don’t like (but that’s just my problem) is that vocalist, on the 4th song (“Snowhaze”) reminds me on Creed, and I don’t like Creed very much, but, as I said it before, that’s just my problem ;)
    This release is great, this band has his path…If they did such a great release now, and don’t know what are they planning to do next time, suppose it can be only better, so I’m letting rating 10/10 for the next release.