Top 10 Artist Survey


Feb 12 2007, 8:31

First Heard: Where It's At
Fell in Love With: Girl
Current Favorite: Strange Apparition

The Shins
First Heard: Mine's Not a High Horse
Fell in Love With: Pink Bullets
Current Favorite: Phantom Limb

First Heard: Novocaine for the Soul
Fell in Love With: Novocaine for the Soul
Current Favorite: Daisies of the Galaxy

First Heard: What I Got
Fell in Love With: Wrong Way
Current Favorite: 40 Oz. To Freedom

First Heard: Song 2
Fell in Love With: Beetlebum
Current Favorite: The Man Who Left Himself

The White Stripes
First Heard: Seven Nation Army
Fell in Love With: The Denial Twist
Current Favorite: The Air Near My Fingers

Pink Floyd
First Heard: Wish You Were Here
Fell in Love With: Breathe
Current Favorite: Comfortably Numb

Eric Johnson
First Heard: Venus Isle
Fell in Love With: Song For Lynette
Current Favorite: From My Heart (Courante)

First Heard: Come as You Are
Fell in Love With: Been A Son
Current Favorite: Serve The Servants

First Heard: Clint Eastwood
Fell in Love With: Tomorrow Comes Today
Current Favorite: Don't Get Lost in Heaven/Demon Days


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