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Lug 16 2007, 8:05

I almost forgot about my normal routine of picking my Top 10 songs of the first half of the year, to make the end of year top 10 for the Hottest 100 voting easier.

This years feels a little odd... I think I've listened to a smaller range of music, but given a wider range of artists a better look in. Rather than having Dallas Crane dominate, then listening to tiny bits of everything else, I've had a handful of albums I've shared around fairly evenly.

Anyway on with the list:

The Basics - Rattle My Chain - magnificent track, and the first certainty for this list I could think of.

Dallas Crane - God Damn Pride - pretty much their only 'release' of the year, if only in single form from last years album, but given Triple J didn't play it til 07, and this is for their list, I'll give it a look in.

The White Stripes - Conquest - I thought it sounded like a James Bond theme at first.

67 Special - Killer Bees - 67 will be in my end of year list. The only question is what song, after the album gets released.

The Vasco Era - When You Went - was a real toss up between this, When We All Lost It, When It First Showed Up, and Honey Bee.

The Cops - Le Chic - I've listened to so much of The Cops this year, I have to have something in. The Message and Cop Pop also favourites. I know none of the Cops tracks are that great from a critical perspective, but they're catchy and fun.

John Butler Trio - Good Excuse - The bloke's a Cat.

Powderfinger - Lost And Running - Bernard's got his low voice on. I Don't Remember also a good track.

Kaiser Chiefs - Ruby - so full of emselves, but this one is too catchy for its own good.

The White Stripes - [track artist=The White StripesIcky Thump[/track] - Yeh, I'll give Jack and Meg another look in... I probablyå like Rag and Bone enough too for it to knock out JBT, the Finger or the Chiefs but didn't want a too White Stripes heavy list.

Honourable Mentions
Arctic Monkeys, Operator Please, Dungen, The Bees, Little Barrie

If I've forgotten something important, let me know :)

And I'm sure by the end of the year, something from The Exploders new album will make it in. And are we expecting a Franz Ferdinand disc this year?



  • dk13

    Add to list... British India, especially [track artist=British India]Russian Roulette lately.

    Ago 14 2007, 14:41
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