Giu 3 2008, 6:08

  • HAZA

    Mag 22 2008, 5:59


    Dic 19 2007, 18:48

  • 35K

    Set 24 2007, 0:37

    Mersey Paradise by The Stone Roses
  • Separated @ Birth? Maki and Haino

    Set 3 2007, 1:30

    浅川マキ (Asakawa Maki)

    灰野 敬二 (Keiji Haino)

    But Haino is straight edge while Maki is a smokestack. Swoon.
  • 戸川純 Videos

    Ago 26 2007, 23:33

    I remember watching Steven Okazaki's film "Hunting Tigers" in 1992/3 on PBS about Japanese performance artists of the 1980s and falling in love with 戸川純 (Togawa, Jun).

    好き好き大好き (Suki Suki Daisuki)

    バージンブルース(シングルバージョン) (Virgin Blues)

    さよならをおしえて (Sayonara Wo Oshiete)

    TOTO Toilets!
  • Motown Museum

    Feb 7 2007, 5:05

    Me and Stevie Wonder's drum set...hehe
  • I've seen a ton of shows...some good some bootsie.

    Gen 15 2007, 8:56

    Been compiling tags of "seen live," sort of like thewilyfilipino. Been attending shows since 1987 (first concert was Jimmy Cliff), so here's some explainations.

    A lot of questionable (Darren you saw that one???) acts on my list (Tracey and the Plastics and the Verve amoung others) opened for headliners like Erase Errata and Massive Attack (supposed to have a double bill with the Verve, but they canceled).

    The Foo Fighters (I can't tolerate) and Beck (he's okay) were part of a Miller Genuine Draft Blind Date concert in SF in 2000(?). Free pizza and beer and shuttle service...and a anti-climatic surprise.

    Caught Bjork on the Post tour. Good performance arty show. After that it's downhill after the next LP.

    Neil Michael Hagerty was out of shear boredom. I think it was during my drunken days.

    Primal Scream opened for Depeche Mode back in the early nineties for the Give Up but Don't Give Out era. I was not impressed. I thought who are these Stones wannabes?

    Saw Eminem as part of the Lyricist Lounge tour in 1998 with Black Eyed Peas right before both became huge...not to mention a triple header of Cypress Hill, Funkdoobiest and House of Pain in 1993.

    One memorable moment was someone throwing tissue at Ol'Dirty Bastard at a show in 1998/99? in SF. He promptly left the stage after 15 minutes, signed some girls boobs at the back of the building who preceded to join his entourage on the tour bus for some attention. The next night he pissed on stage in L.A. Fucker. R.I.P.

    A bunch of Jocks and Biffs booing the Robotiks band opening for Lee Perry in 1997/98 in S.F. You can blame the Beastie Boys for that one. Their Ill Communication Tour show was one of the worst shows I've ever been too. Constant slam dancing and throw up. Even Bad Brains, the opener sucked. This was in support of the Rise LP.

    Oh did I mention the Chili Peppers? I think that was my 2nd ever concert. Hate all you want, Mothers Milk was bumping. My 3rd ever was the Pet Shop Boys for the Performance tour in 1990, I think. Great staged performance caught on video.

    Not going to mention in-depth free festivals featuring trashy stuff like String Cheese Incident...I don't think I'll bother tagging that. Although Spearhead and Blackalicious was on the bill (Peace Festival, 2004, SF).

    Some shows I wish I caught: Terence Trent D'Arby's Introducing the Hardline to tour in 1987 (so infatuated with him back then..still bump the LP), Digital Underground in their glory, Lush, Stone Roses, Tricky on the Maxinquaye Tour, Meat Beat Manifesto on the 99% tour or in support of Public Enemy.

    BTW Finley Quaye was a waste. It was a cheap 3.00 concert in S.F. I was so bored, I left.

    Would kill to see Roots Manuva again. He toured as part of the Ninjatune Herbaliser Tour in 99. Great show, right before his fame. He has no need to tour the U.S.

    And hate all you want, Jamiroquai puts on a helluva show.

    King Crimson was out of boredom. I was interested in the Red LP, went and was treated to a laser show and balding men looking as if they were a part of some 1980s french new wave film by Besson.

    Sepultura was fierce..Voivod with the Metallica dude was hoo-hum. Back in my SF, Tenderloin days.

    TOP SHOWS in the last 10 years if I can remember

    Mikey Dread in Berkeley in 2001 and 2003
    Flipper in SF 2006
    Portishead in SF 1998
    Sizzla in Ann Arbor 2006
    Jamiroquai in SF 1997
    Herbaliser and Roots Manuva in SF 1999
    Scientist with Devil Dub Band in SF 1999
    Boredoms in SF 1999
    Jah Wobble in SF 2000(?)
    Rovo in SF 2000/01(?)
    Roni Size and Reprazent in SF 1997

    It's easily devidable into these categories for you categorical people:

    *Hip Hop
    *Reggae Dancehall
    *Brit Pop
    *Drum and Bass
    *UK Hip Hop (not that trip hop term, thank you)
    *Acid Jazz
    *Alternative (4 lack of a better term)

    Update still in progress, if memory serves. Bill Laswell anyone?