• Best Shows of 2007

    Gen 7 2008, 10:38

    I finally got to experience a lot of live acts I'd been waiting years to see.

    DEMF - Rhythm & Sound

    They played 6 hours of dub reggae in the rain. I'm still not fully on board with the whole non-Burial Mix dub reggae thing, but one of the highlights of the festival was hearing them blast No Partial and smile.

    DEMF - Monolake

    Mr. Henke fucking brought it. Although the sound was a little on the quiet side for the first few minutes, after he got going he proceeded to destroy the main stage.

    DEMF - Kate Simko

    I was tired and not up for dancing to the crazy techno going on at all of the other stages, thankfully Ms. Simko was there to provide the cure. Great mellower minimal stuff which got a little on the twisted side further into her set. You can grab a recording of it from her site here.

    Murcof & .PIG at SFEMF

    I want to include this on the list because I've wanted to see Murcof live since I first started listening to him, but this concert was actually retarded. 30 minute sets and no visuals. Which was kind of incongrous during tracks like Cosmos and the climax of Cuerpo Celeste. It's like, "Whoa loud music awesome. And uh, Murcof looks kind of sleepy and is staring at his laptop. Oh wait he just turned a knob, that's the most exciting thing that's happened in the last 5 minutes!"

    Biosphere at Recombinant Media Labs
    I showed up late and the seating area was crowded as shit. Spent most of the show trying unsuccessfully to keep my legs from falling asleep. It was worth it to hear When I Leave on the RML sound system though. One of the close contenders for my favorite bassline of all time.

    Sugar & Gold + Jessie Evans & Toby Dammit

    2 incredibly energetic bands + tiny venue + up-for-it crowd + ingesting large amounts of alcohol = FUN

    T.S. Monk Sextet, SF Jazz Festival

    Pretty amazing show considering I blindly picked tickets for it for my dad's birthday solely on the fact that he's a fan of T.S.'s father, Thelonius Monk. T.S. Monk leads a great band and is a hilarious MC. It's worth seeing them solely to watch their pianist, Helen Sung.

    Melt Banana at The Independent, 12/07

    Incredibly fun band to watch. Their vocalist, Yasuko Onuki, has a very odd stage presence. She spends half of the time shrieking into the mic and the other half kind of spacing out. They rocked so hard that I was inspired to go out and buy an electric bass the next day.
  • Best Releases of 2007

    Gen 7 2008, 10:26

    Top Releases of 2007:

    Tony Allen - Ole Remixes

    Moritz von Oswald provides a sublime remix that treads upon a middle ground between the Maurizio records and the Rhythm & Sound label. A very welcome release for those of us who have been starving for non-dub-reggae Basic Channel output.

    2raumwohnung - Mir Kann Nichts Passieren / Ich Bin Der Regen Remixes

    Another incredible remix by Moritz von Oswald. Rumors were circulating that Basic Channel are splitting up, and if the end result of that is more Moritz von Oswald solo work in this vein then I'm all for it.

    Murcof - Cosmos

    Watching Murcof's sound evolve with each album release is rather entertaining. Cosmos is an odd mix of clicky, rhythmic Remembranza-style Murcofinterspersed with heavy, droning ambient monsters reminiscent of some of the darker moments of Utopia. The title track of the album needs to be listened to as loud as possible. Preferably while sacrificing a goat and laughing maniacally.

    cv313 - Dimensional / Space

    There was a lot of hype around this record "Oh, it's like the missing record from Maurizio, Basic Channel reincarnate, etc etc", and I dismissed it all as bullshit after listening to some 30-second samples. Fast forward a few months later and I heard Space in its entirety on a mix. Completely different experience. I don't care for Dimensional as much, but Space is one of those dub techno masterpieces that slowly evolves over the duration of the track without the listener being able to pinpoint exactly what's changing.

    Melt Banana - Bambi's Dilemma

    Probably Melt Banana's most accessible work to date. It's still awesome, and Dog Song cracked me up for about five minutes solid. I like the direction they're going in with Type: Ecco System and Last target on the Last day

    Not amazing, but still good:

    Vladislav Delay - Whistleblower

    Listening to good Vladislav Delay is like being submerged in a totally dark tank of water sparsely populated by beautiful bioluminscent organisms that flit and float around you. There's kind of a sense of an intricate structure that purposefully exposes itself to you, first in pieces and then eventually in full.

    Deepchord - Vantage Isle

    The Deepchord remixes are top notch, the Echospace ones I could honestly do without. I feel like Rod Modell and Soultek should scale back their Echospace output just a tad, because although decent, a lot of their work under that alias just isn't very distinctive. When you've put out 10 remixes/releases in the span of less than a year and 8 of them sound pretty similar it doesn't exactly motivate your listeners to buy all of them. Convextion contributes an odd shufflebeat remix that isn't bad, but doesn't do much for me.

    Uusitalo - Karhunainen

    Analog tech funk. I hope to god Tohtori kuka comes out on vinyl, I desperately need to play it to a dancefloor.

    Pole - Steingarten

    I hated most of Pole's output until this album, his previous noodly glitches just weren't that accessible to me. I dig the obscenely heavy basslines on this. And because I'm a retard, I managed to miss seeing Pole perform material from this album at DEMF. Oops.
  • Peter Benisch - Waiting For Snow Reissued

    Nov 1 2007, 6:17

    oh my god oh my god oh my god

    Waiting for snow FINALLY got re-released. I've been wanting a copy of this album for, hell, probably more than 5 years. The problem until now has been that it was released in a run of only 1000 copies, so the only hope for landing one was paying stupid money on ebay or downloading it from a p2p network.

    It'll be nice to replace my shittily-encoded set of mp3s with the real thing.
  • Helen Sung is The Shit

    Ott 25 2007, 6:55

    I just saw the T.S. Monk Sextet at the Great American Music Hall. They were incredible.

    Helen Sung, their pianist, is a total fucking badass. I haven't been that entertained and impressed by a piano player ever. See her live. ASAP.
  • Deepchord is doing live performances again

    Ott 12 2007, 8:01

    Deepchord is playing at fabric on December 8th.

    I eventually have to experience fabric at some point, it may as well be for deepchord if they're not doing any US dates.
  • New Murcof album

    Ott 4 2007, 0:38

    Murcof - Cosmos arrived in the mail today.

    goddamn. if you haven't yet, go buy it. that's all i've got to say about that.
  • New Uusitalo (Vladislav Delay) album being released in october

    Set 17 2007, 8:04

    Uusitalo (aka Vladislav Delay) - Karhunainen


    1 Vesi Virtaa Veri
    2 Korpikansa
    3 Tohtori Kuka
    4 Konevista
    5 Sikojen Juhla
    6 Karhunainen
    7 Satumaa
    8 Nälkälaulu
    9 Himo Perkele
    10 Puut Juuriltaan

    Samples can be heard at the uusitalo myspace page. also, one of the tracks from the album can be downloaded on the huume website.

    Sounds like it's gonna be a good one. He played Karhunainen at DEMF, plus a bunch of other dancey tracks. If those are gonna be on the album then I'm eagerly looking forward to it.
  • DEMF Highlights

    Mag 30 2007, 8:51

    DEMF review:

    things that were awesome

    -shaking Vladislav Delay's hand
    -Vladislav Delay's set
    -hearing Rhythm & Sound play No Partial, Mango Drive, and smile live
    -hearing LUCIANO play my favorite villalobos remix of all time, Moved (Ricardo Villalobos Remix)
    -seeing Charles Webster close with I'm Your Brother
    -walking into the beatport tent just as Mathew Jonson brought the house down with Magic Through Music
    -being in the middle of a frenzied dancefloor when Monolake brought out a ridiculous booty-shaking electro beat from nowhere
    -rocking out to Kate Simko's set while standing two feet from her

    things that were not awesome

    -the rain on saturday
    -my parking garage closing at 11 pm
    -bizarre system of exchanging money for tickets, which were then used to purchase food
    -hearing damage
    -John Acquaviva's MC
    -45 minutes of random records being played by stagehands while equipment got switched out between Pepo Lanzoni and Baby Ford's set (although once baby ford finally stepped on, he played very good stuff.
  • toneshared.com

    Mag 21 2007, 6:18

    just found toneshared.com, which seems to be a repository for free ringtones made by various electronic musicians.

    Thomas Brinkmann's are easily the best. and by that i mean they are incredibly annoying and hilarious, and if you used them as your actual ringtone everyone within hearing range of you would probably try to take your cell phone from you and destroy it.

    in all seriousness, i'll probably use the ringtone provided by
    Vladislav Delay, if i can figure out how to compress it to 600KB without making it sound like shit.
  • new deepchord

    Dic 13 2006, 6:33

    despite the fact that this lessens my chance of getting a copy, there's a new Deepchord release coming out soon on heirophant records.

    samples can be found at covert records' website.