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Mag 26 2007, 11:32

The game is: post your top 15 bands/artists, the first song you heard of theirs, the song that made you fall in love, and your current favorite.

1. Pink
First heard: There U Go
Fell in love: Stop Falling
Current favourite: I'm Not Dead

2. Bayside
First heard: Poison in My Veins
Fell in love: Guardrail
Current favourite: They're Not Horses, They're Unicorns

3. Thrice
First heard: Deadbolt
Fell in love: Silhouette
Current favourite: The Melting Point Of Wax

4. Silverstein
First heard: Smashed Into Pieces
Fell in love: November
Current favourite: Fist Wrapped in Blood

5. Breaking Benjamin
First heard: Wish I May
Fell in love: Next To Nothing
Current favourite: Follow

6. Alexisonfire
First heard: .44 Caliber Love Letter
Fell in love: .44 Caliber Love Letter
Current favourite: Keep It On Wax

7. Tool
First heard: Schism
Fell in love: Parabola
Current favourite: It's a toss up between Hooker With a Penis and The Grudge

8. BT
First heard: I can't remember... maybe Flaming June
Fell in love: Godspeed
Current favourite: Love in the Time of Thieves

9. Nine Inch Nails
First heard: Head Like a Hole
Fell in love: Closer
Current favourite: The Great Destroyer

10. Disturbed
First heard: Stupify
Fell in love: Voices
Current favourite: Devour

11. Evans Blue
First heard: Cold (But I'm Still Here)
Fell in love: Eclipsed
Current favourite: Caught A Light Sneeze

12. Down and Above
First heard: Anodyne
Fell in love: Joga
Current favourite: Joga

13. From Autumn To Ashes
First heard: The After Dinner Payback
Fell in love: Short Stories With Tragic Endings
Current favourite: Reflection

14. The Ataris
First heard: IOU One Galaxy
Fell in love: I Won't Spend Another Night Alone
Current favourite: Make it Last

15. A Perfect Circle
First heard: Judith
Fell in love: Judith
Current favourite: 3 Libras


  • miztresslynz

    I don't think there ARE 15 artists in total that could fill that meme for me.

    Mag 26 2007, 11:49
  • deadroses

    Give it awhile, haha.

    Mag 26 2007, 21:05
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