So, here's my list...


Gen 26 2006, 19:38

My list of stoner/doom/psychedelic albums wich I enjoyed the most. Some are nice surprises (like Tivol & Earthless -never heard about them before 2005!-).

Earthless is on spot 1... I dont know why just feels right to put it there. You might say the record is more of a jam/rehearsal than anything else and you're probably right but the album suits me/my life and how I think about music at this time! So there you go...

1. Earthless - Sonic Prayer
2. Boris - Pink
3. YOB – The Unreal Never Lived
4. Ufomammut - Lucifer's Songs
5. Truckfighters - Gravity X
6. Acid King - III
7. Buffalo - Karma
8. Causa Sui - s/t
9. High on Fire - Blessed Black Wings
10. Tivol - Early Teeth
11. Cathedral - The Garden Of Unearthly Delights
12. La Ira De Dios - Hacia El Sol Rojo
13. Earthride - vampire circus
14. Torche - Torche
15. Hyatari - The Light Carriers
16. Om – Variations on a Theme
17. Dozer - Thourgh The Eyes Of Heathens
18. Rotor - II
19. Hielo Negro - donde nacen los vientos
20. Samavayo - death.march.melodies!
21. The Atomic Bitchwax - 3
22. coc - In The Arms Of God
23. Ugh! - Meat Fearies
24. Thee Plague of Gentlemen - Primula Pestis
Nadja - truth becomes death

honorable mentions go to:
The Great Escape - nothing happens without a dream, Growing - his return, Poseidotica - intramundo , Suplecs - powtin' on the outside, pawty on the inside, StoneWall noise orchestra - Vol. 1, The Heads - Dead In The Water, Iguana - wheeler dealer, Ramesses - The Tomb, Sunn O))) - black 1, Taura - mil silencios, The Matadors - the muse of señor ray, Earth - Hex - or printing in the infernal method, Electrozombies - st, Jesu - jesu, The Ganjas - laydown, gonzalez - torero, Yajaira - Desolazion, Hidden Hand - devoid of colour, Clutch - robot hive / exodus, Eternal Elysium - searching low & high, Hognose - el sombrero!, Taint - The Ruin Of Nova Roma, Yawning Man - pothead, The Kings of Frog Island - self titled, Brant Bjork And The Bros - saved by magic, Capricorns - ruder forms survive, Corrupted - elmundofrio, Red Sparowes - at the soundless down

and I probably forgot 2 million others


  • Stone_Prophet

    great list jom! I agree with most of it, although I wouldn't put earthless that high :)

    Gen 26 2006, 20:52
  • trailofgybe

    Gen 26 2006, 20:52
  • trailofgybe

    wheres earth, jesu, red sparowes, Khanate, Corrupted, Sunn o))) in that top list? BOOOO!

    Gen 26 2006, 20:54
  • omnipresent

    Dunno if you've heard of it, but Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites was awesome. Great neurosis-core with atmospheric touch.

    Gen 26 2006, 20:58
  • cut_your_ribbon

    yes all these records are great trailofgybe but I know I wont edit this shit anymore...I will put them in the honorable mentions! So stop booing :) And omnipresent thanks for the tip...need to check that one out!

    Gen 26 2006, 21:25
  • trailofgybe

    You still didn't put them in the top 10.

    Gen 26 2006, 21:55
  • GonzoRock

    Due to poll reminder email Wouter took his last chance to win $200 of stuff. Lazy weed smorkertjes, hehe! No Red Sparowes in your list!?!?! Booooooooooooooooo!!!!! Check for europe tour dates march / april.

    Gen 28 2006, 13:36
  • derangered

    Nice list, dude, there sure was a hell of alot of great albums this year but I personally couldn't label that many as favs or best ... maybe I am a simple farmer boy from the country with weird ideas when it comes to music. This year is going to be better than 2005, I can feel it in my bonez, however I probably wont hear most of the new stuff until I get to Belgium and get to use a computer to download 96kbps samples off band's websites for free of course. Keep it realy maaan :-) ps:I like Red Sparowes but their album was sooo boooring, maybe their next album wont be as boring and the elves can dance once again.

    Gen 29 2006, 13:11
  • cut_your_ribbon

    haha thanks pauly your comment made me smile looking forward to see you hump around here in europe :) and yes carsten I know but I will certainly go see the red sparowes when they play here!

    Gen 29 2006, 20:14
  • GonzoRock

    Agreed with Pauly, lots of great albums in 2005 but few to call 'best' or 'favs'. I should think my list over, hehe. I'm currently listening to Explosions in the Sky 2005 album The Rescue. I didnt know they released an album last year, found out yesterday. And?! Its a good one, couldt fit easily in my TOP 30, hahaha

    Gen 30 2006, 10:01
  • cut_your_ribbon

    damn I haven't heard the new explosions either!

    Gen 30 2006, 10:57
  • derangered

    carstentino: it's a re-release of their debut which only saw a limited pressing... so it came before their other 2. However they did release a travels in constants album in 2005 which is an album released by this weird indie label ... they lock the band up for 24 hours and they record music on the spot, I believe mogwai did one aswell... check it out if you're a true post-rock junkie :-)

    Gen 30 2006, 14:12
  • GonzoRock

    Paulboy, The Rescue is to find in SLSK under 'travels in constants vol.21 the rescue'. Check at #16. And all the other 49 instrumental (post rock) albums :D

    Gen 30 2006, 19:43
  • GonzoRock

    The re-release is called How Strange Innocence. And yes, The Rescue is great, great, great

    Gen 30 2006, 19:52
  • derangered

    My apologies! I saw someone's list which had innocence in their top 10 of 2005 and thought even you had been fooled by the devilish re-release antics! I am ever so [u]glad[/u] this has all been cleared up now.

    Gen 31 2006, 1:19
  • cut_your_ribbon

    Aha! Thanks for clearing that up boys and thanks for spoiling my nice top list with chatter!

    Gen 31 2006, 9:14
  • cut_your_ribbon

    not chile and yes I like the ganjas

    Set 28 2006, 9:03
  • NukeBroadcast

    hognose, the plague of gentlemen, and yob for the win

    Nov 26 2006, 8:02
  • juzzz

    hei, what ever happened to Tool?

    Gen 14 2007, 14:49
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