Grab Some Glow Sticks & Strap a TR-404 to Your Girlfriend's Back


Lug 31 2010, 2:09

I used to DJ a lot. Junior high was when I first conned my way up on "stage" in a local record store. The sound of burned CDs (I know, "What are Compact Discs?" Google it!) featuring music acquired through less-than-legitimate means...over a dial-up modem connection...could be heard among a most interesting combination of dreads, tats, and glow sticks. I started playing at local high schools, drastically undercutting the going rates of all professional competitors. As high schools typically have less middle-aged people hyped up on amphetamines, but an equal number of cheerleaders who act like they are, requests led me to amass a large collection of hip-hop. Once in college, I branched out into weddings & retirements, again stepping on the toes of local professionals. My disc collection continued its evolution as some wanted polka, some country western, and others still further diversity.

My final student loan payment was sent and I decided DJing in Minnesota needed to end. People tend to have events when it's cold outside, and loading and unloading all that equipment had become a danger to my health! I'll still play if an old friend calls me, though, which transitions us from the boring history lesson to the reason I actually sat down to type...

An old friend called (did you catch my attempt at foreshadowing?) so I was digging through my dusty CD library for some classic wedding music. I found a burned disc labelled "Spiritual Tazer - March 2001" which caught my interest. So what random crap did I listen to ten years ago? Fortunately for you, this unknown guy has all his recordings here for you to check out! The MP3s on the site are infinitely better than the 64kbps stuff I originally got from Audiogalaxy before it was shut down. Yeah, yeah... "What is Audiogalaxy?" Check Wikipedia.

Actually I just checked Wikipedia myself - and then - and it appears Ag has gone from pirate-operation-shut-down-by-the-Feds to a legitimate business a la "Napster, a Best Buy company (NYSE: BBY)." Meh.

I suppose I could have simply posted this as a link to but then you would miss out on the great story behind why anyone would listen to such unlistenable music. Well...that could have been covered with the amphetamines comment. Anyway, if you've got nothing better to do this weekend skim through the guy's site and listen to tracks like "Charging up the Megabuster," "Flawless Victory," and "Crontabbed." "How You Doing" is a good one to play if you're feeling chill.

That's all I've got for you tonight. Tune in a few months from now for a review themed of B-Sides and rare acoustic recordings from bands you actually want to listen to!


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