In bed with IAMX


Apr 22 2011, 15:26

Zur deutschen Version

After I missed their show at Blackfield Festival 2009 I finally got to see IAMX live on stage. That was about damn time!

The concert took place at "Das Bett" (translates to "The Bed") in Frankfurt. Doors opened at 8pm and the show should've started at 9pm. However, when I arrived at the venue at 5 past 9 they had barely even started with the sound check. Additionally the club was literally packed with people. So the air inside was already thick enough to be cut with a knife. ;)

Anyhow, people were starting to get a bit impatient. With every change to the lighting they started cheering - the band wouldn't appear on stage until almost 9:30. But their show definitely made up for the long wait. One thing that struck me first: Chris Corner looks even more fragile in reality than he does on photos.

Starting with Music People IAMX delivered a really fantastic show. I was absolutely amazed by how easily Chris seemed to play each and every instrument. And there were really a lot of instruments on stage. Be it the guitar, drums, keyboard or even a theremin - he really is a musician to the core. He and the band really had fun playing. And the atmosphere in the audience was amazing as well. Everyone was cheering and dancing right from the start - which is not always the case with a German audience. ;)

For I Salute You Christopher the image of Chris at the keyboard was being projected onto the screens. I imagine that the guy holding camera during the whole length of the song must have had a really sore arm afterwards. Now you might wonder what's so difficult in holding a camera. That guy was kneeling in front of the keyboard and was holding up the cam.

After an hour and a half a really great show came to an end - not. Of course we would not let them go without an encore. After The Alternative Chris once again went back to the keyboard. He asked us to be patient with his German - which I thought sounded quite okay - and then started playing the German version of Bernadette.

As the very last song of the evening they finally played the track I'd been hoping for: Spit It Out. What a wonderful finish to a 2 hour show.


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