Porcupine Tree DVD Recording @ Tilburg 15 oct 2008


Ott 16 2008, 6:20

Amazing show tonight! It was my fourth Porcupine Tree concert, hopefully with many more times to come. The croud was a bit too noisy, (at my first PT concert, the entire crowd was silent during the whole show, wow!) but the band was great as usual


For those of you who've never been to a PT show (go!), the band plays on stage and behind ans besides them are three giant screens where video's are played perfectly simultaneous with the music. This gives an even more magical effect to the already impressive show. They started playing the entire FOAB album in a row and I was glad to be able to witness this for the last time.

1.Fear of a Blank Planet: An obvious opening track. The mic fell during the second verse, but that was fixed in no time. Well played as always with a lot of energy.
2.My Ashes: Very warm atmosphere during this one. Only wish Steven Wilson would've song the chorus himself.
3.Anesthetize: Very well played, especially during the loud parts with bashing drums and flashing lights. Probably the best peformance of this fabulous song I've ever seen.
4.Sentimental: This was awesome! One of my faves from the FOAB-album, performed perfectly!
5.Way Out of Here: I always like the video during this one, great one!
6.Sleep Together: Oooh, this was nice as well. Especially the instrumental ending which is also great on the album was performed extraordinary. Altogether a fantastic performance of a great album.

But this was only the beginning... The band came back and played eleven more songs for the enthusiastic Dutch crowd.

7.Normal: Didn't think they were going to play this, since they already did Sentimental, but luckily they did.
8.Stars Die: Steven Wilsons own personal favourite played especially for the older Dutch fans. Gotta love this one. Especially the vocals came out great.
9.What Happens Now?: Played with a lot of enthusiasm, so the two best songs of Nil Recurring were represented, and represented with style.
10.Open Car: Nice, seemed to be an exact replica of the song off the Arriving Somewehere... DVD. Well played.
11.Dark Matter: They already played this last time. I would have liked something else from their older material, like The Moon Touches Your Shoulder, but it was nevertheless nice.
12.Wedding Nails: VERY nice instrumental, better IMO than Mother and Child Divided, which the band usually tends to play instead.
13.Half-Light: O my God! Steven Wilson approached the crowd with a special guitar. On the place where the hole is in an acoustic guitar, on this guitar there was a small tv-screen with awesome effects. It really helped to give this song an even warmer and more intense atmosphere than it already has.
14.Sever: A nice one which few people seemed to know. Great switching between harder vocals in the verses and softer, hushy vocals in the choruses.
15.Blackest Eyes: THE Porcupine tree classic. Not really played any different than other times, but the crowd went wilder this time. Porcupine Tree's fanbase has really grown over the years.
16.Sleep of No Dreaming: Wow, did not see this one coming. Awesome song of course and very well played. Made me feel a little bit part of the Coma Divine-magic ;-)
17.Halo: A great closing track. Lot of people singing along and the band gave everything they had for the last time.

And that was the first Holland show and what a show it was! Sound was decent, crowd a bit too noisy as I already said, but altogether an awesome evening with an awesome band.


  • Olaf86

    Damnit I want to see them NOW! Great review...finally tonight what I've been waiting for since Pinkpop. I'm very curious what they are going to change about the setlist (at least not the FOABP part I presume...)

    Ott 16 2008, 8:13
  • geronimo283

    Haha, Thanks for the review Casper, I'm looking forward to tonights show.

    Ott 16 2008, 14:27
  • Equinoxe89

    It was a great show. Also the first concert I ever went to in my life. It was a great experience, to see PT, my favorite band, as my first concert I visited. One of the highlights for me, was the double bass part in Anesthetize, and the short silence and riff before that part. The light effects were superb and they gave all they got.

    Ott 16 2008, 15:20
  • nilrecurring

    Absolutely great, eventhough the 16th was way, way better than this show. Great setlists, great atmosphere, best band ever.

    Ott 17 2008, 13:18
  • Andro-lol

    noisy crowds are the best

    Ott 18 2008, 3:05
  • AlejoTogo

    anybody knows when are we going to see d new DVD FOABP tour??? i want to see it nowwwww!!

    Feb 21 2009, 19:21
  • disastercasper

    No news whatsoever on this yet...

    Feb 21 2009, 19:22
  • AlejoTogo

    thx anyway,,!! : ) i hope we know soon about dvd ...

    Mar 3 2009, 19:51
  • pnkj1sngh

    when is the dvd coming out???????

    Apr 19 2009, 7:32
  • dtismajesty

    WOW Half Light, Stars Die, Sleep of No Dreaming, Normal??? I MAY DIE!

    Set 27 2009, 14:51
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