• Second act stole the show

    Ott 12 2009, 19:07

    Fri 9 Oct – Dan Deacon, Nuclear Power Pants
    I went down to see Dan Deacon, and caught all three bands. The first band was not very good. The second group Nuclear Power Pants was awesome! Everything about them from the music to the amount of people on stage to the wicked awesome costumes was great. Dan Deacon's music was good, but he wants to take this egalitarian stance that he is no better than the audience. Okay I have no problem with that. You want to get in the crowd to play your music fine, but then he would stop playing for several minutes at a time to get the audience to take five steps back from him. So he doesn't really want to be in the audience or he is afraid of the consequences of being in the audience ie broken gear. Deal with it. It reall took all the magic of his music and sucked it dry everytime he would stop the show for crowd control.