• Verified.

    Set 16 2007, 0:29

    There's no girl from Madrid, between 18 and 20 years old who likes The Black Dahlia Murder in last.fm(excepting Maria, but I told her the band already, so that doesn't count). I'm fucking unique.
  • OH OK.

    Giu 3 2007, 4:17

    5am on a normal sunday, sitting in the chair after watching some basket and football matches at the sports centre because of the June sports marathon, waiting till 8am to swallow the shitty amoxicillin pills which will remove my throat infection (I hope). I've just heard some new songs of Reuben's new album and I'm happy because they're pretty screamo, and my brother loved the old album, but now I'll laugh at him when he listens to the new one, because he will be like: "WHAT THE FUCK, THAT SOUNDS LIKE YOUR MUSIC!". Also I hope my loin/back pain get gone because they really HURT. This is my day after day life in summer, funny yeh? After visiting my pals profiles (manolete and catalufianisaaaaaac) and notice they've got some journal entries, I thought I could have one too, so here it is, THIS IS BETTER THAN YOURS HAHA NOOBS.

    Anyway, good night MORNING.