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The xxThe Intro 9 Apr 2012
LedisiOne Step Ahead 9 Apr 2012
LedisiOne Step Ahead 9 Apr 2012
Rob ThomasWhen The Heartache Ends 9 Apr 2012
Billy OceanLove Really Hurts Without You 9 Apr 2012
BeyoncéI Miss You 9 Apr 2012
BeyoncéStart Over 9 Apr 2012
BeyoncéStart Over 9 Apr 2012
BeyoncéStart Over 9 Apr 2012
BeyoncéStart Over 9 Apr 2012
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  • sunny4001

    .. nice charts. ;)

    1 ora fa Rispondi
  • carebearbubbles


    26 Dic 2012 Rispondi
  • epiff92

    Hey there!! ...just letting u know im getting this music thing off the ground finally.. I'm part of duo called Oeste (me and my homie Andy Native) and we are part of a bigger collective called Lifted Souls out of San Jose, CA..we're here to let you know that hip hop is alive and well in the bay area and ESPECIALLY in our city.. but what Im about to show u is the remix to a song called Fresh In My Robes by my homie Perspecktive originally from his mixtape First Steps, the remix features me (E-Piff) and Andy Native as Oeste, hope u enjoy and stay tuned for more! happy thanksgiving and god bless http://soundcloud.com/eatgoodfood408/fresh-in-my-robe-remix

    23 Nov 2012 Rispondi
  • brunocosenza


    17 Apr 2012 Rispondi
  • potential


    1 Apr 2012 Rispondi
  • Blue_Key

    classic quotes on your page. thanks for enlightenment.

    9 Mar 2012 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    so long, been a while....once again ;) hope things are alright with ya.

    19 Feb 2012 Rispondi
  • hashbrown_jr

    lena darling how are you doing.....i appreciate you accepting my request..you can always stop by and talk to me if you like...so who are you listening to the most right now!..

    11 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • sha-wu

    :) im doing good, i really want to travel this year i have friends all around the world and its about time i start meeting them lol

    11 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • sha-wu

    whats up :)

    7 Gen 2012 Rispondi
  • hashbrown_jr

    hi lena

    11 Ago 2011 Rispondi
  • potential


    4 Ago 2011 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    i'm doing the best i can. how's your summer going?

    4 Ago 2011 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    heyyy.....see you stopped by. it's been soooooo long. how are you?

    22 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • potential

    you havent scrobbled since jan :(

    22 Lug 2011 Rispondi
  • tatometr

    dope charts :D

    29 Dic 2010 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    haha end of summer always happened whenever i started class. soo.....middle to late august, maybe. i'm doing ok. what have you been doing in your mellow happiness? :)

    6 Set 2010 Rispondi
  • potential

    You'll really like The Dream - Love King

    5 Set 2010 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    lena, lena, lena....how are you? end of summer going well?

    29 Ago 2010 Rispondi
  • soulfulpoet

    i'm ok. could be better but also could be much worse. summer's annoying. it hasn't been a good one. nice things are slowing down so you can catch up with life *hugs back*

    26 Lug 2010 Rispondi
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~~Justice and Freedom, Wisdom and Understanding~~

~what goes around comes back around...~

~ The form of music called Hip Hop is the transformation of subjects and objects in an attempt to explain your consciousness ~

~~ Do not let your fire go out, spark by irreplaceable spark in the hopeless swaps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all. Do not let the hero in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserved and have never been able to reach. The world you desire can be won. It exists. It is real. It is possible. It is yours ~~

~~ What a frightening thing the human is, a mass of gauges and dials and registers, and we can read only a few and those perhaps not accurately. ~~ sometimes we really don't know people...

~~ To be nobody but yourself in a world which is doing it's best, night and day, to make you everybody else, means to fight the hardest battle, which any human being can fight, and never stop fighting. ~~

~~ As happens sometimes a moment settled and hovered and remained for much more than a moment. And sound stopped and movement stopped for much, much more than a moment. And then the moment was gone... ~~

~~ Your pain is the breaking of the shell that enclosing your understanding. It is the bitter potion by which the physician within you heals your sick self. Therefore, trust the physician and drink his remedy in silence and tranquility ~~

<3 music

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