The Toad Disco - The Alphabet Album (ABC)


Gen 11 2008, 18:22

The Toad Disco

The Alphabet Album (ABC) hasn't been in the works for nearly as long as Math Is White Noise was, but then again, that was the whole point of making this record. I wanted to record music that I didn't have to get too nuerotic about. Each song was limited to eight tracks of music (seven overdubs) and always took under (usually way under) an hour to record. Recording this album was a much needed distraction from MIWN, which, at the time, I was getting quite weary of working on. The material on this release is much more diverse than any of my previous ones. Originally, I didn't intend on even writing it up, but at least two people liked it better than MIWN, so I figured what the hell. ABC definitely deserves to reach more people.

Each track is a letter of the alphabet (I didn't even want to take the time to name them, but I think it's a nice touch). Gee whix, how many songs is that?

A - recorded on my casio sk-1 synth, sounds a bit like I.B.M. by Throbbing Gristle

B - another synth track, this time with a little bass guitar

C - yet another synth track. this is my personal favorite of the three.

D - a song with acoustic guitar, melodica, and of course, tambourine, about alien robots who only want your groceries (or do they?)

E - really fucking old lyrics and acoustic guitar

F - Christmas Time Is Here played on my uke

G - Noise. Kind of like a cross between My Bloody Valentine, Sigur Ros and Merzbow

H - h! h! h! h! h!

I - pretty/creepy little piano ditty

J - banging on my guitar, desk, whatever was near me for percussion, acoustic guitar lick, bad barely-audible beatboxing, and rolling thunder

K - Warm synths with glitchy uber-delayed uke playing

L - my pride and joy of this project

M - a cover of Snowstorm by Galaxie 500

N - some ambient heavily-reverbed guitar playing

O - BLACK METAL. Because Disco is still hardcore (and because I was really into Paysage d'Hiver at the time and wanted to poke a little fun)

P - I owe this track to Autechre

Q - A little acoustic/vocal track with some free association lyrics

R - ditty for stolen synth and drumset

S - Recording and slight manipulation of rain fallnig on my roof.

T - Post Rock? dunno...

U - distorted bass drone. Sunn O)))? Earth? I haven't really listened to enough of either...

V - Made with my brand-spankin'-new sampler. It features the same samples of Clive Owen from Late Summer Blues. Semi-ode to the early Team Sleep demos that I was really into when I was twelve. There were two takes of this. I chose the one with the off-tempo percussion and overdone effects.

W - acoustic guitar lick with some sampled background noise

X - uncomfortable cover of Still Ill by The Smiths

Y - sort of made up as i went along. utilizes the same effect as Escape The Basement!

Z - zee zee zee

Just in case the versions are flawed again, I'll be posting a senspace link soon...


  • curtainthief

    wow, i can actually see this one! anyways, here it is:

    Gen 11 2008, 18:46
  • J_HAN

    Yea it was a good album and all but i would not agree that it's better than math is white noise at all. The tracks i remember really liking were L, V, P, S, F, i think G and I, and either Z or H.

    Gen 12 2008, 0:02
  • munk77436

    Math is White Noise would probably be better for newcomers since it is more cohesive, but I really dig the variety and texture of this one.

    Gen 13 2008, 4:56
  • curtainthief

    thanks everybody. you all make my four bellies warm.

    Gen 14 2008, 3:59
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