Top 35 albums (with some very limited commentary as well)


Ott 10 2009, 21:31

Thought I'd post this chart with some added commentary from me to make it a little bit more interesting than the usual long laundry list that usually gets posted on these journals from time to time.

Kind of interesting to note that there are a number of artists in my top 25 list, that aren't featured here at all, those being Johnny Cash; Beyoncé; Girls Aloud; Alan Jackson; Dixie Chicks (those actually being in my top ten overall); Mariah Carey; Kylie Minogue; Rihanna; Vince Gill; Clint Black; Gwen Stefani; Christina Aguilera; Destiny's Child; and Avril Lavigne.

(14 in all, or over half of my top 25 not represented in my top 35 albums)

I also guess some of the Greatest Hits albums may have skewed the results as well. Still, here is the list:

david5970's top albums (overall)
1. Garth Brooks - The Hits (28) For all the essential Garth Brooks songs2. Dusty Springfield - Classics & Collectibles (1) (24)
Dusty was just fantastic when you look at some of the songs on this album: I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself, I Only Want To Be With You, The Look Of Love. The whole thing is just pure class of the highest order. 3. Alanis Morissette - Jagged Little Pill (22)
One of the greatest albums of the nineties, I actually rediscovered it a little while ago. Of course, I love all the hit songs from it, but had forgotten just how great the rest of the album was as well. 4. Nat King Cole - The Ultimate Collection (21)
Just some effortless singing at the piano. Smile currently my most played from this album is just an example. 5. Elvis Presley - Elvis: 30 #1 Hits (20)
Elvis: do you really want me to say anything more? Do I need to say anything more? :) 6. Trisha Yearwood - Songbook: A Collection Of Hits (20)
Great singer; nice collection of good songs 7. ABBA - Gold: Greatest Hits (19)
Just essential for those moments that only ABBA seem to do, fantastic unadulterated pop that just makes you smile and dance. What can be better than that? 8. The Mavericks - Trampoline (18)
Good fun album - always had a soft spot for Dolores 9. Texas - The Greatest Hits (18)
Got a lot of plays from my library radio with Summer Son with 12 plays, although it may not be my favorite song of theirs. Go figure! LOL 10. Madness - Divine Madness (17)
Lovestruck is an underrated gem. 11. The Corrs - The Best of the Corrs (17)
Have always loved the Corrs, just loved how they were seemingly fresh and different than anything else around at the turn of the millenium.12. Bananarama - The Greatest Hits Collection (17)
Unadulterated pop again, this time from the SAW stable. Hey, I grew up with this stuff in the late 80s as a tweenager. 13. Garbage - Garbage (16)
Never really appreciated them that much until years later when I just put this CD on and realised what I might have missed. 14. Liz Phair - Exile in Guyville (16)
The more I listen, the more I like. Discovered her by reading an article in some magazine in the mid-90s and deciding just to take a chance on hearing some of her stuff. Kind of a diversion from my usual listening habits at the time but happy that I did. Fuck and Run is amazing.15. The Mavericks - Music For All Occasions (16)
Another Mavericks album, boy, they were good :) 16. Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business (16)
Don't Phunk with My Heart and Don't Lie just remind me of driving through Atlanta listening to Star 94 in 2005. 17. Mary Chapin Carpenter - Come On Come On (16)
The Hard Way, He Thinks He'll Keep Her, Passionate Kisses, I Take My Chances; just love them one and all! 18. Dean Martin - The Very Best of Dean Martin (16)
Come on, it's Dino. You can't get much cooler than that. 19. Manfred Mann - The Best Of Manfred Mann (16)
Great sixties pop music. Pretty Flamingo. 20. Deana Carter - Did I Shave My Legs For This? (16)
Strawberry Wine and the title track. 21. Matt Monro - The Very Best of Matt Monro (16)
Perfect combination of a good singer and good songs. 22. Kelis - Kelis Was Here (15)
Actually surprised that this album is in here, as Tasty is my favorite album of hers. Still Lil Star is a good track 23. P!nk - Try This (15)
P!nk is one of my favorite artists, although this isn't necessarily my favorite album of hers (that's I'm Not Dead) 24. Roy Orbison - The Very Best of Roy Orbison (14)
The Big O - nothing more needs to be said. One of the best and most distinctive voices in the history of pop music. 25. Mindy McCready - If I Don't Stay the Night (14)
Have always liked Mindy ever since she first burst onto the scene. Just makes me wonder how successful she may have been now if she hadn't had all those problems that have dogged her. Still, there are some great and often sadly now forgotten songs in her back catalogue. 26. S Club 7 - Sunshine (14)
Don't Stop Movin' to the S Club beat. Good unadulterated 2000s pop. 27. Harry Connick, Jr. - FOREVER FOR NOW (14)
Recipe For Love and You Didn't Know Me When are two of my favorite songs of his. 28. Pam Tillis - All of This Love (14)
Deep Down and Betty's Got A Bass Boat have seven plays each. 29. Sugababes - Taller in More Ways (13)
Push the Button and Ugly are two great songs. They made some of the best pop music in the 2000s.30. Paramore - RIOT! (13)
To be honest, just getting into Paramore; loving this album. 31. Restless Heart - Greatest Hits (13)
This is in the list just because I absolutely adore When She Cries 32. Aaron Tippin - Ultimate Aaron Tippin (13)
There Ain't Nothin' Wrong With The Radio has got the most plays in my library, although Ten Pound Hammer is perhaps my fave song, just good fun. 33. All Saints - All Saints (13)
Absolutely LOVE All Saints. favorite track off their debut album was/is Bootie Call . Saw them perform at a wind and rainsoaked Radio One Roadshow in Blackpool. Wish they were still recording together, it's so damn annoying thinking that they have deprived us of more All Saints material (for evidence just check out Appleton. Absolutely adored Melanie Blatt. Those lips.... :)~~~~~ LOL 34. Gretchen Peters - The Secret of Life (13)
Isn't On A Bus To St. Cloud one of the greatest songs ever written? Actually prefer this version to Trisha's as well.35. Danity Kane - Welcome to the Dollhouse (13)
More of a discovery on than anything else... was just recommended to me on this site.


  • wingkon

    3, 13 and 20 are awesome :D

    Nov 25 2009, 2:39
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