I Never Want To Say My Best Days Are Behind Me


Set 5 2008, 0:29

Jonah Matranga never takes a break. If you look at his record from as far back as 1993 (be it with Far, as Onelinedrawing or under his own name) he has brought out a release of some sort almost every year. In 2001 hungered for a rock band setup again he recruited members from some of American indie rock’s brightest talents (Shelter, Texas Is the Reason, Chamberlain). Aft their first rehersal they had a name, New End Original, and before they had even played a live show they had a record deal with Jade Tree. Naming the release ‘Thriller’, just like Michael Jackson’s 80s pop benchmark, was an interesting decision but fortunately the album guarantees that that is not the sole talking point.

Given a new foundation Jonah is able to build and flesh out on the ideas shown in his solo ventures. Having a full live backup does not subtract from the intimacy in his songwriting and the band routinely favours introducing just vocals and gentle strum before growing into full blown sing-alongs. That is not to say they are adverse to some handpicked high tempo stormers to their mix In contrast with the slow building tracks which are brooding and reflective it is on these faster numbers that the band convey most hopefulness.

Sadly this was to be the only release they would bring out and following 2 years of touring the band split returning to their individual projects. Considering the lighting pace it took to form the band and record their album it is not surprising that they broke up so early. The three songs i have selected are a good taster to the bands diverse sounds, energy and ability. If you were fortunate enough to catch them live in that brief stint you will know that on stage New End Original were an electrifying band. Fortunately ‘Thriller‘ will remain a testament to that.

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