Ott 16 2011, 6:51

Something new has risen from the depths of Athanor's magickal furnace!

"Vječni Stan" occured on several surreal occasions in Sisak, Zagreb and Belgrade during 2006. It is a story of a tenant, rotting and wasting away in his "eternal tenement". This grotesque, but also darkly humorous figure sets the stage on fire, in order to present a gleaming silhouette of absurdity, as well as a long-neglected and forlorn collection of lady muff samples.

The tenant bursts into hysterical laughter as he breaks a mirror, disgusted by his reflection. Fragments of shattered glass cut through a collage of indoctrinating mindsets, creating endless chains of amusing paper figures, slowly incinerated by his mockery.

A nostalgic, cynical storyteller, he is obsessed with the past; embraced by suicidal thoughts. Above all else, he drowns in this reflection of madness, this being the object of his deepest hate and contempt - the modern era society.

This is a soundtrack to long drunken nights, a political pathos cracking over old, cobweb-covered vinyl. In a candle-lit room, smells of red wine and remembrances of greater times dance and mingle together, until they both ignite in a mocking ridicule of zeitgeist.

These are the tenant's most precious moments - his raison d'être, the single life-giving ember in a pile of cold ash, which makes him forget that he is a prisoner in his own tomb, surrounded by ruins, cold and dead inside.

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vulva obscura

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