"You're the idiot who keeps believing in luck" (8/18/2010)


Ago 18 2010, 12:27

[Wednesday] "You suggest a ghost, perhaps a phantom, I agree with this in part"

Poison the Well – Horns and Tails
Pet - Bed
Letters to Cleo - Fast Way
Tori Amos - Wednesday
Tori Amos - Here In My Head
Aaliyah - We Need a Resolution
Alien Ant Farm - Hope
Lou Reed - Perfect Day
Autolux - Supertoys
Aimee Mann - That's Just What You Are
Aimee Mann -It's Not Safe
Fiona Apple - Oh Well
Fiona Apple -Parting Gift

[Neuronauts] "Oh wonderful one, why are you like that?"
Devendra Banhart - Dogs They Make Up the Dark
Björk - Wanderlust
Blonde Redhead - Melody
Warpaint - Stars


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