Kajla - Prva Kuja u Svemiru [CD] - review from Dead-Space.org


Apr 19 2009, 13:10

Kajla - Prva kuja u svemiru

So, this is latest release from lazy members of 3rd Rocket Records. Kayla/Kajla is playing punk rock, with female vocals, coming from Zagreb, Croatia. This is their first album and it contains 8 songs, 5 written in Croatian, 3 in English. On cover, there are some drawings, and some photoshop effects, not to complicate but also not too clearly. Songs/Lyrics are about different things, about love with town they are born (not all of them ;)), violence against women, dreams, love… so, lyrics are very fine and every song has own theme. All the songs on album are melodic and are very memorable, but those are punk rock songs and must be that way. Who doesn’t know anything about Kajla, I could maybe mention that drums are playing maXse (Dolibasija, Protest Mozga, Plan B,…), Eva(Puf Pant) is singing,… other members were probably played also somewhere but I’m not informed.
So, this release is average, for someone who loves that music more than me it will probably be more than average but that all depends on that who’s listening. All I can say, check that band, then you will see if you like it, I recommend it to all of you punkrockers.



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