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Apr 25 2012, 4:21

Lun 23 Abr – Pulp

Took them maybe 30 years to cross the Atlantic and step on Mexico. Surely, they didn't expect the audience they had last night, they surely had no idea how much and for how long we had wanted them here. But they finally did it.

With no opening band, which is quite strange but quite good (from the audience pov at least), they smashed our ears with the fantastic Do You Remember the First Time? The only time a band has played my favorite song by them as opening, what a better way to start the mood?

They followed with Joyriders, a song that I didn't think they would play but that I enjoyed greatly. And afterwards Razzmatazz, introduced by Jarvis throwing candies (were they chocolates instead?) to the crowd; delicious candies for a delicious song :) So, 3 songs from His N' Hers in a row.

Pencil Skirt, or should I say "Falda Recta", came as fourth and with it the first Different Class song. With a dedication to someone who couldn't attend the show, Jarvis introduced the sweet Something Changed, which for me is their best "ballad".

And the crowd went nuts at the pick of the sixth song, none other than Disco 2000, after asking us if we wanted to dance. And lord knows we did, a lot :D. Sorted for E's & Wizz followed with its happy keyboard tune. But it was F.E.E.L.I.N.G.C.A.L.L.E.D.L.O.V.E. the song that showed us that they are not only a charismatic britpop band, but they're amazing performers.

I Spy sang Jarvis and literally took what seemed like a magnifying glass to spy on the audience. Dishes served to calm down the mood a bit for the song that succeded: their Hollywood song Like A Friend and we all remember that Cuarón directed precisely that film.

Song no. 12 and 13 could had been enough to make my night, Babies, the very first song I heard by Pulp, and Underwear. Funny watching Jarvis swinging around the stage with a bra in his hand.

The mood exploded again when they played (imo) one of their most complex songs, musically speaking, This Is Hardcore, while Jarvis showed us his abilities for erotic dancing (veredict: yes, I'd take him home). Then came Sunrise, followed by Bar Italia, another dear song from a different class.

The original set closed of course with their most-well known song, Common People. But there was no doubt, we all wanted more, they wanted more. I was sure they were coming back, because well, they were missing Mis-shapes!

And so they gave us more, O.U. and the unexpected Help the Aged, which was well-received by all of us. They closed this time with the song I was shouting for them to play, Mis-Shapes, obviously :D

But they had left such an impression on us, that we couldn't get enough. After 20 songs, we still wanted more. Alas, they came back once again with Party Hard and a surprise: Little Girl, a very old song that Jarvis told us had been written about his mother.

Not wanting to finish yet, Jarvis asked us for a minute to discuss with the band the songs they would play at last. So, they completed the record by playing Live Bed Show and Monday Morning.

I have to say that I didn't expect the concert to be such an awesome experience. I knew it was going to be memorable, but they exceeded my expectations (played the whole Different Class!). It was great to see them enjoy the night as much as we did. Nothing left to say but that we hope they'll come back soon.


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