Answers to the questions^^


Gen 3 2010, 19:04

1. Do you have any fan merchandise that is unusual?
A cap from Porcupine Tree. I used to buy shirts.

2. Which was your first album worth mentioning?
Fallen. I think it should be something I'd still
be listeing to.

3. When was your first concert? (Age)
At the age of 14, Fiddler's Green in Nuremberg.

4. Have you been to festivals?
Yes, twice. Veldenstein was the bigger one.

5. Ever considered to join a fan club? Which one?
Yes. I'm thinking about becoming a plague rat.

6. Which song was the discovering of a whole new genre for you?

7. How do you think about TV and Movie Soundtracks?
Some are really great and I own some. A good soundtrack makes the movie even better.

8. Do you choose particular albums depending on the mood?
Not really. But I like „Eisregen“ when I'm pissed off.

9. Ever made a compilation with a topic( for a friend)?
Yes. It was a party mix.

10. Which song does not fit to the others songs you have?
Don't Speak. Why? It's pop.

11. Do you look like you're listening to the music you do? Yes, at least I have a lot of black clothes and metal bandshirts. And Medieval clothes, too.

12. Have you ever met a singer or band member personally? Were you
Yes, I have. They were really nice. Not arrogant. For example Saltatio Mortis.

13. The old days of music were the better ones. Do you agree?
No. There is good new stuff, too. But I wouldn't mind to live in
the 60s or 70s and listen to the music back then.

14. Have you ever seen a band live and regretted it? Which one?
I expected more from In Extremo. The lead singer had a sore throat.

15. If you put one of your favourite songs into an advertisment-
what would it be advertising?
Strike Back. It would
be an ad for an action film.

16. Would you be upset if your taste of music becomes mainstream?
Some how, yes.

17. Have you ever covered a song and recorded it? Which one?
Many.One of them was: Pretty in Scarlet by Guano Apes. Female voices are easier to sing.

18. Have you ever quoted lyrics and why?
What is
love but the strangest of feelings?
“ See my point?

19. Craziest place to listen to music?
Loud? Had a party next to a lake with music.

20. Do you think you're listening to too loud music e.g. with your MP3-Player?

21. Do you have a song as a ringtone?
Yes. Different ones for different people.

22. Which is your song for a funeral?
While Your Lips Are Still Red.

23. Which CD Cover has the most beautiful Artwork? ( up to 3)
In Luft geritzt, that's the only one, I can think of right now.

24. Who does the best stage show in your opinion?
Many are good. But Fiddler's Green and Saltatio Mortis were great. Always fun is Feuerschwanz.

25. Do you like it atmospheric or with a lot of fire, bangs and decoration? Does decoration distract from music?
Fire is not bad as long as it does not take to too long get it on stage. I like show.

26. Do you prefer a chronological order or alphabetical or both of your CDs?
It's alphabetical.

27. Would you form a tribute band for one of your artists?
Yes, but nobody would listen to us because my bands are on tour regularly.

28. Do you think the leader of the band has to be attractive in order to be famous?
It helps a lot. But he just needs presence.

29. Do you like to observe changes of music style of your favourite band?
Not really. But on the other side it would be boring.

30. Is there a song that should made into a movie?
Lady of Shalott but by Loreena Mc Kennitt.

31. Can you listen to music while having Sex?
Maybe I hear that there is music but not what it is.

32. Is there any artist that you like who is more than just a band member and good at it e.g. actor?
Jared Leto

33. What you do think about groupies?
I don't know. I'd not sleep with someone just because I like the music. But nevertheless I'm not against groupies.

34. Have you said the famous sentence: „ I want a baby with you!“ in a concert ?

35. Does your partner like your taste in music? Is it a must for a good relationship?

Yes. I think he likes it. It's not a must but it gives a lot more leisure time activities.
36. A good tip of a friend of mine was....?
Porcupine Tree.

37. Most sad love song you know?

38. Do you concentrate on listening or are you doing something else while listening? What?
Chatting, surfing, playing, get up. Anything and everything^^.

39. Do have albums which fit rooms? E.g. kitchen and cooking songs or Bedroom with get up songs or bath songs?
No, but kitchen songs are always old punk music like The Clash.

40. Can you think of an example to question 39.?
Another one? Irish Drinking Songs for my party room.

41. Do you listen more to music with english lyrics or lyrics in your first language?
More German, I think. But I don't know why.

42. The most overrated artist this year was....
Madonna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga and all those pop girlies...

43. What do you think of music games like Singstar or Guitar Hero?
I like them. I discovered new music with them, too.

44. What do you think of Best Ofs? Did you buy any?
Yes, usually acoustic versions. For example: Nackt

45. What's your opinion on musicals and dance movies?
I love Moulin Rouge and Corpse Bride. ^^

46. Do you play an instrument?
Yes.A lot different instruments a bit. Mostly Keyboard.

47. Does a good band need a good video? Do have a favourite video?
I love the video of Join Me by HIM but they don't need a video.

48. Would you get tattoo of your favourite band? Which one?
No, I don't think so.

49. What do you use to find new music? Internet(e.g. Lastfm, myspace), friend , shop..?
Concerts, friends and something like: People who liked.... like...

50. What is your musical discovery this year?
Emilie Autumn


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