2: My Music Hunting Trip To Cash Converters!


Ott 14 2011, 21:18

I got paid recently, and when i don't have much to spend out on - I like to treat myself to a bit of buying. As as you would expect, I'm usually buying music!

Today was no exception, I withdrew £10 and hit my local second-hand stores. It had been a while since I had visited my local Cash Converters - I'd given up after going in there and only finding 100s of copies of Liberty X, Geri Halliwell and Darius. But I saw they had a 'sale' on. Cash Converters sometimes can harbor some good music (someone with taste has gone in usually!), and sometimes some of the more 'obscure' releases get side-lined and end up being heavily reduced. For example I brought a copy of Scissors for Lefty - Bruno for 50 pence, when it sold for nearly 4x that on Amazon!

They had a lot of CDs today for 50 & 10 pence a go. And so, after bit of teasing myself I thought "to hell with being sensible" and grabbed pretty much every 10p CD in sight. In the end i came out with 11(?) CD's and paid no more than £5!

I'm going to share with you my finds, and my comments! Enjoy :)


[be patient! i'm posting the review individually... i know what you guys are like with long text!]


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