Femdom, 11/11


Nov 4 2011, 2:47

With the morning spent cruising Kansai Gaidai's student festival (decent Wipers cover band, but nasty cabbage and hot dog 'tacos'), I cruised down to Socrates to rehearse for our Femdom event. Leila and Minako were there, and we did a run through of the performance before heading to Second House for some decent spaghetti (the cake looked good, but I was too stuffed to even consider it).

DJ Tama provided us with about 45 minutes of generic trance before the show. Maria was on first. Dressed in white (for a change), her set was basically vocoder and laptop noise. Leila and Minako changed into their clothes (Minako notable for her painted whiskers, black suit and cat tail).

Taking over from DJ Tama, I started Panther and the Virgin Meet and Leila and Minako started prowling around the crowd dancing; many of them did not initially notice that the performance had started. After Minako (the Panther) began to put her moves on Leila (the Virgin Mary), I rumbled into the mic, "Mary, I am an angel sent by God. It is God's will that we create the baby Jesus together." The date scene then began (Panther and Virgin Date), with the Panther coming on to the Virgin, culminating in a sort of date-rape. Then the Panther falls asleep, and the Virgin exults in her pregnancy for awhile (Baby Shower), before giving violent birth to a Pokemon (The Chucking of Baby Jesus), screaming a bit (I helped) and then drop-kicking the little monster. I couldn't see much of it in my DJ corner, but the crowd was into it, so I think it went off well.

This was relatively normal compared to what happened with the next act. Atashi Yoshiko, who had been dressed like a drag queen grandma, came on to give us yet another birth, this time mixed with a ditzy orgasm. She then cackled and giggled and harassed the crowd while exhorting the awesomeness of being a woman before taking a 50 something year old man on stage and ordering him to strip. When he finally takes off his suit, we realize that he is actually a transsexual. He then slips into a dress, and I realized this is more of a critique of "earth-mother" feminism and a call for reevaluation of simplistic attitudes regarding sex and gender. Not particularly revolutionary, I admit, but I think the crowd took the message to heart.

IOIOI was on next, atypically decent guitar and effects improv, and finally we had Reiko Imanashi on echoey koto and Butoh dancer Misuzu rounded things out on a quieter, contemplative note, and then I was off back to Arashiyama, a bottle of free festival coffee and an iPhone full of Chromeo and Capsule helping to keep me awake till I got home. Fun night, for sure.


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