From the Jam and Hugh Cornwell at Richards on Richards


Feb 4 2008, 1:39

Sat 2 Feb – From the Jam, Hugh Cornwell

Billed as two thirds of The Jam, it consisted of the original drummer and bassist, plus a couple of other guys to fill in for Paul Weller on vocals and guitar duties. I wasn't expecting this to be all that good because, after all, it can't really be the Jam without Paul Weller, but it turned out to be a great show. The band really seemed to feed off the energy of an adoring audience very many of whom looked old enough to have been fans since 1977.

I had a vantage point on the balcony right over Rick Buckler's drum kit, so I could see every thing he did. I am an amateur drummer so this was pretty cool, and I can verify he is quite skilled.

This was an early show, the venue operates as some sort of shit disco or hip-hop vomitorium on weekends so they had to get the show over to set up for the less musically-discriminating crowd that takes over later. I didn't realize this, so I arrived after Hugh Cornwell of The Stranglers had finished his show. This was a disappointment for me as I am a bit of a fan. I'm sure it was good. In fact I went more for his show so it was lucky that From the Jam turned out to be so damn good.


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