(Tentative) Favorites of 2010


Dic 2 2010, 3:39

1) Janelle Monae - The Archandroid
I really have nothing but praise for this genre-blender. Afro-futurist-soul-funk-new-wave-orchestral pop I can really sink my teeth into.
2) Crystal Castles - II - Great progression of the CC sound into ever-so slightly more melodic zones.
3) Chemical Brothers - Further - Throwing a heaping tablespoon of krautrock and old Orbital into the mix time really did the trick. Awesome DVD companion as well.
4) Chromeo - Business Casual - 80's like I pretend it was.
5) MOLICE - Catalystrock - Best J-rock album this year, hands down.
6) Buffalo Daughter - Weapons of Math Destruction - BD hasn't disappointed yet (despite dip-shitty Pitchfork reviews)
7) Laurie Anderson - Homeland - Bleak and beautiful.
8) amazon saliva - Ultra Bide vs. Bogulta vs. Acid Mothers Temple = Awesome.
9) Fol Chen - Part II: The New December - Thanks to Future Perfect Radio for this indietronica find.
10) Front Line Assembly - Improvised.Electronic.Device. - A guilty pleasure for sure, but FLA really does know how to keep its loyal fan base drooling.

Honorable mention to my favorite single of the year, People Can Do the Most Amazing of Things, as well as the last Memory Tapes album, which definitely would've made the 2009 list...if I'd gone to the trouble of making one. Oh and big boo to me for not trying harder to hear more than one track off the new Ratatat, M.I.A., LCD Soundsystem and Flying Lotus albums, but life sorta got in the way...
Oh and KMFDM's Krieg just missed the list as well, as did Motor City Ghosts, the breakout artist at Gaijin Sounds this year.

A really great year, I think. I discovered the whole chillwave thing about a year too late (Coyote Clean Up, Com Truise, etc.) as well as its lo-fi droning demon-spawn, witch-house. Although Japanese music, even the underground, is pretty stagnant, lots of awesomeness worldwide this year.

Whoops, totally forgot about the new Nitzer Ebb; ah well, let's pretend it's 6.5 on the list...


  • europunk

    i will check your recommendations too!

    Dic 29 2010, 12:19
  • kazufoto

    like your list, thank you for sharing this . :)

    Giu 9 2012, 6:10
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