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Once upon a time not long ago/ When people wore Adidas and lived life slow/ When laws were stern and justice stood/ And people was behavin' like highschool was good/ There lived a little boy who was misled/ By a little Sha-tan and this is what he said/ "yo Neal kid you gotta drop outta skool/ you aint makin it there you jus playin the fool"/ He dropped out and instead of mathematics/ He started dealin drugs to crack addicts/ He stayed on his grind, money came wit ease/ But son, he couldn't stop, it's like he had a disease/ He sold another and another he even sold it to his brother/ To the boy the crack was his first real lover/ The kid got wild startin' actin' erratic/ He said "Yo, that presidential I got ta have it..."/ With liquor in his belly son, he cooked up his own crack/ But little did he know that his joints was wack/ The addict across the steet said "Great new hit G!"/ "Whenever you need a buyer, yo come get me..."/ The kid got amped and he starts to think/ "I'm-a get dough like all-a these otha chinks!"/ So, he's on the street workin' 'round the clock/ Pushin' ill amounts of his own wonder rock/ He went outside, was gettin' props all over/ Then he dipped into his ride, the 4-point Rover/ Raced up the block doin' 83/ Some cats with Hennessey saw him at a R-E-D/ He winked his eye like his star status mattered/ They rat-a-tat-tatted to make his blood splatter/ "You rockin' crazy ice and all you do is cling static/ And rollin' down to Scarborough late night is problematic..."/ His eyes was bloody red, he hung on every word they said/ They told the kid "Back down, that hustla' shit is dead."/ Deep in his heart, he knew he was gone/ But he grabbed his 45 and decide to blaze on/ Wit' shades on founded had him astounded an'/ Before long, the young man got surrounded/ Those grabbed the guns, so goes the glory/ And that is the way I got ta end this story/ He was out chasin' cream and the American dream/ Tryin' to pretend the ends justify the means/ This ain't funny so don't you dare laugh/ It's just what comes to pass when you sell your ass/ Life is more than what your hands can grasp/ Good Night! /////////////////////////////////////////// My true life story...NOT!!! Bwa ha ha ah ah! no but seriously its true!