• Top 20 albums of 2009

    Gen 28 2010, 3:41

    I'm a bit late this year as I've been busier than usual at the end of 2009; nevertheless, here is my choice for the best albums from last year! Again, this is purely based on my taste and experience of these albums, though I do try to justify every choice ;) As I had published 2008's top albums in December, a few of the 2008 late releases could not make it to that list. I included them here as if they were part of 2009. I decided to be a bit more elaborate this time, after seeing the great job II666II did in his own list.

    20. Samsas Traum - 13 Jahre Lang Dagegen - Anti Bis Zum Tod

    Though Samsas Traum's latest effort is a good album (I don't think I could ever dislike anything by Samsas Traum), this is probably my biggest disappointment this year. I was expecting a lot more from Herr Kaschte, though I shouldn't have: he keeps reinventing himself, his band, and every album is a chance to try playing in a different direction, musically. Well, old school riff-based rock isn't too much my thing in general. I wish the album was less guitar-based, but I still enjoyed this album which surely will please fans of the genre very much - as usual, Kaschte excelled in what he wanted to do.

    19. Helium Vola - Für Euch, Die Ihr Liebt

    From a disappointment to a happy surprise! As much as I liked the other Helium Vola albums, I don't think they would've made any end of the year-tops. This one does all that was well-done on the other albums, but it sounds slightly less experimental, though it's longer (a great 2CD experience!). In its genre, it sounds highly original yet very accomplished.

    18. Editors - In This Light And On This Evening

    I wasn't exactly in Editors before this year, though I had heard and kind of liked some of their older stuff. I decided to give a real chance to this album though, listened to the whole thing a couple of times, and I really loved it! The fact they added tons of keyboards to their sound probably helped (yes, I really like keyboards). It also refreshes the Indie genre which was kind of overloaded in the last few years with too many bands sounding the same (though they are not so innovative - it sounds highly influenced by new wave music from the 80s). Songs like Papillon and Eat Raw Meat = Blood Drool convinced me this should be in the top 20. Well, there it is!

    17. Saltatio Mortis - Wer Wind Sät

    I was highly impressed by Saltatio Mortis' previous album Aus Der Asche, and I was expecting a lot from this new record. Though it doesn't, in my opinion, sound as good as the last one, Wer Wind Sät delivers what one expects of Saltatio Mortis. The mastering isn't as well-rounded as Aus Der Asche, but it still is better than all of their first albums. But again, it delivers what you'd expect from the band, and not much more - good folk rock.

    16. Subway to Sally - Kreuzfeuer

    With their album Nord Nord Ost, released in 2005, Subway To Sally seemed to have achieved finding their very own, well-rounded, perfectly mastered own style. The following album Bastard was a confirmation of that; it was highly accomplished, took all that STS had done well in their past years and albums and put it all together, removing superfluous elements. I had no clue what to expect from Kreuzfeuer. Maybe rightfully so, they went with continuity and stuck to their well-accomplished style. This time though, the "wow!" element has vanished already, and one could say Kreuzfeuer is a little like Bastard, but a little less good. Which still makes it really good. But it might be a sign that they should try to keep making their sound evolve in new directions, now.

    15. Lacrimosa - Sehnsucht

    The wait for this Lacrimosa album was long! The amazing live album Lichtjahre made fans wait, but new material hadn't come in a long time. The anticipation usually leads to higher expectations. Tilo Wolff rarely goes totally wrong, and he definitely hasn't gone wrong with Sehnsucht. I admit I didn't enjoy it as much as Echos or Lichtgestalt, but still not much can be said against Sehnsucht, such high quality music should only be encouraged by all means. Go and give it a listen, and pay true attention to it, you shouldn't be too disappointed!

    14. Zeromancer - Sinners International

    Well, talk about anticipation! If it had been long since Lacrimosa's last album, it had been forever since Zeromancer released anything! They had announced new material several years ago already on their website, had released new songs on singles in 2008, and finally, the new album came out in 2009. Is the album good? Yes, very much. Is its quality proportional to the wait that led to it? No. In fact, I think their ZZYZX album remains their best, but Sinners International, though too short, delivers exactly what one expects from Zeromancer. Fans have no reason to be disappointed, though it doesn't sound very daring for guys who had released their last album 5 years before.

    13. Metallspürhunde - Böse Wetter

    Now, here is one of my good surprises of the year! I had liked the last MSH album (Amokherz) much better than the previous ones, but Böse Wetter seems to be the best by far, now. They now seem to master their own sound really well, and the product is perfectly finished and mixed this time. They are now a must for every Neue Deutsche Härte fan - they bring originality to the genre, while using everything that makes it as good as it is.

    12. Mina Harker - Tiefer

    Tiefer is the first of the 2 albums I included in this list that were released in 2008. It's Mina Harker's first album, though she worked with various artists in the past, including Laibach and OOMPH! - actually one of the songs featured Dero from OOMPH! on Tiefer. Most songs are pretty catchy, though at first many might sound quite similar, and for sure there's a "commercial" feel to it, which makes it very accessible and quickly enjoyable. However, emotions do get through pretty well and I found the ambiance the song Dein Licht created is totally perfect. It might be a subjective experience, but it feels to me like the song recreates a feeling which I cannot even name precisely, some sort of melancholic yet partly happy mood, put into music. I also need to mention Tränen - these 2 songs on their own certainly made the album rank a lot higher on this list.

    11. IAMX - Kingdom Of Welcome Addiction

    I mostly knew IAMX for their song Spit It Out, which I loved, but I wasn't too familiar with the rest of their stuff. I gave this album a try and had very mixed feelings about it at first, but after giving it a real chance and a bunch of listens, I found I absolutely loved it. It might sound a bit too calm overall for fans of the genre, or as I thought at first, one might first feel it would win by the addition of more guitars. I quickly changed my mind though, the album is great as it is, and a song like The Great Shipwreck of Life shows Chris Corner knows how to use guitars when he really needs to ;) Running is also amazing, it captivated me right away with its contemplative mood.

    10. Depeche Mode - Sounds Of The Universe

    Though I know they are legends and incredibly hyped, I never was a huge Depeche Mode fan (though I never had anything against them, really). I think they got criticized by fans for using electric guitar on this album, on songs like Fragile Tension. I guess what disappoints others rejoices me - this is precisely what I particularly loved about this album, and Fragile Tension might be my favourite song on there... Though it's hard to decide - one can see they have been doing this job for long, they sure know how to construct a song that will please lots of people. Their melodies are catchy, pleasant, easy to sing, and the mastering and mixing are perfect. Good job DM!

    9. Mono Inc. - Voices Of Doom

    I just discovered Mono Inc. this year and I really loved their 2008 album Pain, Love and Poetry. Voices Of Doom doesn't change much to the style of the other, but I think it wasn't much needed, as they have already reached a good level of originality within their own genre. The unique vocals make Mono Inc.'s particularity... I have a hard time comparing their singer to any other voice I've heard, and he also has a very unique way of singing and pronouncing. Musically, they do nothing overly original, but their style of music is one that particularly pleases me, and they do it damn well!

    8. Letzte Instanz - Schuldig

    Ever since their (awesome) singer Robin has left, Letzte Instanz have very quickly evolved, and Holly, the new singer, probably tried to make sure that as awesome as Robin was, Letzte Instanz didn't depend on him. With Schuldig, I can finally say I do not miss Robin a single bit anymore. Ins Licht was very good, yet a little something was missing. Wir Sind Gold was really awesome... some fans thought it was a bit too soft, but softer doesn't mean worse. I still had a hard time forgetting how good and original Robin's voice was... now, I can say they gave me a good way to forget. Schuldig is accomplished in a way I didn't even think Letzte Instanz could reach. Except the cover art, which I find quite ugly, but visual art is not what I'm reviewing here. It has depth, lots of it, nice melodies, but also all the good elements that made Letzte Instanz's fame in the past, like the violin and the cello. Most incredibly, it has a lot of original "hit-songs" that I could easily see as first singles from an album: Komm!, Der Garten (feat. Aylin Aslim) or Finsternis, not to mention their actual first single Flucht Ins Glück (though ironically, this song didn't impress me as much). I can now hardly see how Letzte Instanz will ever get better, but hey, they might as well impress me again!

    7. Farin Urlaub Racing Team - Die Wahrheit Übers Lügen

    Here is the second album from 2008 in my list. It took me a lot of time to appreciate this album fully, especially as Am Ende Der Sonne, Farin Urlaub's last solo album, had fulfilled every expectation I had. Die Wahrheit Übers Lügen went into another direction, making it more similar to the first album. More upbeat, happier, yet a lot more rocking than the first album (and with shorter songs mostly). It might have helped that I had lots and lots of fun playing it on guitar, but I ended up falling in love with it in the summer (6 months after its release). I think it probably is a summer album, meant to be enjoyed in the warm sun, with a good cup of iced tea. My new motto: ich find das gut!

    6. Rammstein - Liebe Ist Für Alle Da

    Don't get fooled, for a Rammstein album to not even make it to the top 5 of my yearly charts can be seen as a big flop, kind of. And I feel like I'm going to rant a lot about it, but let it be said: if Rammstein was a new band, I would think this album is really really good, and promising for the future of the band. But let's face it: Rammstein isn't a new band, they are the ones who composed Sehnsucht... Reise, Reise, and the huge masterwork that is Mutter!!. I am not able to not compare, because their older works show their actual potential. And Liebe Ist Für Alle Da, in this way, is a big disappointment for me. It's a great album, and that's pretty much all there is to it. I could write a long review of it, but to wrap it up quickly, I can't believe a song like B******** could actually be preferred to something like Donaukinder for the main CD. Maybe they decided heavier and more aggressive meant better. I disagree. The opening track starts really well with an awesome intro, then gets a bit boring (I mean, the opening track itself gets boring). Then, the album has ups and downs. It has some great highlights (Ich tu dir weh, Frühling in Paris), but overall, it seems to me like it lacks polishing. If you listen to Mutter 50 times closely, with every listen, you'll discover new things that give depth to the songs, it's an amazing job of orchestration they have done. LIFAD has no depth at all, the only element they seemed to really care about was the "in-your-face!" element. I'm not even going to talk about Pussy, because I don't think it deserves to be talked about. Lyrically, of course - musically, it's pretty good, yet quite unoriginal. I could rant on for a while. Then, why put it #6, above all these other great albums, might you rightfully so ask. Well, because despite all the rants deserved when compared to masterworks like Mutter, it remains a really good album overall. Just don't play the comparison game with older Rammstein material. Please note I take the bonus limited CD into account here, because they contain some of the best quality tracks of the album. And I don't mean the 2 (not-so) different versions of Roter Sand (I can't stand that whistling on three songs within 30mins, come on!).

    5. U2 - No Line On The Horizon

    It took me a whole lot of time to get into this U2 album. It isn't quite as commercial or accessible as their previous works, and many listens are necessary to fully enjoy it. However, I can now say that as a whole it is my favourite U2 album. Not many tracks are absolutely amazing on their own, except maybe Magnificent, but taken as one work, from an end to the other of the album, it is incredibly enjoyable. It makes you go through many moods, it is very well constructed, played with intelligence and experience, and it leave a very positive feeling overall. If one negative remark could be said, Get on Your Boots is the worst song of the album, and I can't believe it was the first single. And I really, really do not get why people compare it a lot to Vertigo - to me it sounds nowhere like it. Nowhere. But that song is the only complaint I can have about the whole thing, really ;)

    4. Dúné - Enter Metropolis

    I discovered Dúné in concert only 2 years ago, and while their pop-punk element was quite good on their first album, what really made them stick out is their awesome use of keyboards, which they found a way to use a whole lot in a way I had never heard in that genre. While I liked the first album, I didn't spent too much time stuck on it, it might have lacked some depth. For sure, I would never have bet on their next one making my top 20 albums of the year. Enter Metropolis totally caught me, and I couldn't help listening to it 2, 3... 4 times a day, for... well... several weeks! I just couldn't help it. I had the songs running in my head day and night. One by one, I started loving every song more than the other, and ended up not knowing which I preferred. A few do stand out, but overall, most of the album terribly caught me. Let yourself be warned: if you are allergic to anything that sounds commercial and catchy, you won't like this album. You might like their first one, though. Enter Metropolis sees the band get a much fuller and accomplished sound. I like it, but many might see it as a sellout thing. Thankfully, the originality of their style survived, and their use of keyboards still is quite unique. I never really got tired of it like one usually get of "pop" music - several months after, I still enjoy it just as much, and I rediscover it with every listen.

    3. Muse - The Resistance

    At first, The Resistance disappointed me a bit. At this point, I could say Muse might be my favourite band overall, and my expectations were immense. Uprising, the first single, was good, yet not as good as their best songs of the past. With time, I ended up adopting the album, and deciding it is a pretty damn awesome album, though when compared to Origin Of Symmetry or Absolution, it is weaker. Let's get through with the bad things: it's too short. They divided an awesome 15mins orchestral thing into 3, as it seems, to make it appear as if there were more songs, but in fact, it's a quite short album. And the symphonic track should be all together as a whole. Now, the good stuff. Every song is really, really different in style. Not only did they care about renewing themselves compared to older albums, but they also took care of the actual album being very varied in styles, which is not so easy for an artist with a strong fan base like them, as it is a bit risky. Every song has its reason to be on the album and seems essential to it, I guess that's the nice part of having a shorter album (which is not THAT short either). It would probably be nice to have a few more rocking tracks, but one can album go back to Absolution for that. As a short side-note, I am a huge fan of most past Muse music videos, but the ones from The Resistance didn't impress me at all, sadly, they seemed a bit rushed.

    2. Down Below - Wildes Herz

    I wouldn't have imagined having Down Below so high on my yearly list, but their latest album Wildes Herz hit me exactly at the right place. They did exactly the style of music that I love, in the way I love it - and they stopped singing in English to give full place for German, which for me is a big plus. This appreciation of the album is pretty personal. A perfect mix of NDH, indie, rock, and catchy melodies and singing. All of it produced perfectly, with a failureless mixing (the best example would be the song Wildes Herz). Well, there you go, this recipe would probably get me every time, but sadly for me, it's quite rare to have such combination so well executed. I never get tired of it, it's stronger than me! ;)

    1. Apoptygma Berzerk - Rocket Science

    Talking about a perfect mix of NDH, indie, rock and catchy melodies, that's exactly what Apop had delivered with their last album You And Me Against The World, which had ranked as my top album of 2005. Well, they struck again with Rocket Science, and though there is some continuity in the sound, there is also a big change, somehow. The "theme" of the album (conspiracy theories, mostly though not entirely) has gotten me to wonder about tons of things, and do lots of research on my own for several weeks, and saying it was very interesting would be an understatement. Tons of things could be said about it here, but it's not really the purpose of this journal entry. Musically, it is a little more diverse than You And Me Against The World. Songs on their own stick a little more out, while as a whole, the album seems a little less of a musical "experience". But track-by-track, it impressed me a lot, and I got totally addicted to it after a bunch of listens. Asleep Or Awake? was my alarm clock song for several months, and I'm still not tired of it, miraculously. The more I listened to Green Queen, the more I could enjoy to the full the blast of energy it delivers. State of Your Heart (Sh*t End of the Deal) is absolutely beautiful, its melody creates instantly emotions in me, which are hard to describe, but which I see as a continuation of the feelings in Lost in Translation from the previous album, which is one of my favourite songs ever. To me, it makes no doubt that all around (considering the music, lyrics, etc.), this is the best release of the year. Though getting properly into it took me some time, it was well worth it.
  • Top 20 albums of 2008

    Dic 10 2008, 6:18

    Another year, another top 20! 2008 was an amazing year music-wise, and this is the first year where the top 3 albums could all have easily been number 1. Most of these albums are of such high quality, that had they been released in 2007, they would have been way more up in the list. It's also very sad that I had to make hard choices and not include some really good albums that would have been included last year.

    Of course, it is again done accordingly to my taste and views of music, and isn't meant to be objective. I hope you had a great musical 2008 year, and that 2009 will be as exciting!

    P.S. I'm a little in advance, but I wouldn't have enough time to get to know well enough to judge and rate everything released in December properly before the end of the year, so it will be included in next year's top 20.

    20. Atrocity - Werk 80 II

    19. Schock - Halt Still

    18. Dornenreich - In Luft Geritzt

    17. Eden Weint Im Grab - Trauermarsch Nach Neotopia

    16. Peter Heppner - Solo

    15. Silence - The Passion Of The Cold

    14. QNTAL - Qntal VI - Translucida

    13. Ruoska - Rabies

    12. Beyond the Void - Gloom Is A Trip For Two

    11. Polarkreis 18 - The Colour Of Snow

    10. L'Âme Immortelle - Namenlos

    9. In Extremo - Sängerkrieg

    8. ASP - Zaubererbruder - Der Krabat Liederzyklus

    7. The Rasmus - Black Roses

    6. Eisbrecher - Sünde

    5. Madsen - Frieden Im Krieg

    4. Der W - Schneller, Höher, Weidner

    3. Coldplay - Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends

    2. Oomph! - Monster

    1. Unheilig - Puppenspiel
  • GermanMetalWiki

    Mag 4 2008, 9:21

    Well, after several months of work, I am glad to reopen my website GermanMetal.com, under a new structure: a Wiki!

    Some years ago, around 2002, I opened GermanMetal.com as a resource for international Rammstein fans to broaden their horizons and discover all the other great German bands! It was actually quite successful, but built in such a way that I had to do everything, and since the project was very ambitious, it needed more time than I could give, and died slowly. I tried many times to find ways to re-make it, but to no avail.

    However, with the flexible platform a Wiki offers, I have now been able to build a structure in which other users can help and contribute building this huge project. Feel free to browse around the Wiki. It is far from very complete, but it should grow within the next months greatly, and more sections should be added to the 3 existing ones.

    If you would like to contribute, we need helpers, so feel free to consult the Help and About pages and see how you can help - maybe you can become the artisan of your favourite artist's section!

    Anyway, I hope the Wiki can be useful to some of you, and don't forget to subscribe to its RSS feed, as we plan to have a nice extensive news coverage!

    P.S. If you are puzzled as to why we do not cover many Metal bands from Germany, please check out our definition of "German Metal" : http://germanmetal.com/wiki/index.php5?title=German_Metal .

    ASPSamsas TraumUnheiligWeena MorlochMiimeRammsteinEisbrecherIn ExtremoMegaherzOomph!AtrocityDie Apokalyptischen ReiterFarmer BoysHammerschmittJanusL'Âme ImmortelleLetzte InstanzSchockSubway to SallyTanzwutTurmion KätilötWeissglutWittA_Life [Divided]BloodDementiDer BoteDie!Die AllergieDown BelowEisheiligEmigrateEwigheimKnorkatorLacrimosaLaibachMetallspürhundeNik PageSchweisserStaubkindToxsinZeraphineZombiejoeBeyond the Void
    CrematoryDie SchinderDolorDope Stars Inc.DornenreichDreadful ShadowsEisblutEisenherzEisregenEquilibriumErben der SchöpfungGeistGrabgeläutHaggardHERTzTONHerzerJ.B.O.KashLeichenwetterMantusMorgensternNiederschlagProntherRichthofenRiefenstahlRigerSaltatio MortisSamaelSchandmaulSchmerzScream SilenceSecret DiscoverySepiaSilberStahlhammerStaubStimmkraftTerminal ChoiceTeufelskücheTotenmondTreibhausUmbra Et Imago
  • Interview with ASP - 13.11.07

    Gen 13 2008, 23:35

    On the 13th of November 2007, I had the great luck of interviewing Asp and Matze from the German band ASP. They gave an amazing stage performance, and whoever doesn't know much about them yet should check them out!

    Here is the interview transcript, thanks a lot to the band for giving me so much of their time before the concert!

    Joki: How did the band form, how did it all start?

    ASP: When Matze and I met, we had both played in different bands, and we had a little pause without music. We recognized that we couldn't live without it, so we started again.

    Matze: The first time we did music together was because we were in 2 bands, and we made some concerts with both bands. We met and... it's hard to describe... maybe you know, we will have a CD called Horror Vacui in February. This is exactly the feeling, because it was a fear of the emptiness, doing nothing, and so we had to start this band. We had to make music again after experiencing this pause without music.

    Joki: So I guess this title (Horror Vacui) is very fitting for the whole musical project.

    ASP: For the past and the present, yes.

    Joki: In 2001, you released a CD called Die Zusammenkunft, which was a collaboration with bands from the scene. What memories do you keep from it? Do you think it was a milestone in your career, that from that point you got more fans and recognition from all around?

    ASP: It's very interesting to work with other musicians, but for us the most important is to make our own albums. Everything else is additional. It's nice to have it, but we wouldn't have done it for normal CDs. We don't want to have too much guest singing, but on our singles and EPs we try to make more collaborations.

    Matze: When we play on festivals, we meet interesting people with who we'd like to work. We decided to make a special project for these collaborations. The name Die Zusammenkunft means The Gathering, and fits very well for a community working together.

    Joki: You mean the Gothic community, or would you call it another way?

    ASP: I think Gothic can be a word for it, or Black...

    Joki: I'd like to talk about Gothic music. In Canada, we don't really have a Gothic scene. We would call it Metal, or Industrial... Here, there is this huge scene called Gothic, and what we call Gothic here in Germany, might be categorized as something different in Canada. How do you describe Gothic, is it a musical genre, is it a way of life, or something else?

    ASP: To me, it's an attitude. But I don't know if my feelings about it, if my description of it would fit with other people's view of it. Germans are very good at making categories for everything, it makes it much easier. But when all these categories aren't there, I think there can be a much wider audience who can listen to your music.

    Matze: I think the word Gothic for a musical scene was first used in the early eighties or late seventies in the UK. It was linked to eerie, horror literature. Today, what we call the Gothic scene has drifted from the traditional style and feelings, it's not exactly the same. Maybe Germany is the only country where we still say Gothic...

    Joki: Do you think there's a genre of music which we can really call Gothic music, or do you think it's more many genres that are mixed?

    ASP: It's mixed... it's too hard to answer. I think the music which we call Gothic changed a lot in the last 20 years, after it came out of the post-punk movement. Today, there's so many influences. That's why the visual thing is predominant, the clothes, etc.

    Joki: Ok, I'll switch topics now as I would like to talk about mp3s and piracy. With the single Ich Will Brennen, you released an extra CD to burn a personal best of from ASP mp3s. Was it a statement, somehow?

    Matze: It was a statement, but not about mp3s. It was because in Germany, the law was about to be changed; they were about to make it illegal to copy a CD for personal use. At this point, we thought they were going too far, and the extra CD fitted well with the theme "Ich Will Brennen" (I want to burn). But it's not about free mp3s or file sharing.

    Joki: And what do you think of free mp3s and file sharing?

    ASP: I have no final opinion. It makes it very hard for musicians to exist at the moment. As a matter of fact, there's much less CDs sold nowadays. This cuts the lower part of the music pyramid. The underground music is below, because these bands produce a small amount of copies of CDs. So if you cut the floor, only the major productions are left, and it makes it hard for small bands.

    Joki: But do you feel like the underground bands have a better occasion to promote themselves with the Internet than they had before?

    ASP: Sure, they do, but what's the next step? To be a musician means to live from your music. If you can't, then it's just a hobby, and you don't have the money to afford a studio, and the music instruments, and so on. That means, you could only be a musician, if you have rich parents. As we know, it's not always the rich people who are the best artists.

    Matze: I think the first reaction to this phenomenon from us was to make big CD boxes with nice artworks, so that when you see it, you want to have it. It adds an extra to buying the CD. We also try to come up with concept albums... we had some problems with iTunes. There were snippets of 30 secs. or 1 min. of some short interlude tracks on the CD, but these tracks are part of the whole story. You can't just sell some of them at the same price as a full song. It is a sign of how we work. We don't think in the way of pop songs.

    ASP: Sorry! The 3 minutes are over! *laughs*

    Matze: We think more in a story way.

    Joki: The Requiem is a good example of it, how did you have the idea to construct a song like the Requiem?

    ASP: As a matter of fact, it was the first idea I had for the whole album. It was the big idea, to make a Requiem for the death of a person. What I wanted was to learn something about Mozart and the catholic Requiems. I learned a lot about it, and I wanted to rebuild its form with the lyrics.

    Joki: It certainly was an original idea, and I personally think it's a huge highlight on the album, it stands out a lot. Into another topic now, I would like to know if you have the ambition to maybe have an international career, or to tour outside of Europe at some point?

    ASP: It's a very interesting question... the first question is, is there a market, is there anybody out there not speaking German who could be interested?

    Joki: I would think there is: Rammstein is a good example of it?

    ASP: It's the ONLY example, everybody knows only about Rammstein...

    Joki: What do you think of that, of Rammstein’s success?

    Matze: Rammstein is a very creative band, but if Rammstein works in the USA, it doesn't mean that every German bands can. For ASP, the lyrics is the most important part because of the stories told. The question is, how much content will somebody get from a CD if he can't understand the lyrics? On the other side, I think the music works very well by itself...

    Joki: Yeah, I think that only musically, ASP is strong enough to gain success, even without understanding the story.

    ASP: It's a very expensive adventure to go outside of Germany. The world is very big... if you leave out Germany, there are many countries. There's some countries where we could play, because there's a lot of fans there. For example, we could play in Mexico or Moscow...

    Joki: You played in the UK before, right?

    ASP: Yes, we tried that.

    Joki: How was it?

    ASP: Nice.

    Matze: Really nice. We'll try to do it again next year. All the Gothic scene originally comes from the UK. A lot changed since then. I think Germany has the biggest Gothic scene in the world at the moment, but I felt a little as if we were back in the eighties when we played in the UK. They do not know that there is such a variety of music, because most of it is German.

    ASP: We've been very lucky to play there, and the audience was totally different. Sometimes Germans tend, as we said before, to make categories, but also to behave accordingly to these categories. I felt that in the UK it was much "cooler". They don't take themselves so seriously.

    Joki: I guess it's fun for you to see a new kind of crowd at your concerts. Did you have good comments there?

    ASP: Yes, sure... we had very good comments, but not a lot of comments. The Gothic scene there is very small.

    Joki: In a previous interview, I remember seeing you saying you couldn't live from your music. Now, Requiembryo had some commercial success, more than the other albums at least. Can you now live from your music?

    ASP: More or less... but yes, we make a living out of it.

    Matze: Also with Requiembryo, you can see that the costs were much bigger than before.

    ASP: There's a lot of money coming from Requiembryo, but only a very small part actually comes back to us. But we do our best, we try every day, every week, and so on, to make it even more successful, to ignore the bad comments.

    Joki: Ok, I have prepared what I call a "Flash-quiz", short questions where I expect only short answers, just a few sentences. Some questions might be a bit funny but in the end it can be very interesting. First: Are you religious?

    ASP: No.

    Matze: No.

    Joki: Atheist?

    ASP: No.

    Matze: Neither.

    Joki: What would you say are your inspirations?

    ASP: We don't have much time to listen to music.

    Matze: Johann Sebastian Bach

    ASP: I find more inspiration in literature.

    Joki: What's your favourite artist at the moment?

    ASP: My favourite artist in the last few years has been Loreena Mckennitt. I had the great luck to see her in Frankfurt, and it was the best concert I ever seen.

    Joki: Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think one can also see the influence of such Irish music in your songs?

    ASP: Irish music has been part of my life since I was around 10, so it's not really artists like Loreena Mckennitt who influenced me in that direction, it's more the other way 'round. I discovered her because someone told me "Yeah, if you like that kind of folk stuff, try this one!". I tried, and I'm very happy about it.

    Matze: I think the best band I have seen in the last years was some punk band from the USA. It was in a little room, and I totally forgot the name of the band" *laughs*

    Joki: What's your favourite book?

    Matze: My favourite book: The Apple logic reference guide. *everyone laughs*

    Joki: Oh, so you work on Mac computers!

    Matze: Yes, THIS is good information! *more laughs*

    ASP: For me, it's very hard. One of my favourite ones is The Innkeeper's Song by Peter S. Beagle (check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0451454146). Peter S. Beagle has also written The Last Unicorn.

    Joki: What's your favourite movie?

    ASP: My favourite movie has been, for the last 5-6 years, Crazy. It's a movie about an old band with very old members, who try to make a reunification. It's great *high five*.

    Matze: I think the most influencial movie I saw is The Wall, by Pink Floyd. We talked about it some weeks ago, and I've seen it maybe 15 years ago or so, but the pictures and the music from it is something I will never forget.

    Joki: What's your favourite meal?

    ASP: I don't think you can translate it...

    Joki: Oh, you can say it in German!

    ASP: Matze? *laughs*

    Matze: It depends on the cook! There's some restaurants where the meals are really good.

    Joki: What's your opinion about drugs and / or alcohol?

    ASP: ...can we go to the next question? *laughs* Don't take drugs!

    Matze: We don't take any drugs. I'm a smoker of cigarettes, but no real hard stuff. Just girls...

    ASP: Girls?

    Matze: Yes... remember?

    ASP: Hmmm, no...

    Matze: In 1993...

    Joki: Seems like a very important memory! *laughs*

    Matze: *laughs* Nah, just coffee, and beer.

    Joki: Alright end of Flash-quiz. For the next question, I'm quoting you: "Hässlich will ich für euch sein" (I want to be ugly to you). Most people try to change themselves to look good in the eyes of other people. You say the opposite, why?

    ASP: Because I think we live in a world where we always want to buy something, all day long. Everybody tells you what to buy, what looks great, and what you should look like. That's why we want to say with this song: "I'd rather be ugly, than be beautiful in the way that everybody has to be, and everybody wants to be." If this is pretty, and you feel the opposite, then you must be ugly.

    Joki: What do you think of the music industry nowadays? How could one make it better?

    ASP: You mean, the major companies? The big businesses? I think there's no way these companies will learn anything from their mistakes, they will just die out.

    Joki: You mean with the CD sales going down?

    ASP: Not necessarily the CD sales... We don't have the problem that people don't like music anymore, we have the problem that people don't like bands anymore. The companies are responsible for all this plastic music made for charts. It all passes very fast, no major company has time to build up a band within years. That's their own method. Music fans like to have a favourite band over years, and not something you see one day on TV, and the next day they are gone because they sold one or two thousands less copies than last time. It's hard to tell... I have a very good example: I once read a book of Douglas Adams called Last Chance To See (check it out: http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/0345371984/), it's all about animals. Some animals, in order to exist, to save the whole race, have to do very strange things. There's this kind of bird, which has a very strange way of reproducing, because on the island where it lives, no predators are around, so the reproduction must be complicated in order to slow down the growth. And that's why the major companies will never ever learn anything, because they think "Ok, this bad trashy music we give people doesn't work, so let's try something REALLY trashy". And when this doesn't work, they try something even more trashy, even cheaper. They keep trying the same old wrong methods even harder.

    Matze: I think they're not interested in good music. They're interested in profit. They can die, and I won't drop any tear for them.

    Joki: Let's talk about Horror Vacui, which will be out in February. It mainly is a best of, but will you be re-recording your old songs?

    Matze: Some of them.

    Joki: And how will the release be done? From what I could understand, you somehow lost or quit your label?

    ASP: No. The thing is, we don't have a contract anymore. We work together without a contract.

    Joki: Ok, so your label will keep releasing albums for you anyway, but without a contract?

    Matze: Yeah. We tried something, and we will see in a few years if it was a good decision to make it. But we wanted to make our whole relation with our label based on trust and understanding, all done by handshake, without a contract. They're working with us since the first day, and so it's an experiment we make together. It's ok for us, because we trust them... but don't let them know that! *laughs*

    Joki: And you'll be releasing a video soon for the song Me. Is it already done?

    ASP: No, it's not totally done yet. It will be done at the end of the year, because it's a very difficult thing to do, it's a stop-motion movie, with puppets. It will still take a few weeks before it's finished.

    Joki: And do you like the result so far?

    ASP & Matze: Yes!

    Matze: Maybe you have seen the trailer for Horror Vacui. The pictures you can see there are from the video.

    Joki: Me is a song from Aus Der Tiefe. Why did you choose to pick an old song to make your first video?

    ASP: It's a cool song. For the release of Horror Vacui, we only have old songs, not much new material, and the mood fits for the story in the video, the feeling of the song. The good thing is that we can decide which song we want to use. Not anyone else decided what song it would be, not the label or anything. We wanted a song which is not too long, because it is extremely expensive to make such kind of movies. We've talked a little bit before choosing the song, we put our favourite short songs on the table and discussed it, and it's the one song which was left at the end. From the first moment we started talking about the songs, we thought in a very visual way...

    Matze: When you listen to Requiembryo, you could imagine the whole thing as a movie.

    ASP: In the end, we decided to make something completly different. We didn't want to put the exact pictures going with the story that are told in the song, because we found it too hard to fix the imagination so hard that the hearer's imagination is exempted. So we made a nice little story, and we hope that everything will go well.

    Joki: I'm sure it'll be very good! Will it be released with Horror Vacui in February, or before?

    ASP: It will be first released on DVD, as an extra for the limited edition of Horror Vacui. Then, we will release it everywhere else. Nowadays, an hour after Horror Vacui is in stores, it will already be on YouTube and so forth... So we want to release it in a way that makes it look a little better.

    Matze: Not such a compressed video...we also want a legal download for it because it's better than YouTube. Everybody will have it for no money, but then it has to look good.

    Joki: I saw that you seem to spend a lot of time online on the forums Die Zusammenkunft (check it out: http://www.die-zusammenkunft.com/). Is it always you answering in the posts of SCHWARZER SCHMETTERLING and Matze?

    ASP and Matze: Yes.

    Joki: Posting there, is it for you a way of marketing, or is it a hobby...?

    ASP: No, it's not a hobby. I really dislike being on the net.

    Matze: Again, the internet is both a blessing and a curse... It's a very nice thing to get information from, but there's a lot of discussions, a lot of talk...

    ASP: We have the idea, not only on the web, that we have to work together with our fans and talk with them. For example, we also do once a year a meeting for the Die Zusammenkunft forum, where we just sit around, eat and drink. It's a BBQ. This way, it's not only on the web.

    Joki: Thank you very much for this interview, I wish you a good luck with the concert tonight!
  • Top 20 albums of 2007

    Dic 21 2007, 10:51

    Here is my very own Top 20 from 2007. It is done accordingly to my personal taste, and isn't meant to be objective ;)

    1. ASP - Requiembryo

    2. De/Vision - Noob

    3. Samsas Traum - Heiliges Herz - Das Schwert Deiner Sonne

    4. Die Ärzte - Jazz Ist Anders

    5. Samsas Traum - Wenn Schwarzer Regen

    6. Staubkind - Zu Weit

    7. Subway to Sally - Bastard

    8. Tocotronic - Kapitulation

    9. Sportfreunde Stiller - La Bum

    10. Letzte Instanz - Wir Sind Gold

    11. HIM - Venus Doom

    12. Emigrate - Emigrate

    13. Down Below - Sinfony 23

    14. Knorkator - Das Nächste Album Aller Zeiten

    15. Apocalyptica - Worlds Collide

    16. Saltatio Mortis - Aus Der Asche

    17. Lament - Breathe

    18. Smashing Pumpkins - Zeitgeist

    19. Herbert Grönemeyer - 12

    20. Letzte Instanz - Das Weisse Lied
  • Top 20 quiz

    Nov 9 2007, 10:06

    Yes, this journal entry is pretty pointless, but I guess I have a few minutes to waste at the moment. So the theme is: for every artist of my top 20, I list the first song I heard from them, the song that made me fall in love with them, and my current favourite. Pretty simple, eh? And since I'm so fancy, I'll be very daring, and will add a thing: favourite album!

    01. Samsas Traum
    First song: Hier kommt Alex (Die Toten Hosen cover)
    Song that made me fall in love: Thanathan und Athanasia
    Current favourite: Heiliges Herz
    Favourite album: a.Ura und das Schnecken.Haus

    02. Die Ärzte
    First song: Männer sind Schweine
    Song that made me fall in love: Schunder-Song
    Current favourite: Junge
    Favourite album: Geräusch

    03. Die Toten Hosen
    First song: Bayern
    Song that made me fall in love: Hier kommt Alex
    Current favourite: Ich bin die Sehnsucht in dir
    Favourite album: Zurück zum Glück

    04. Rammstein
    First song: Bück Dich
    Song that made me fall in love: Du hast
    Current favourite: Keine Lust
    Favourite album: Mutter

    05. Oomph!
    First song: Das Weisse Licht
    Song that made me fall in love: Hast Du Geglaubt?
    Current favourite: Das letzte Streichholz
    Favourite album: Wahrheit Oder Pflicht

    06. Apoptygma Berzerk
    First song: Suffer in Silence
    Song that made me fall in love: Until the End of the World
    Current favourite: Cambodia
    Favourite album: You and Me Against the World

    07. My Chemical Romance
    First song: Helena
    Song that made me fall in love: The Ghost of You
    Current favourite: Sleep
    Favourite album: The Black Parade

    08. ASP
    First song: Kokon
    Song that made me fall in love: Und Wir Tanzten (Ungeschickte Liebesbriefe)
    Current favourite: Requiem
    Favourite album: Requiembryo

    09. Böhse Onkelz
    First song: Wenn Du wirklich willst
    Song that made me fall in love: Onkelz 2000
    Current favourite: Danke für Nichts
    Favourite album: Adios

    10. De/Vision
    First song: Freedom
    Song that made me fall in love: Freedom
    Current favourite: Deep Blue
    Favourite album: NOOB

    11. Sportfreunde Stiller
    First song: Ein Kompliment
    Song that made me fall in love: Heimatlied
    Current favourite: Der Titel vom nächsten Kapitel
    Favourite album: Burli

    12. In Extremo
    First song: Werd ich am Galgen hochgezogen
    Song that made me fall in love: Werd ich am Galgen hochgezogen
    Current favourite: Horizont
    Favourite album: Mein rasend Herz

    13. Farin Urlaub
    First song: OK
    Song that made me fall in love: OK
    Current favourite: Sonne
    Favourite album: Am Ende der Sonne

    14. Muse
    First song: Time Is Running Out
    Song that made me fall in love: Starlight
    Current favourite: Stockholm Syndrome
    Favourite album: Absolution

    15. Coldplay
    First song: Yellow
    Song that made me fall in love: Trouble
    Current favourite: Talk
    Favourite album: X&Y

    16. The Rasmus
    First song: In The Shadows
    Song that made me fall in love: In The Shadows
    Current favourite: Dancer in the Dark
    Favourite album: Hide from the Sun

    17. HIM
    First song: The Funeral of Hearts
    Song that made me fall in love: The Funeral of Hearts
    Current favourite: When Love and Death Embrace
    Favourite album: Dark Light

    18. Laibach
    First song: Message From The Black Star
    Song that made me fall in love: Tanz Mit Laibach
    Current favourite: Rossiya
    Favourite album: Volk

    19. Witt
    First song: Die Flut (feat. Peter Heppner)
    Song that made me fall in love: Bataillon d'Amour
    Current favourite: Das Geht Tief (Radio-Mischung)
    Favourite album: Bayreuth Drei

    20. Bela B.
    First song: Tag mit Schutzumschlag
    Song that made me fall in love: Versuchs doch mal mit mir
    Current favourite: Letzter Tag
    Favourite album: Bingo (...obviously!)
  • Lyrics game #5

    Apr 22 2007, 23:35

    Well, this one never gets old, and it's about time for a new one, don't you all think! :P

    Step 1: Put your Winamp or equivalent on random.
    Step 2: Post the first line from the first 50 songs that play, not matter how embarassing.
    Step 4: Strikethru the songs / artist when someone guesses correctly.
    Step 5: Looking them up on Google or any other search engine is CHEATING!

    01. Korppi musta kuolon airut
    liitää pohjoiseen

    02. I´ve walked the holy grounds of justice
    For too long now, I assume

    03. Troubled, Wildered And Forlorn
    Dark Benighted, Travel-Worn

    04. And if there is a God
    I know he likes to rock

    05. Eisgekühlter Bommerlunder -
    Bommerlunder eisgekühlt.

    06. Versagt im Wort, Im Traum zerflossen
    Den Kelch des Lebens nur berührt in einem Sog

    07. Nur noch ein Stück, ein kleines Stück
    Die Brücke brennt, kein Weg zurück

    08. Ich versinke im Staub getrockneter Tränen
    Und den Schleiern von schweren Gedanken.

    09. Ich schlaf im Tränenmeer
    Die Liebe saugt mich leer

    10. Twilight fades through blistered avalon
    The sky's cruel torch on arching autobahn

    11. Don't tell me you would die for my reality
    Don't tell me you would live in wild insanity

    12. Es kotzt mich an, wenn ich im Supermarkt die Sachen umgefüllt
    Und jetzt der Pudding unten liegt und alles aus dem Beutel quillt

    13. I've wasted all my years
    Been chasin' all my fears

    14. Am Ende der Wahrheit
    Am Ende des Lichts
    Am Ende der Liebe
    Am Ende - da stehst Du

    15. Wrapped in mystery
    A witless waste
    No sign of dignity
    A misty haze

    16. wenn du mit dir am ende bist
    und du einfach nicht weiter willst

    17. Tonight we escape, just you and me
    We find our peace, somewhere across the seas

    18. Hast du heute schon geglaubt
    Und dir einen Gott erlaubt

    19. Today I heard you cough
    wished it would be a loving sigh

    20. Und sich nass gemacht
    Als ich es fortgebracht ans Meer

    21. so cold and demanding
    were the days of our divorce

    22. Dort irgendwo ganz tief in mir,
    Verbirgt sich dieses alte Tier.

    23. "Heute Abend gehen wir aus.", sagte Gabis Mutter,
    "Es wird recht spät, drum sei schön brav. Im Kühlschrank steht Dein Futter."

    24. Come on now, don't you want to see?
    This thing that's happening to me

    25. A bad bad situation
    We find ourselves right in

    26. I wanna take some dirty pictures of you
    I wanna take some dirty pictures of you

    27. When I still see you so early in the morning
    I want to then try to fuck you again

    28. Du weißt mich stets erregt in Deiner Nähe
    bin der in den Du kommst und gehst

    29. Es ist gar nicht lange her,
    da traf ich eine sehr schöne Dame

    30. Seht ihr all die Lügen?
    Lasst ihr euch gern betrügen?

    31. Wenn du eine triffst
    die wie keine ist, fühlst was lange in dir rumorte

    32. Pale faced close embraced
    Gliding along on the parking place

    33. And what costume shall the poor girl wear
    To all tomorrow's parties

    34. Glaubst Du alles, was ich sage?
    Glaubst Du, Du weißt wer ich bin?

    35. Ja, das ist jetzt, der einzige Zweck
    Alles um uns herum ist weg

    36. Spürst du spürst du wie der Wind
    Die Wollust bringt

    37. Ich lass den Brief verschwinden
    Er ist nicht mehr aktuell

    38. was ist was sein wird und jemals ward
    erzählen die runen von asgard

    39. You emerged from me
    Born down by the sea

    40. Jetzt wird sich wiedermal verbunkert
    eingerollt ins Schneckenhaus

    41. When you walk through the storm
    Hold your head up high

    42. Gehorche der Stimme des Meisters, gehorche ihr
    Gehorche der Stimme des Meisters, gehorche ihr

    43. Gazing at the midnight stars
    So gentle and serene

    44. verbrannter weg nach arzachena
    durch reifes korn und sonnenglut

    45. Freundschaft für immer, niemals näher, warte lang
    Sinn Deiner Worte, mich tragen, immer treu

    46. all the times i talked to you
    all the hard times we went through

    47. Und plötzlich ward alles anders
    Nichts wird sein, wie einmal es war

    48. my reflection, dirty mirror
    there's no connection to myself

    49. Hope is beauty, personified
    at her feet, the world - hypnotized.

    50. wenn ich dich sehe wird mir schlecht
    bei dem Gedanken an dich bekomm ich Ausschlag

    Apoptygma Berzerk
    ASP x2
    Betray My Secrets
    Böhse Onkelz
    De/Vision x2
    Deine Lakaien
    die ärzte x4
    Die Toten Hosen x1 x3
    E Nomine
    Erben der Schöpfung
    In Extremo
    Witt x3
    L'Âme Immortelle
    Lacrimosa x1 x1
    Letzte Instanz
    Samsas Traum
    Scream Silence
    Smashing Pumpkins x2 x2
    The Inchtabokatables x2
    The Rasmus
    Umbra Et Imago
    :Wumpscut: x2

    Good luck everyone!!
  • Top 20 albums of 2005

    Mar 8 2007, 5:05

    Yes, this is old, but I thought any time is pertinent to post my top 20 personal favourite albums of 2005. The albums remain as good as they were a few years after ;) Many musical genres, most can't really be categorized, but all of them impressed me in a particular way - some more than others, hence the positions ;)

    1. Apoptygma Berzerk - You And Me Against The World

    2. Coldplay - X&Y

    3. Farin Urlaub - Am Ende Der Sonne

    4. The Rasmus - Hide From The Sun

    5. In Extremo - Mein Rasend Herz

    6. Rammstein - Rosenrot

    7. HIM - Dark Light

    8. Zeraphine - Blind Camera

    9. ASP - Aus Der Tiefe

    10. Deine Lakaien - April Skies

    11. Tocotronic - Pure Vernunft Darf Niemals Siegen

    12. Subway to Sally - Nord Nord Ost

    13. Apocalyptica - Apocalyptica

    14. Stimmkraft - Mehr Als 1 Gesicht

    15. :Wumpscut: - Evoke

    16. Madsen - Madsen

    17. Zombiejoe - Schlachthaus, Baby!

    18. Die Happy - Bitter To Better

    19. Lacrimosa - Lichtgestalt

    20. Die Toten Hosen - Nur Zu Besuch: Unplugged Im Wiener Burgtheater
  • Weekly charts stats - #2

    Feb 14 2007, 4:10

    I had already posted some months ago (which I still kept updated), but I think it was a good time for a new one since I have now reached the 100th week! Moreover, my 100,000th track will probably be played pretty soon, maybe this week, so it's a good time to look back and keep a few interesting stats. So here is an overview of my weekly charts, taking only into account the artists who topped them at a time or another.

    All-Time Weekly Charts Toppers
    (% of the week's total plays)

    Week 1: Samsas Traum (35%)
    Week 2: Samsas Traum (61%)
    Week 3: Samsas Traum (39%)
    Week 4: Samsas Traum (19%)
    Week 5: Deine Lakaien (20%)
    Week 6: Samsas Traum (16%)
    Week 7: Farin Urlaub (36%)
    Week 8: ASP (31%)
    Week 9: Böhse Onkelz (17%)
    Week 10: Böhse Onkelz (26%)
    Week 11: Böhse Onkelz (66%)
    Week 12: Farin Urlaub (23%)
    Week 13: Farin Urlaub (21%)
    Week 14: Farin Urlaub (100%)
    Week 15: Farin Urlaub (10%)
    Week 16: In Extremo (33%)
    Week 17: In Extremo (22%)
    Week 18: Samsas Traum (30%)
    Week 19: Coldplay (19%)
    Week 20: Samsas Traum (14%)
    Week 21: Das Ich (15%)
    Week 22: De/Vision (30%)
    Week 23: Die Ärzte (49%)
    Week 24: Die Toten Hosen (42%)
    Week 25: E Nomine (24%)
    Week 26: In Extremo (22%)
    Week 27: J.B.O. (51%)
    Week 28: L'Âme Immortelle (23%)
    Week 29: Samsas Traum (18%)
    Week 30: Samsas Traum (33%)
    Week 31: Samsas Traum (31%)
    Week 32: Rammstein (37%)
    Week 33: Samsas Traum (33%)
    Week 34: Sportfreunde Stiller (26%)
    Week 35: Rammstein (24%)
    Week 36: U2 (25%)
    Week 37: Unheilig (15%)
    Week 38: :Wumpscut: (16%)
    Week 39: Samsas Traum (13%)
    Week 40: Samsas Traum (26%)
    Week 41: Chopin (22%)
    Week 42: Chopin (14%)
    Week 43: My Chemical Romance (63%)
    Week 44: My Chemical Romance (24%)
    Week 45: Apoptygma Berzerk (15%)
    Week 46: Die Toten Hosen (14%)
    Week 47: Samsas Traum (35%)
    Week 48: Coldplay (10%)
    Week 49: Coldplay & Die Ärzte (both 7%)
    Week 50: Samsas Traum (8%)
    Week 51: Farin Urlaub (11%)
    Week 52: Samsas Traum (26%)
    Week 53: Witt (16%)
    Week 54: Witt (20%)
    Week 55: My Chemical Romance (18%)
    Week 56: Oomph! (18%)
    Week 57: Oomph! (9%)
    Week 58: Oomph! (12%)
    Week 59: My Chemical Romance (10%)
    Week 60: Oomph! (13%)
    Week 61: ASP (15%)
    Week 62: Oomph! (10%)
    Week 63: Sportfreunde Stiller (12%)
    Week 64: Apocalyptica (21%)
    Week 65: Sportfreunde Stiller (20%)
    Week 66: Bela B. (29%)
    Week 67: Bela B. (12%)
    Week 68: Bela B. (25%)
    Week 69: Samsas Traum (6%)
    Week 70: Apoptygma Berzerk (29%)
    Week 71: Panic! at the Disco (14%)
    Week 72: Panic! at the Disco (18%)
    Week 73: Apoptygma Berzerk (10%)
    Week 74: Panic! at the Disco (18%)
    Week 75: Sportfreunde Stiller (18%)
    Week 76: Samsas Traum (39%)
    Week 77: Panic! at the Disco (10%)
    Week 78: Apoptygma Berzerk (11%)
    Week 79: L'Âme Immortelle (22%)
    Week 80: My Chemical Romance (14%)
    Week 81: ASP (12%)
    Week 82: Madsen (12%)
    Week 83: Madsen (12%)
    Week 84: My Chemical Romance (17%)
    Week 85: My Chemical Romance (36%)
    Week 86: My Chemical Romance (20%)
    Week 87: Bach (10%)
    Week 88: My Chemical Romance (21%)
    Week 89: Apoptygma Berzerk (21%)
    Week 90: Apoptygma Berzerk (6%)
    Week 91: Rammstein (23%)
    Week 92: In Extremo (14%)
    Week 93: Laibach (11%)
    Week 94: Farmer Boys (14%)
    Week 95: Silence (41%)
    Week 96: Laibach (17%)
    Week 97: Silence (19%)
    Week 98: Die Ärzte (7%)
    Week 99: Samsas Traum (7%)
    Week 100: Oomph! (9%)
    Week 101: Die Ärzte (16%)
    Week 102: Die Ärzte (10%)
    Week 103: Muse (8%)
    Week 104: Samsas Traum, Muse & Böhse Onkelz (all 7%)
    Week 105: Muse 15%

    Weekly Chart Toppers Hall of fame

    1: Samsas Traum 20
    2: My Chemical Romance 9
    3: Apoptygma Berzerk 6
    4: Farin Urlaub 6
    5: Oomph! 6
    6: Die Ärzte 5
    7: Böhse Onkelz 4
    8: In Extremo 4
    9: Panic! at the Disco 4
    10: Sportfreunde Stiller 4
    11: ASP 3
    12: Bela B. 3
    13: Coldplay 3
    14: Muse 3
    15: Rammstein 3
    16: Chopin 2
    17: Die Toten Hosen 2
    18: L'Âme Immortelle 2
    19: Laibach 2
    20: Madsen 2
    21: Silence 2
    22: Witt 2
    23: Apocalyptica 1
    24: Das Ich 1
    25: De/Vision 1
    26: Deine Lakaien 1
    27: E Nomine 1
    28: Farmer Boys 1
    29: J.B.O. 1
    30: Bach 1
    31: U2 1
    32: Unheilig 1
    33: :Wumpscut: 1
  • Albums on Random, Part 1, Die Ärzte - Die Ärzte

    Gen 22 2007, 13:54

    "Records on Random" is an idea I got from a website I found randomly (that fits the topic, doesnt it? :P). Actually, people nowadays seem to use the "random" option of their players a lot, and not listen much to full albums anymore. But I love full albums, a good tracklist can be a piece of art in itself by the awesome transitions it can create, etc. So what about putting a whole CD in the playlist, but listening to its tracks in a random order? That can totally change a CD - for the better or the worse. I will try this out, and share here what I get out of it, including my thoughts on the new tracklist as it goes. Albums will be chosen randomly in my collection also.

    This week: Die Ärzte

    Old album from this cult "punk" (kind of arguable depending of the songs) band from Germany. Let's see if Winamp can rework it well:

    01. Jenseits von Eden The intro fits perfectly well to start an album with. However, it's pretty mid-tempo, and doesn't open the album in a very rocking way. It would have been better as a closing track, with it's "long" outro and the clapping at the end.

    02. alleine in der nacht
    Ah, there we go! Now that rocks, this is what I expect from a Die Ärzte CD! It would have been a better opener...maybe we can pretend Jenseits Von Eden was hidden before this track, which would officially be the first? Then, it would work!

    03. Ist das alles?: Excellent! The transition is perfect there, and the two songs really fit together! Pretty energic song too, so the momentum isn't lost. I'm starting to forget the weird opening and to enjoy this new tracklist!

    04. Für Immer
    Again, the transition was perfect. The intro builds slowly the song as the instruments get in, and yet this is a very pop-catchy song, yet kind of paced and mid-tempo. But it slows down things just a little after the 2 last, and that's fine. That's also a perfect place to get a song with sadder emotions (musically speaking, at least). While we're at it... take a peek at Die Ärzte back in the time, and get a better idea of the song:

    Isn't Bela's guitar just awesome? :D

    05. Wir werden schön
    After the outro of the other song, the faster beat and bass get in quickly with Wir Werden Schön. The transition is really great and keeps up the momentum of the album. However, the song is not as "rocking" as it should be at this point, especially after "Für Immer", but that's not bad at all. Anyway, now would be a good time to get a really slower song, and the odds are helping. But let's see.

    06. Geschwisterliebe
    Ha-ha! Here it is, the requested slow song! And I even get the famous incest-controversial-bannedbychurch-etc. song! Unfortunately, the transition wasn't that great, but the rest comes at a good time. Now, we need a really "rocking" track - even though they didn't make as many really punk tracks in that time.

    07. Wie am ersten Tag
    Wow, I'm impressed! Winamp is doing a fine job! The real album opener breaks roughly the slow song, and it's what was needed. I actually think this song would fit well anywhere, as it can break any ambiance with the opening voice, and take over. Great!

    08. Ich bin reich
    Whoo! That transition was awesome! Can you believe these 2 songs are actually at 2 different poles of the album, while they fit so well together?! I believe Ich Bin Reich was used in the "first songs" of the tracklist of their live-album from 1999 ("first songs" being relative, as the album features tons of songs). Anyway, this song is pretty funny and usually puts a smile on my face, perfect for summer days :P

    09. Sweet sweet Gwendoline
    Haha, and here comes a dirty song about sex-slaving :P The beat is actually really "rock'n'roll" and the guitar riff is catchy, muscially it's a very fun song and keeps the momentum up once again.

    10. Mysteryland
    Ok, I can't help but to compare to the original tracklist, even if I'm trying really hard not to think of it. Mysteryland actually fits very well as the 2nd song of the album. I'm not too sure about getting it near the end like this - in the middle would have been fine too, but something seems wrong about having it there. It's an excellent track however, and hearing it anytime is a pleasure. It's just not at its place.

    11. zum letzten mal
    Wow, what were the odds of this ending on the real last track? I love this track, but I'm not too sure about having it end an album. Actually, it would open an album perfectly!! And Jenseits Von Eden would close it well....what about inverting these 2?? ;) Ok, right, maybe it's too long for an opener of this kind of "pop" album, and the lyrics fit well to make it an ending track. And don't get me wrong, Die Ärzte didn't make a bad choice by ending the CD with this song.

    The result: Well that was ok I guess. I don't know what I was expecting however from this album, where not many songs stick out of the rest - if not all of them. Some parts of the tracklist were awesome, others were so-so, and in the end, the original tracklist makes it flow better. This remains a great tracklist to discover some songs on which the emphasis wasn't put, particularily "Ich Bin Reich", which stands out very well in this tracklist and seems better than in the real version. The overall result is great, but I think Jenseits Von Eden and Wir Werden Schön would have to be removed for it to work really well. Your turn to try this tracklist out, DÄ fans, and say your thoughts on the matter :P