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Mar 23 2006, 3:16

in no particular order

Cooky Chua

Skeletons And The Girl-Faced Boys

Pine Hill Haints

Julia Fordham

Han-Na Chang

Margarita Shevchenko

Edna St. Vincent Millay

James Reese Europe's Society Orchestra

Jenny Allinder

辻子紀子 [Tujiko Noriko]辻子紀子/+images

増田ゆき [Masuda Yuki]増田ゆき/+images

朝倉紀行 [Asakura Noriyuki]朝倉紀行/+images

松澤由美 [まつざわゆみ / Matsuzawa Yumi]まつざわゆみ/+images

Shanti Snyder

Frederick Loewe

Nigel Westlake

John Kusiak

Samuel Andreyev

James Cromwell

Christian Bale


Missing Filemon


Raymond Lauchengco

Sam Milby



  • artsyhipster

    yay! i think i was the last vote for the julia fordham image to go through! mission accomplished!

    Set 14 2006, 4:58
  • 0k0k0k0

    great, two years later at wala pa ring descriptions ang ilang artists na iyong inuploadan ng pics :(

    Dic 15 2008, 21:15
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