• 01.

    Gen 17 2010, 20:56

    Björk Hidden Place (2001)

    from the album Vespertine

    It goes: "through the warmthest cord of care your love was sent to me"

    The Best Björk Song should have:

    - Cryptic yet meaningful lyrics, open to interpretation, with a naive touch.
    - A wide sample of the range of her voice.
    - Texture, infinite layers of sound you could listen to and never quite distinguish but still enjoy.
    - Emotion, connect with your most inner self.
    - Authenticity, it must sound like nothing you have heard before.
    - Powerful visuals, a killer video.
    - Coherence, being included in a transcendental body of work.

    Ladies and Gentlemen, Hidden Place...

  • 02.

    Gen 17 2010, 20:34

    The Knife Marble House (2006)

    from the album Silent Shout

    It goes: "we have a thing in common: this was meant to be"

    Have you ever wonder how a bolero song would sound if you add some synths and a couple of alien voices to the mix? Look no further, The Knife's got this little love song for you.

  • 03.

    Gen 17 2010, 20:28

    Devendra Banhart Little Yellow Spider (2004)

    from the album Niño Rojo

    It goes: "and hey there mrs lovely moon, you are lonely and you are blue; it's kind of strange the way you change, but then again we all do too"

    There was a time when Devendra Banhart was less of a joke and more of a delightingly intriguing song-writer that came from nowhere with a bunch of songs that, in Banhart's own words, "you have never ever heard but still you know every word".

    Unfortunately, he seems to have become a never fulfilled promise but songs like Little Yellow Spider will remain as a reminder, for himself even, of his talents.

  • 04.

    Gen 17 2010, 20:23

    Sigur Rós Ágætis byrjun (2000)

    from the album Ágætis byrjun

    It goes: "we'll do better next time, this is a pretty good beginning"

    It's hard to choose a separte song from this album, but this one probably summarizes efficiently everything that makes Sigur Rós one of the most transcendental bands to emerge from the 00s.

  • 05.

    Gen 17 2010, 20:15

    Radiohead Like Spinning Plates / Life in a Glasshouse (2001)

    from the album Amnesiac

    It goes: "well of course I'd like to sit around and chat, if someone's listening"

    These two songs work for me as one, as THE closer for Radiohead's impeccable Amnesiac. They are probably not holding to the same feeling, but it feels like a narration, a continuation, like they ARE meant to be together forever; and the way one melts into the other makes a case for it.

  • 06.

    Gen 17 2010, 19:57

    Björk Pagan Poetry (2001)

    from the album Vespertine

    It goes: "this time I'm going to keep me all to myself"

    Arguably the most passionate song composed by Björk.

    If every artistic composition is meant to appeal to your emotions and make you experience feelings you may or may have not had before, the icelandic chanteuse definitely reached an artistic peak with Pagan Poetry.

    In here she is able to transmit all those raw sentiments, she manages to put you exactly in the same state of frenzy and devotion she is, and even if you have never been madly in love with someone she makes you think you are right then.

  • 07.

    Gen 17 2010, 19:49

    The Knife Pass This On (2003)

    from the album Deep Cuts

    It goes: "I wasn't really looking for some more than some company on the dancefloor"

    Sometimes it takes a video to fall fully in love with an artist, and much to my own dissapointment that was what happened to me with the Dreijer brothers. I came to them via that José Gonzales cover we all know by now, I loved it, and I went to the original I thought I was hearing a parody of the song.

    I mean, I did not understand The Knife's concept in the beginning. Fortunately, I kept listening, and as it grew on me I started to want more from them. That's how I run into Pass This On video, an absolute visual masterpiece.

    Somehow, Renck used his own art to put into images what the band was doing with music. All that gentle awkardness that pours from Deep Cuts convincingly translated for your eyes.

  • 08.

    Gen 17 2010, 19:43

    Joanna Newsom En Gallop (2004)

    from the album The Milk-Eyed Mender

    It goes: "never get so attached to a poem, you forget truth that lacks lyricism"

    At first I used to hate her. I tried, I really wanted to like her and be cool like all the other kids but I just-could-not-stand-that-voice. The music was cute, the mellodies were nice, her style... unique at its best; but I just didn't want her to sing, no sir. I gave two or three listens to her album and that was enough to decide I didn't want to hear it again.

    But I left the album on my hard drive, and one day I felt I was needing something different. My player was on shuffle and nothing pleased my mood. Then this song popped up, at didn't recognize but I let myself be blown away by the sound of the harp.

    Her voice stopped annoying me and all I could hear was music, the most beautiful song I had heard embracing my ears, soothing my brain, calming my hunger and gaining a spot in my heart.

  • 09.

    Gen 17 2010, 19:08

    Animal Collective Banshee Beat (2005)

    from the album Feels

    It goes: "well, I found new feelings at the feelings store"

    During all of 2009 most of the blogosphere insisted in naming Marriweather Post Pavillion the best album the guys from AnCo camp have ever recorded. But there is no individual song that shows the skills of these guys better than Banshee Beat.

    Here you can find the perfect balance between quirkiness and tenderness, delicate yet intricate melodies alongside beautiful evocative lyrics; a mix the band has mastered over the years and will surely keep us listening for a long while.

  • 10.

    Gen 17 2010, 19:00

    Goldfrapp Strict Machine (2003)

    from the album Black Cherry

    It goes: "wonderful electric, cover me in you"

    Anyone who can write a song about lab rats falling in love with electric pulses, and still sound sexy and alluring, should be automatically considered a genius.

    Built over waves of electric pulses coming and going and beats that resembles slashes and cabaret music along sensual and even operatic vocals, the song perfectly sums uo everything that is great in Black Cherry and, ultimately, in Goldfrapp.