Redhook knows how to throw a party.


Set 20 2011, 3:03

Sat 17 Sep – Redhook's 30th Birthday Party

Well, I bought tickets to this event as I am a huge DEVO fan, so anytime I get to see them, I am there!

I have gotten to know their archivist and was able to get a photo pass for the show, so on top of being there for the tunes, I got to take photos as well.

I heard the opening band Mitten from behind the stage while networking with another photographer whose work I admire:

I was very excited to see and hear the Tom Tom Club as I have been a long time fan of both TTC and Talking Heads. Tom Tom Club played a great show mixing some new material, some covers, and some classics. The audience loved them.

The Psychedelic Furs hit the stage as the evening sky turned dark and cloudy. I had never seen the Furs and I was never really a big fan so I wasn't sure what to expect. They came out sounding a little fuzzy but as the opening song hit its stride, the band brought it all together. Surprisingly, there were a lot of PF fans that knew and sang to every song. The energy of the Furs set was the primer for what was to come...

Devo hit the stage as it began to rain, which ultimately became a downpour. But the devoted spuds were in for one of the best shows DEVO has performed. DEVO played a mix of new songs from their excellent album from 2010 Something for Everybody. They went with the same set list that they have been performing, which included Peek-A-Boo, Girl U Want, Whip It, Satisfaction (I Can't Get Me), Mongoloid, Jocko Homo and many more classic DEVO tunes.

The fans loved the show and were completely soaked from the experience. For myself, I took a lot of great pictures which can be seen here:


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