The Album Club 28 April 2006


Apr 29 2006, 15:55

I had purchased and assembled my new CD towers from B&Q just so I had space to store my new discs from The Album club. The towers are about 220 cm tall and good value at around £22 each.

The pack from our friends in the Rough Trade shops contained:

  • Lunático - this must be one of the few albums in my collection that is named after a horse (or maybe not?). The first album from Gotan Project, a.k.a. Argentinian Eduardo Makaroff, French producer Philippe Cohen Solal, and Swiss-born Christoph H. Müller, since La Revancha Del Tango, this is tango (but orchestra tango, not dance-house tango) given the electronig treatment. An interesting and I would say successful mix, though I still prefer the real, authentic, back-street tango.

  • An Album Club Exclusive - a bonus album from Gotan Project with El Norte and some sort of short video that I presume you need a Windows PC to watch.

  • Hurrican Glass - not currently in general availability, this second album from Catherine Feeny is quiet, lightweight folk-inspired music with Feeny's slightly raspy voice. A very enjoyable listen.

  • Nine Times That Same Song - "the most fun anyone's had in a garage this year" from Swedish group Love Is All. Great sound!! Best played loud. Very loud indeed.

  • YoYoYoYoYo - Spank Rock is back to the Album Club only a couple of months since they last appeared through my front door, which does seem a little soon. I had already purchased this album on the strength of the preview CD we received in December so this is not very useful to me and I actually do not rate the album that high. Interesting that Put That Pussy On Me from the preview did not make it on to the final album.

  • Comments of the Innner Chorus - folktronica from Mike Lindsay, Sam Genders, and others performing as Tunng. This is why I joined the Album Club! It is not an album I would normally have found myself, and I can't say I am convinced that the album is completely successful, but it is the sort of off-center sounds that you never find unless you find them, if you know what I mean. Good tracks include Woodcat, Jenny Again and Man in the Box.

A good selection by the Album Club, if perhaps not a great one.


  • andrewbiles

    I'm really glad to see you've got the same opinion on receiving the Spank Rock CD. The Tunng one would've gone down a lot better. I'm quite pleased with the other three though. There's been quite a large selection of good stuff out recently as well that they could've had instead of the Spank Rock CD; AFX, Faust, Mark Knopfler & Emmylou Harris... Really surprised they didn't put Ray Davies' latest in any of the previous months parcels. Flat pack is always fun.

    Apr 29 2006, 16:32
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