Security Screenings makes me cry


Mag 24 2006, 14:21

Honestly, what has happened to Prefuse 73? It's been downhill since One Word Extinguisher, but beforehand I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

But Security Screenings is so damn mediocre. I've even left it a few months before laying into it, to see if it would grow on me. But it hasn't. Most of it is just recycling the same old sounds.

Even the collaboration with Four Tet is pretty average. There is only one great track on it: No Origin. The rest is hugely disappointing.

I hope Scott Herren's decision to concentrate on his other monickers breathes new life into his music.


  • pithecuspete

    I agree that it is just largely recycling the same sounds. it gets dull, and though his whole technique of music making may have been quite interesting at first, it's now getting old. I have to disagree on one point, though: SS has got to be a little better than one word extinguisher. that album was just brutal.

    Mag 25 2006, 1:28
  • jeej

    Yeah, it is pretty poor stuff.

    Mag 25 2006, 7:21
  • NFord17

    Creating Cyclical Headaches is awesome.

    Mag 26 2006, 5:35
  • onecaseman

    Yeah it sucks. No Origin is the only good track. I liked Surrounded by Silence and loved Extinguished, but this record sucks.

    Mag 26 2006, 16:08
  • onecaseman

    A Cloud Mireya sounds amazing though.

    Mag 26 2006, 16:09
  • doctorvee

    I should check out A Cloud Mireya. Have they released anything yet?

    Mag 26 2006, 16:26
  • onecaseman

    No, they have an album coming out soon on Eastern Developments and four songs on their MySpace though (

    Mag 29 2006, 4:00
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