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Brano Durata
1 Attack Attack!Sexual Man Chocolate Loved track 3:18
2 ConfideThe Bigger Picture Loved track 2:38
3 Miss May ITides Loved track 3:18
4 Chelsea GrinEverlasting Sleep Loved track 3:19
5 A Day to RememberFast Forward to 2012 Loved track 1:33
6 Hopes Die LastThanks for Coming (I Like You Dead) Loved track 3:37
7 I Set My Friends on FireReese's Pieces, I Don't Know Who John Cleese Is? Loved track 6:26
8 My Ticket HomeSurroundings Loved track 2:59
9 Crown the EmpireBreaking Point Loved track 4:39
10 Eskimo CallboyAntichrist Sex Pornstyle Loved track 3:32
11 The March AheadWe Are all Going To Die download gratuito Loved track 3:20
12 One Morning Left!liaF cipE Loved track 3:20


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