alternative amazing ambient assault on my ears atmospheric awesome awesome bass awesome guitar awesome riff awesome vocals beautiful beautiful lyrics beautifully depressing best soundtrack ever best vocals evaaar british builds up to awesomeness chaotic cool album cover cover dark dark and scary decent metalcore discord drone electronic emo epic epic sounding ethereal excellent collaboration experimental feel good music female vocalist who rocks french fun to play on guitar german girl screams good stuff happy happy yay hard rock hardcore hell i dont even know what industrial is hello radio i hang on to every single second of this song i need to hear more of this band i wish this song was longer indie instrumental interesting irish japanese makes me happy makes me want to smash stuff melancholic metal metal of some kind new wave noisecore noisy norwegian nostalgia not quite emo not quite metal not really sure what to tag this not so guilty pleasure not the blood brothers but almost as good odd vocals that are also awesome because they are odd and are generally awesome opened a whole genre of awesomeness for me to listen to overwhelming in a good way pianos yay plain weird pop punk post emo post emo stuff post hardcore post metal post rock post rock bands take note post rock screamo pretty diy punk puts the mental in experimental rock rock of some kind scottish screamo shoegaze slow and beautiful soundtrack for the end of the world swedish synth pop too sad trendy british indie two vocalists various genres weird new music words cannot describe the beauty of this song would like to hear this band ye olde emo