• My Wrap Up Of 2007.....Finally

    Feb 11 2008, 14:12

    I dropped out of University recently and realized that I still needed to do my wrap up for 2007, so I tried to make this journal entry as good as I could, seen as though I had so much extra time on my hands. 2007 was a good year for hip hop, well at least I thought so. This made choosing my favourite 10 albums, songs and couple other things even harder and had I wrote this list in another week or so there would probably be a couple changes, so this is just how I was feeling at the time I wrote it and after a long time arguing with myself in my head which albums, verses & songs were better, here is what I came up with:

    My Top 10 Albums Of 2007:
    The top few albums on my list were easier for me to pick, but once I got to around number 5 it became harder to decide which albums belonged where on the list. It was hard leaving off a couple of albums, particularly Common’s Finding Forever and Killah Priest’s The Offering. There were also good producer albums from Marco Polo’s Port Authority & DJ Jazzy Jeff’s The Return of the Magnificent which I enjoyed a lot, but I didn’t feel that either were consistent enough to make my top 10. Here’s is my top 10 albums of 2007 along with a couple reasons I like the albums so much:

    1. Jay-Z - American Gangster

    So Jay-Z made a concept album based on the film of the same name last year, i know what you thought “just an excuse to talk about drugs again right?” Well, even if that is the case, this album is incredible from start to finish. I feared the worst when i saw that Diddy & the Hitmen would be producing a lot of the album, and i wasn’t exactly blown away by Blue Magic at first, but as soon as I heard this album, I knew it was special. The album stook to the concept very well, starting with an aspiring drug dealer with tracks like Pray and American Dreamin’ - to the highlights of living that life with Party Life & Roc Boys (And The Winner Is.....) - to the eventual downfall at the end of the album with Success & Fallin’. This is no party album, there are no obvious singles on here. Jay-Z was as good as he has been in years on this album, and the production was on point. He got deep on tracks like No Hook and a song that can at first seem like it was just a track for the women, I Know has a deeper meaning and focuses on addiction. There are limited guest spots on the album, but the one that will interest most people is Jay-Z’s once rival Nas’ appearance on Success. People will argue all day long about who had the better verse(s) on the song but I just felt Jay-Z sounded better over the simple, yet impressive, jazzy organ provided by No I.D. & Jermaine Dupri. This wouldn’t be a Jay-Z album without Just Blaze now would it? And Just Blaze provides two of my favourite beats on the album with Ignorant Shit & the title track American Gangster. The latter being a particular favourite of mine as Jay-Z once again shows his incredible flow on the 2nd verse. I must have about 15+ American Gangster remix albums and never get bored of checking out new ones so if you want to recommend one to me, just post a comment. Overall this is a great album from start to finish with no skippable tracks that nobody should miss.

    2. Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens

    Well i don’t think there was another album i heard this year that i had as hard a time choosing my favourite song on as this one. It seemed every time i listened to the album i had a new favourite song; that is the sign of a great album. On another day I could have easily chose this as my favourite album of the year, I chose Jay-Z based on the fact I had listened to the album more than Below the Heavens and it kind of took me by surprise a little. Exile’s soulful beats were perfect for Blu’s incredible, inspirational and thought provoking lyrics.

    3. Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book

    This was without doubt my favourite instrumental album of the year. I wasn’t so familiar with Blockhead’s instrumental albums until last year, but damn this album had me hooked! This had 2 of my favourite songs of the year, but there is not one weak track on the whole album. He takes us through many different styles of music through the album and anybody who is a fan of instrumental hip hop should definitely check this out.

    4. Black Milk - Popular Demand

    Black Milk was somebody I wasn’t familiar with before I heard of this album. This album boasts some of the year’s best beats. The album is very sample heavy with that rugged Detroit soul sound intact. The albums only downfall is the lyrics aren’t always the best, but they aren’t bad enough to put you off the album as a whole. The bonus disc, containing instrumentals and bonus tracks, was also worth checking for, can’t wait to hear more Black Milk in the future.

    5. Ghostface - The Big Doe Rehab

    This is the point where the order of these albums became harder and changes a lot. Ghostface has always been one of my favourite members of the Wu-Tang, so when I heard him and Raekwon talking bad of the Wu-Tang album it kind of upset me, but this album made me forget all about that. Similiar to other recent Ghostface albums, we get his usual choice of soulful beats which provide the backdrop for some great storytelling tracks.

    6. Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) - Art Of Life

    Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) are an underground rap duo signed to Good Hands Records. Charon Don is an artist I had not heard of until I saw this album mentioned on the internet, I decided to give it a listen and as soon as the first song came in I was hooked. The beats on the album are excellent and keep on par with Charon Don’s amazing lyricism. The album covers a lot of different subjects and it seems like it is very rarely mentioned which is a shame because every hip hop fan should pick this up.

    7. Hell Razah - Razah's Ladder & Renaissance Child

    Yeah, I know, it’s two albums and cheating, but both of these albums deserve a mention and are among the year’s best. If i had to choose one of the albums it would be Razah's Ladder as I felt the production was a little better than on Renaissance Child. The album was a joint effort with Blue Sky Black Death, who provide the perfect atmospheric backdrop for Hell Razah’s vivid lyricism. The album also has an incredible guest verse from Crooked I on my favourite track Halo’s.

    8. Little BrotherGetback

    When 9th Wonder left Little Brother it made me doubt how good this album would be, but Little Brother once again showed me why they are one of the most consistent artists of the new millennium. Even though they lost their producer who played a big part in why their first couple albums were so good, the beats on this album are really good. A couple of my favourites include ExtraHard and Can't Win For Losing. Phonte and Rapper Big Pooh showed they didn’t need 9th Wonder to make a great album, all you need is "Dope beats, dope rhymes".

    9. One Be Lo - The R.E.B.I.R.T.H.

    One Be Lo has been one of my favourite emcees of recent years, S.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. was a personal favourite of mine and Masters of the Universe is an underground classic. I was anxious to hear this new album and was happy to see it met my high expectations. This is an album that grew on me, at first I thought it was decent but expected a little more but the more I listened to the album, the more I wanted to listen to it.

    10. Evidence - The Weatherman LP

    2007 saw the release of Evidence’s first solo album. Let me just say that Alchemist’s beats on this album are incredible and so is most of this album. The best tracks on this album are mainly due to the beats, but that’s not to say Evidence is no good, I’m just feeling the beats on the album more than the rhymes.

    My Top 15 Songs Of 2007:
    My favourite songs changed even more than my favourite albums and this list was even harder to make which is why I made it 15, I had 12 songs trying to get it down to 10 and it was impossible for me to drop one haha. Anyway here are my favourite songs of 2007, based on lyrics, flow, beat, everything:

    1. Jay-Z - American Gangster
    (Prod. By Just Blaze)

    Jay-Z & Just Blaze, the perfect combination. The beat contains sped up samples of Curits Mayfield’s Short Eyes. The thing I love most about this song is the 2nd verse, Jay-Z shows why he is regarded as having one of the best flows in hip hop. This was a bonus track off his album, and I’m glad it was included.

    2. Blockhead - The Strain
    (Prod. By Blockhead)

    (Only video I could find of it lol)

    I don’t know what to say about this song, right from the start it has a really emotional feel to it. I don’t know what Blockhead was feeling when he made this song but it is my favourite instrumental song of the year, it’s just incredible, you need to hear it.

    3. Jay-ZSuccess
    (Prod. By No I.D. & Jermaine Dupri)

    Jay-Z & Nas combine on a track again and even though I liked Black Republican off Hip Hop Is Dead, I like this song a lot more. At first I wasn’t really sure, just felt like the track was missing something, but when I gave it a few more listens I was hooked. The instrumental is a jazzy organ that is perfect for Jay-Z to just do what he does best, brag.

    “I got watches I ain't seen in months
    Apartment at the Trump; I only slept in once
    Niggas said Hova was ova, such dummies
    Even If I fell I'll land on a bunch of money…”

    4. Blu & Exile - Good Life (Show Me) Ft. Joseph & Aloe Blacc
    (Prod. By Exile)

    The lyrics are the thing I love about this track so much. Blu’s first verse is an honest look at the prospect of becoming a father. The 2nd verse is also incredible; here is a sample of the lyrics:

    “There's so much I can show you
    Without rolling through Beverly Hills
    Without money, cars, clothes, or even ecstasy pills
    I don't need weed to ease me when I'm stressing for real
    I just close my eyes and try to think how heaven feels
    Just to feel good again, even though I know when I open them
    It's back to the hood again, where kids hold chrome with them
    Just to feel protected, cause these videos are showing them
    How to shoot fools and take their doh from them…”

    5. Marco PoloNostalgia ft. Masta Ace
    (Prod. By Marco Polo)

    This song just contains everything that is hip hop to me. Incredible beat, great lyrics from one of rap’s legends Masta Ace, and scratches providing the break between verses. Really refreshing track that has a summer, feel good vibe to it.

    “People in the audience, Masta Ace the name
    I write rhymes and insert them inside your vein
    They run through your bloodstream, get inside your brain
    Cause I first put my name up inside the train
    My mic control has been unprecendented
    And you wrong if you thought you was was the best that did it
    See I just started messing with it, I been married to the game since '88
    You just commited…”

    6. Blu & Exile - In Remembrance...
    (Prod. By Exile)

    Here, Blu takes a look at the past, and tells us some of his memories from high school and his ambitions of becoming a pro baller. Another really honest track over incredible, soulful production.

    7. Jay-ZIgnorant Shit
    (Prod. By Just Blaze)

    This is one of my favourite tracks lyrically on American Gangster and Just Blaze yet again provides Jay-Z with an incredible beat. The track was originally made for The Black Album but never made the cut, I’m glad they decided to put it on this album because it’s classic Jay-Z and everybody needed to hear it. A few changes were made from the original version, including a short verse provided by Beanie Sigel.

    “They're all actors, lookin' at themselves in the mirror backwards
    Can't even face themself, don't fear no rappers
    They're all, weirdos, DeNiros in practice
    So, don't believe everything your earlobe captures
    It's mostly backwards…”

    8. Blu & Exile - The World Is... Ft. The KoochieMonstars
    (Prod. By Exile)

    “Whose world is this?” Thought provoking track about heaven, what it is, and the path people take to get there…just listen to it!

    9. Blockhead - Cheer Up You're Not Dead Yet
    (Prod. By Blockhead)

    (I couldn’t find a video for this song on youtube)

    This track is my 2nd favourite instrumental of the year. I’m not sure what it is I like about this track so much, but I was hooked on it for so long. This song just makes me feel real happy, I’m not sure why.

    10. EvidenceLetyourselfgo (feat. The Alchemist & Phonte) (prod. by The Alchemist)
    (Prod. By The Alchemist)

    My favourite beat on the album, and it’s no surprise that it’s provided by The Alchemist who also has a verse on the song. The only disappointing thing about this song is the fact that Phonte doesn’t have a verse, he only provides the hook.

    11. Hell RazahHalos (feat. Crooked I)
    (Prod. By Blue Sky Black Death)

    Without the Crooked I verse this would just be a great song from a great album, but with it, it’s one of my favourite songs of the year. Blue Sky Black Death once again provide an atmospheric feel to the track.

    “COB is a religion, listen I'm in it
    Everything I'm spittin' was written with hidden symbolism in it
    Infinite wisdom hittin' the intricate sentences I'm spittin'
    Cryptic as hieroglyphics, thought they figured it, but they didn't…”

    12. Ghostface - Yolanda's House (Feat. Raekwon & Method Man)
    (Prod. By Ant-Live)

    Ghostface & his partner in rhyme Raekwon once again team up for a storytelling track, this time Method Man was invited too. Ghostface starts it off by telling us how he is running from the cops, and ends up bumping into Method Man with his balls out lol. Next Raekwon comes in asking for money that Method Man owes him. Although Raekwon’s verse isn’t as entertaining as the first too, the track is still a favourite of mine.

    “let me put my drawers on, nigga, what kinda dope you on?
    Should of knocked, before you came in the spot, Ghost, you wrong
    Busting in here on that government shit, got the chick screaming
    Grabbing the sheets, trying to cover her tits…”

    13. Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) - Just Wanna Know (Feat Reef The Lost Cauze)
    (Prod. By DJ Huggy)

    The beat on this track is incredible, featuring plenty of scratches for those that are fans of it. Reef The Lost Cauze’s verse is in the same style as Jay-Z’s A Million & One Questions. Perfect, high energy track to start the album.

    14. Jay-ZRoc Boys (And The Winner Is.....)
    (Prod. By Diddy and LV & Sean C for The Hitmen)

    This song is exactly what Jay-Z said it was, “It’s A Celebration Bitches!” That is the exact feeling the beat gives you, as Jay-Z gives us a speech and lets us all know that the roc boys are the “dope boys of the year”. I’m sure everybody has heard this song already, the video is great too, anybody ever imagine a few years ago they’d see Nas, Jay-Z & P Diddy sharing cigars together?!

    15. CommonThe Game
    (Prod. By Kanye West)

    DJ Premier joins Common & Kanye West on this track to provide scratches for the intro and choruses. This is my favourite track off the album and although I loved the album when it first came out, it just didn’t have enough replay value to make my top 10. Great beat, great lyrics, great video, what more can you ask for?

    My Favourite Verses of 2007:
    I decided to post a few of my favourite verses of the year in full for everybody reading to see, I got these from various lyrics websites so they may not be 100% correct:

    1. Blu & Exile - Good Life (Show Me) Ft. Joseph & Aloe Blacc
    (1st Verse)
    Just like my favourite song always changes on this album, so does my favourite verse (I could have just made the top 3 verses my favourite 3 Blu verses lol), but I had to choose one and my favourite verse of the year is Blu coming to grips with the possibility of becoming a father:

    I got a call from my girl last week
    She telling me about that time of the month and how it may not come
    Dropped the phone right before she said I might have a son
    And I started asking God how come
    I got dreams I ain’t reached yet – ends that ain’t meet yet
    When it comes to being a man, shit I’m barely getting my feet wet
    Trying to hit reset knee deep in debt
    Trying to figure out how to feed a mouth that ain’t got teeth yet
    How the hell am I gonna show a child to be a man
    When I’m twenty-two without a clue on how to take a stand
    Against this system when it’s just us, Wanna show ‘em justice
    But last year I was just in cuffs
    What the fuck am I supposed to do when he’s telling me ‘Dad I need some food’?
    I’m looking down at my stomach and mine is grumbling too
    What can I tell him when he’s twenty-two
    And he’s asking me what the fuck I was thinking when mommy’s tummy grew?
    Was I scared, was I getting prepared?
    Or did I even think of leaving her without a father’s care?
    Should I tell him that it’s hell here and life ain’t fair?
    Or should I try to make a change when he’s pulling on my leg?
    and he keeps on telling me to…

    2. Hell RazahHalos (feat. Crooked I)
    (2nd Verse)
    My 2nd favourite verse of the year is Crooked I’s verse on Hell Razah’s Halos.

    I sit in the dark with my dead homies, obituary pictures
    They talk to me while I'm writin' these literary scriptures
    Sayin', "Crooked, don't let the Police Military get ya"
    I tell 'em, before they do I'll be in a cemetery with ya
    Militant momma, she was down with the Panthers
    Picture me, a baby G in a dashiki and Pampers
    I was the face of the pamphlets man, the black future
    But nowadays, niggas gat shoot ya, fuck it, I clap rugers
    My nina singin' like Fat Luther
    Vandross, a damn boss bringin' that braat-braat to ya
    COB is a religion, listen I'm in it
    Everything I'm spittin' was written with hidden symbolism in it
    Infinite wisdom hittin' the intricate sentences I'm spittin'
    Cryptic as hieroglyphics, thought they figured it, but they didn't
    West Coast Fayroll, killers on the payroll
    20's on my chariot, dodge a blue halo

    3. Jay-ZIgnorant Shit
    (2nd Verse)
    I felt I had to put something from American Gangster on the list and it was a tough choice between this, the last verse of American Dreamin’, the 2nd verse on American Gangster or any verse on No Hook. I decided to go with this as my 3rd favourite verse as Jay-Z tells us the truth?

    They're all actors, lookin' at themselves in the mirror backwards
    Can't even face themself, don't fear no rappers
    They're all, weirdos, DeNiros in practice
    So, don't believe everything your earlobe captures
    It's mostly backwards, unless it happens to be as accurate as me
    And everything said in song, you happen to see
    Then, actually, believe half of what you see
    None of what you hear, even if it's spat by me
    And with that said, I will kill niggaz dead
    Cut niggaz short, give you wheels for legs
    I'm a K-I-DOUBLE-L-E-R, see y'all in Hell
    Shoot niggaz straight through the E.R., whoa
    This ain't B.R., no, this is S.C. CEO
    The next Aaliyah; no, the next leader of the whole free world
    And the first thing I'ma do is free Sigel, yo..

    My Favourite Mixtape of 2007:
    My favourite mixtape of the year was a pretty easy choice for me…

    Royce da 5'9"The Bar Exam

    I’m not the biggest buyer/downloader of mixtapes unless I hear something great about them, but when I heard Royce da 5'9" had one coming out I couldn’t wait to hear it. He has been one artist I have always been interested in and know has potential to make a classic album and hopefully, his next album, The Revival(? I thought it was going to be called Street Hop?) will be as good as it can be. On The Bar Exam we find Royce da 5'9" rapping over some classic DJ Premier beats such as Nas Is Like and A Million & One Questions, as well as rhyming over newer beats such as This Is Why I’m Hot. The mixtape also contains some completely new tracks which may feature on his album (I don’t know) these include Hit ‘Em & Street Hop. I think there is a Bar Exam 2 coming out too, the only thing I’ve heard of it so far is the Success Freestyle which was incredible, I can’t wait for the mixtape or the album, whichever comes first.

    Crooked I:
    One thing I enjoyed about 2007 was Crooked I’s Hip Hop Weeklies.

    Here Crooked I would rhyme over a well known beat and release a new one every single week. Seen as though his album hasn’t come out yet I guess this is the next best thing. Here’s a couple of my favourites with some quotes:

    Week 13 – International Players Anthem Freestyle

    “I’m similar to Andre, I’m 3 times a G
    the spirits of B-I-G, Left E-Y-E
    Big L, Pun & Pac RE-side in ME”

    Week 10 - You Know My Steez Freestyle

    “You can’t reach where I’m raising the bar
    That’s like every law school student acing the bar
    That’s like your size 10 Chuck Taylor’s racing my car
    That’s like the whole Muslim nation not praising Allah”

    Week 5 - Umbrella & We Takin Over Freestyle

    “Aw naw, no music, I’m ready to brawl
    freestyling in the dark, words bouncing off the wall
    I used to hate that shit, growing up poor
    now I realize it made my rhymes hotter than yours
    waiting on the day that my metaphors would open better doors
    battling for cheddar, shitting on competitors
    pistol ready for whatever wars
    my 22’s stayed open just like the legs of 11 whores”

    “He’ll never be recording again
    Both hands on the nine like a quarter to ten”

    I could have gone on for ages on this…I believe he is going to carry on doing this until he’s made 52 (one for each week of the year) and then hopefully we’ll get his album sometime after that. For anybody that wants to check out his weekly freestyles you can get them all FOR FREE at “http://www.dubcnn.com/media/hiphopweekly/”. They are definitely worth listening to.

    Albums To Look For In 2008:
    Hopefully 2008 will be as good, if not better, than 2007. Here are some albums that I am looking forward to in 2008 (if they come out at all).

    Pete Rock - NY's Finest
    Nas - Nigger
    Guilty Simpson - Ode To The Ghetto
    AZ - Undeniable
    Dr. Dre - Detox
    Ghostface & MF DOOM - Swift & Changeable
    Immortal Technique - The Middle Passage
    Method Man - Crystal Method
    Saigon - The Greatest Story Never Told
    Raekwon - Only Built 4 Cuban Linx... Part II
    Rakim - The Seventh Seal
    Redman - Muddy Waters 2
    Redman - Doc's Da Name 3000
    Royce da 5'9" – The Revival
    RZA As Bobby Digital - DigiSnacks
    Shabazz the Disciple - Hood Scriptures
    Theodore Unit - ??
    Think Differently Music Presents Wu-Tang Meets Indie Culture: Volume 2
    Crooked I - B.O.S.S. (Beginning Of Something Serious)
    Wu Tang Clan (minus RZA) – Shaolin vs Wu tang?? Hmmmmm lol
    The Game - L.A.X.
    The Roots - Rising Down
    Sean Price, Guilty Simpson & Black Milk - ??
    One Be Lo & Black Milk - ?? (this still happening?)
    O.C. - My Soul 2 Keep
    Obie Trice - Bottom's Up
    Papoose - The Nacirema Dream
    Common - My Ressurection
    Cormega - Inevitable

    I’m sure i’ve missed loads, jus post some you looking forward to and i’ll add them on if it’s something i want to check out aswell :D

    Now I gotta find something else to do whilst I’m looking for job lol……
  • 1 Year Of Last.fm...

    Feb 3 2008, 19:18

    So the last time last.fm updated, it was my year anniversary of last.fm and i'm real bored so i thought i'd create a new journal entry to post up my charts for the past 12 months and stuff...

    Tracks Played: 25,500ish lol

    Top 20 Artists:

    1. Jay-Z - 1,470

    2. Big Dave - 1,297

    3. Madlib - 1,139

    4. Nas - 1,091

    5. J Dilla - 986

    6. Common - 883
    7. Blockhead - 829
    8. Little Brother - 709
    9. Wu-Tang Clan - 647
    10. 2Pac - 643
    11. Ghostface - 633
    12. Black Milk - 525
    13. Cormega - 443
    14. A Tribe Called Quest - 432
    15. O.C. - 425
    16. The Roots - 385
    17. Blu & Exile - 372
    18. Ras Kass - 367
    19. One Be Lo - 343
    20. De La Soul - 336

    At the start of the year, i would have never guessed that Jay-Z would be at the top of my charts, but ever since American Gangster came out, i've been going back over his old stuff again. Nothing other than hip hop in my top 20 which doesn't surprise me seen as though it's pretty much all i listen to these days. A few of these artists are so high due to great albums last year, Blu & Exile & Black Milk are both good examples.

    Top 20 Albums:

    1. J DillaDonuts - 566

    2. Little BrotherThe Listening - 313

    3. BlockheadMusic By Cavelight - 262

    4. NasIllmatic - 222

    5. CommonResurrection - 214

    6. MadlibRemixes 2 - 198
    6. One Be LoS.O.N.O.G.R.A.M. - 198
    8. O.C.Jewelz - 188
    9. CommonBe - 187
    10. CormegaThe Realness - 180
    11. 2PacMe Against the World - 179
    12. GZA/GeniusLiquid Swords - 178
    13. Jay-ZReasonable Doubt - 162
    14. GhostfaceSupreme Clientele - 161
    15. A Tribe Called QuestMidnight Marauders - 156
    16. QuasimotoThe Unseen - 155
    17. The RootsGame Theory - 154
    18. CunninLynguistsA Piece of Strange - 150
    19. Little BrotherThe Minstrel Show - 149
    20. Marco PoloPort Authority - 148

    I feel that the albums chart can be a bit misleading due to the fact that albums aren't added straight away and sometimes a spelling mistake can lead to the album not being found at all, or some just aren't there, wu-tang forever? comes up as various artists for me lol. This means the enw releases of last year either won't be on my list, or not as high as they should be (I'm guessing American Gangster or Uncle Tony's Coloring Book would have been number 1 if it was added straight away and my computer hadn't been broken the first couple weeks it came out). With all of that taken into account, i'm not surprised Donuts was number 1. It's a great album and also has a lot of tracks which emans everytime i play it it scrobbles a lot lol. I'm suprised that Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) wasn't in the top 20, infact it was down at 36, and as for wu tang forever, nobody knows lol.

    Top 20 Tracks:

    1. O.C.My World - 72
    2. Jay-ZAmerican Gangster - 69
    3. BlockheadCheer Up You're Not Dead Yet - 66
    4. BlockheadThe Strain - 63
    4. Jay-ZIgnorant Shit - 63
    6. Jay-ZSuccess - 61
    7. Blu & ExileMy World Is... - 60
    7. RaekwonState Of Grace - 60
    7. 2PacIt Ain't Easy - 60
    10. BlockheadInsomniac Olympics - 59
    11. Jay-ZRoc Boys (And The Winner Is.....) - 58
    12. Rainman & Big Dave – A Change Is Gonna Come - 54
    12. Big Dave – Jay-Z - Dirt Off Your Shoulder (Remix) - 54
    14. Big Dave – Dreamer - 51
    14. Jay-ZU Don't Know - 51
    14. Jay-ZNo Hook - 51
    17. Big Dave – A Change Is Gonna Come (1st Draft) - 50
    18. Black MilkOne Song - 49
    18. CommonThe Game - 49
    18. Little BrotherFor You - 49

    Obviously not surprised to see 6 Jay-Z songs in the top 20 seen as though he had my favourite album of the year and is also my most played artist. The song at number 1 O.C.My World is one of my favourite songs of all time, and i'm happy to see it at the top.

    I have had a good year on Last.fm and when I’m bored and listening to music I just look through other people's charts, trying to find people with the same tastes, well addictive lol. I’ve also made some mates on here and it’s good to talk about something that I, and I know lots of other people love, HIP HOP. I wanna say thanks to anybody that gave me a recommendation (keep ‘em coming), anybody that posted in my shoutbox or commented on my journal entries and those that do in the future, chrischris1989 for keeping me updated on his craaazy life (yellow fever lol), brammers56 (we gotta go see red and meth if they come manchester :D) Blueprint16 aka Cobra717(for the recommendations), -GS- (we always seem to have a similiar opinion on stuff), nate32x (guy is too intelligent when it comes to hip hop lol), cobbit (who I stole this idea from :P) and everybody else. This thing took ages to write lol, thank god I had De La Soul to help me get through it :D
  • My Favourite Hip Hop Albums of 2007

    Dic 11 2007, 19:45

    Here is a list of some of my favourite albums of the year, once the year is over i will do a journal entry containing my favourite albums of the year, my favourite songs of the year, a few of my favourite verses and guest sposts and stuff, so check for that. Here is a list of the albums i am considering for my top 10:

    Black Milk - Popular Demand
    Blockhead - Uncle Tony's Coloring Book
    Blu & Exile - Below The Heavens
    Charon Don & DJ Huggy (Hands Down) - Art of Life
    Cilvaringz - I
    Common - Finding Forever
    CunninLynguists - Dirty Acres
    DJ Jazzy Jeff - The Return Of The Magnificent
    Evidence - The Weatherman LP
    Freeway - Free at Last
    Ghostface Killah - The Big Doe Rehab
    Hell Razah - Razah's Ladder & Renaissance Child
    Jay-Z - American Gangster
    Joe Budden - Mood Muzik 3
    Johnson&Jonson - Powders&Oils
    Killah Priest - The Offering
    Little Brother - Getback
    Lupe Fiasco - The Cool
    Madlib - Beat Konducta In India (Vol. 3-4)
    Marco Polo - Port Authority
    Oh No - Dr No's Oxperiment
    One Be Lo - The R.E.B.I.R.T.H
    Phat Kat - Carte Blanche
    Redman - Red Gone Wild
    Royce da 5'9" - The Bar Exam
    Scarface - Made
    Sean Price - Jesus Price Supastar
    Senim Silla - The Name, The Motto, The Outcome
    Soulstice - Dead Letter Perfect
    Wisemen - Wisemen Approaching
    Wu-Tang Clan - 8 Diagrams
    Y Society - Travel At Your Own Pace

    A few of these albums are up there because i haven't checked them enough yet so once i have decided how much i like them, i will decide whether to leave them up there or not. There's sure to be albums i have not checked out at all yet, so if you got something i should listen to, just comment and let me know. Others i may just have forgot about seen as though i lost all my music recently and am trying hard to remember which albums i need to get again lol.
  • 5 Greatest Hip Hop Albums Of All Time?

    Set 28 2007, 19:04

    k, so i got bored and thought i'd try and come up with my 5 favourite albums of all time. It's in no order..

    GZA - Liquid Swords
    Nas - Illmatic
    Common - Resurrection
    Wu Tang - Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)
    Ras Kass - Soul On Ice

    Obviously this list changes quite a lot and i found it hard leaving out some albums (especially a couple of Tribe Called Quest albums), but this was the best i could come up with.

    Let me know what you think and let me know what your top 5 are too