The Black Keys, Liam Finn, Jessica Lea Mayfield – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh 16/11/08


Nov 18 2008, 14:59

Sun 16 Nov – The Black Keys, Liam Finn

The Black Keys, Liam Finn, Jessica Lea Mayfield – Queen’s Hall, Edinburgh 16/11/08

After getting up at 5am, spending two hours on a ferry and six hours on a bus, I finally made it to Edinburgh. The things you have to do if TBK doesn’t come to your town, or in my case, country.

Jessica Lea Mayfield and her band (guitarist and drummer) was up first, a half hour set of lovely slow numbers and some pretty full on rockers, which was a surprise – I hadn’t heard her music before so was pleasantly enthralled. She has a nice voice and the songs are good too, a pretty sweet set. Loved the guitarist’s moves. I will be buying her album solely for the last song she played – can’t remember the title though

Liam Finn was up next, with a lady named Eliza on percussion and vocals. He floored me; I thought his music had a very 60s/psych feel to it, especially in his voice. His guitar playing was good, and his drumming was powerfully loud. He’s another artist who uses loops and samples to build up his sound, which seems to becoming more popular for live work these days. I loved his set, lots of fun, and will be buying his album as well. Damn these good musicians.

TBK headlining, of course, and the crowd was pretty much full on mental. TBK is a fully-fledged rock band, judging by the crowd’s reaction – not a bad thing. Lots of jumping about, singing along, dancing, air-instrumentation, applause, woo-hooing, and general semi-drunken craziness. Great venue, good sound, no problems hearing Dan’s voice or guitar or Pat’s drums. A nice 17 song set, a good mixture. Starting with thickfreakness and later the flow of Your Touch to The Breaks to No Trust made my night. No organ, hence no Oceans & Streams, ah well, you can’t always get what you want.

Another top-notch gig from the boys. Couldn’t have been much better, a great night, three excellent performances.

Here’s the setlist:

Girl Is On My Mind
Set You Free
Same Old Thing
10AM Automatic
Stack Shot Billy
Everywhere I Go
Strange Times
Your Touch
The Breaks
No Trust
I’m Glad
Psychotic Girl
Till I Get My Way


Have Love Will Travel
I Got Mine


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