Taylor Swift : Speak Now


Nov 3 2010, 21:11

Taylor Swift : Speak Now / Speak Now (Target Deluxe Edition)

Mine 5/5
At first I didn't like this much, but over the months since it was released as the lead single it has definately grown on me. I feel the song represents an introduction to a post-teen Taylor, while still carrying on the Country tradition of her first two albums.

Sparks Fly 5/5
I could never quite decipher the lyrics from a live recording of this, so glad to have a studio cut at last. Love her voice on this as well as the fiddle.

Back To December 5/5
I don't know if it's the lyric or the melody, but something about this song reminds me of Christmases When You Were Mine. A song that totally blows away any confusion on whether she is Country or not. I relate.

Speak Now 5/5
The first time I heard this I thought of Kenny Chesney. I've no idea why. There's a slightly "beachy" feel about the arrangement. Another of my favourite vocals from Taylor here.

Dear John 3/5
I like this song, but it goes on a bit too long for me.

Mean 5/5
100% perfect production. Classic Country songwriting. I'd go so far as to say it's the best Country song of the year. The bridge is just utter genius. Haters be weeping.

The Story Of Us 5/5
A little Country-Rock. I relate.

Never Grow Up 5/5
I can't lie, I cried the first time I heard this. I relate on so many levels. You'll like this if you liked Let Them Be Little by Billy Dean/Lonestar.

Enchanted 4/5
Still growing on me.

Better Than Revenge 5/5
Rocking. Reminds me of Shania & The Dixie Chicks. I'd love to hear Kristy Lee Cook cover this.

Innocent 5/5
Another one I relate to, after a fashion. I know so many people like this, they're grown adults but throw silly childish tantrums. I do hope that this will bring the curtain down on the media created Taylor/Kanye riots.

Haunted 5/5
I think this track gives a hint of Taylor's live vocals here, she's got real power in her voice.

Last Kiss 4/5
I can imagine this being used in a movie.

Long Live 5/5
One for the fans I think, would be a highlight of any live show. Reminds me of that fantastic night at Wembley.

Ours 5/5
A nice bouncy little acoustic-ish arrangement.

If This Was A Movie 5/5
What can I say except I relate...Country at it's best. Reminiscent of Part Two by Brad Paisley.

Superman 5/5
One word : Tune.

Back To December (Acoustic) 5/5
Haunted (Acoustic) 5/5
These mixes let her vocals burst through.

Mine (Pop/UK Mix) 1/5
I LOATHE the Pop remixes that are forced upon us in the UK, which is why I bought the album (both the original & the Target edition) from the US.


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