• espers

    Mag 2 2007, 15:12

    i wish they played more
    but promised that they will tour soon for promo of their new album ;)

    p.s. luv this pic
    as distinct as its subject

    hope 2 hear them again
  • espers & gruff rhys & lisa

    Mag 2 2007, 14:27

    liquid room was still closed at 7
    the doors where opened after a while
    people started to gather
    getting more and more
    the instruments were already on the stage
    was wondering around with my glass
    & all of a sudden
    espers came :)
    very ordinary guys
    just set there, took their own instruments & started playin
    the voice of as tender and nice as in the studio recordings
    all of them were very relaxed
    and their music

    (more pics comin soon)

    but they played just couple of songs
    and then gruff and lisa flew with their aircraft with candylionair
    with comandante Gruff Rhys (captain)& chief engeneer, Lisa Jen.

    flight was pleasant, and relatively short
    cabin crew thanked the passengers for flying candylion

    the rest:

    Thank'you Very much !(with gruff's accent)