Happy Hardcore hits 2500 Tracks


Mar 4 2006, 12:41

If your bored you might notice that im the top listener to
but still my collection is limited compared to the huge selection of stuff out there.

Most of the stuff was produced at live events, which is what i love most DJ SY or Any Happy Hardcore which is live is awesome, DJ Hixxy's stuff is Fu*king amazing too and i would love to hear some of that.

Also if anyone is hiding any Live, or recorded DJ Vibes stuff, especially his mix ups of anything, i would love to hear about it.

As for me, i've got hundreds of tape sets, but sadly most of the good tapes eventually got chewed up by the walkman or tape player... Anyone know if ]Helter Skelter release any LIVE cd sets? If so i would love to buy some and give them the money back.

Please, if you know anyone, let me know! Thanks :D


  • ahoier

    hardcore is alright. but yea, it got in my recommendations too :P

    Mar 5 2006, 1:07
  • djsmiley2k

    I have no idea why it got into your reconmendations and im very sorry.

    Mar 5 2006, 4:01
  • djsmiley2k

    hehe im a linux user so bitcomment isn't goign to do me much, but i know how to get torrentz, shame they dont work in these crappy flats with its crappy network, ill grab em at my gfs i guess :o Anyone know the legality of sharing live recorded shows such as helterskelter?

    Mar 6 2006, 9:00
  • TehEmoPhag

    Hixxy is shit always has been and always will be... Remember seeing him at Helter Skelter a few years back after dj hype had finished and all I can say is fuck me my granny could mix better than him. A few recommendations if you want some decent pre-93 Hardcore: Prodigy's Experience album, anything by Altern8, anything by SL2 apart from on a ragga tip (Way in my brain is much better). Try and find some old top buzz tapes especiaLly if they have Mad P MCing on them... Tapes from the Eclipse... Shellys... Amnesia House... Energy... Sunrise... Biology... Doc Scots N.H.S EP... And i'd imagine the helter skelter live mixes shared on torrent sites would be legal IF they were properly bought from the event organisers, and not just bootlegs...

    Apr 21 2006, 21:22
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