Have you ever....?


Dic 11 2007, 18:26

Have you ever fallen in love with an artist all over again? I can say I have.

Yesterday I had my iPod on shuffle and Silver and Cold by AFI came on. It gave me this feeling (I don't know how to explain it), and I fell in love with them all over again. This has also happened with Lostprophets and Aiden. It's even happened with the song Williamsburg by Armor for Sleep.

This has also happened with Incubus, but never with 30 Seconds to Mars. Funny, eh?

Well, I was just wanting to create this, see how many people actually respond.


  • NikoTeaJay

    Wouldn't respond if it wasn't for Silver And Cold. Probably my favourite song from AFI ^^ And now that you mention it, yes, it's happened to me too. Just last weekend I rediscovered No Doubt. I've been digging them ever since I was 6 or so (when Don't Speak was published in Europe, but before last weekend, there was a period of many months that I didn't listen to them at all. I just woke up one day realizing god damnit, didn't I used to like that band No Doubt?. Then I just proceeded to listen few of their songs, and BAM! Ok, I still dislike Rock Steady, but everyone's gotta go wrong somewhere. ps. The following tend to increase chances of getting replies: a) write about something that actually makes sense (Band X survey, My top bands, why band Y rulz all etc.. rarely invoke replies) b) use at least decent grammar (i dont liek txt liek tis, u know..) c) Add some artist connections (just add 30 or so artist names at the bottom of the journal to get it in their artist pages, people like to click the links there).

    Dic 23 2007, 23:17
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