• The Black Crusade @ Copenhagen Review

    Dic 13 2007, 13:17

    Mon 10 Dec – The Black Crusade

    The doors opened at nearly 17:20.

    Part 1 - Shadows Fall :

    Short, but great show, too bad the crowd was not warm yet (only a little moshpit at the light that blinds but that was all), cause they really did a super performance, singer was AWESOME, you could feel passion for metal in his voice ! besides, they didn't have a really great sound, which wasted a bit more their performance
    . it's a shame, really ...

    (very) approximative setlist :

    Failure of The Devout
    The Light That Blinds

    Part 2 - Arch Enemy :

    There again, the set was quite short and sound not so good :s, but very well chosen songs though :D Started with Blood on your Hands (i think), Angela Gossow ruled the show, and the Amott brothers did a near-perfect job too, although the sound ruined some of their solos :(.
    The crowd was a little better but still very calm, unlike i expected it to be ...

    Very Approximative Setlist again :p :

    Blood on Your Hands
    My Apocalypse
    We Will Rise

    Part 3 - Dragonforce :

    That's when the show REALLY began !
    Cool and funny intro, which led to Operation Ground and Pound : crowd was jumping, singing, metal spirit all the vay, yeah ! but when Revolution Deathsquad kicked in, the crowd was like magically turned on (at least the front part, -_-), and a big mosh pit opened, during the lightning speed riffs and solos of Sam Totman and Herman Li, which were a bit overplaying (but they're meant to, aye ?), but really impressive *puts flame shield up*, along with drummer, crazy keyboardist, and bassist :)
    But in the middle of the show, when the crowd was going crazy, Dragonforce played a magnificent ballad , Starfire, everybody was singing, and waving together, was a magical moment, really :D Set ended with Through the fire and the Flames, where the crowd was going mad while playing air-guitar :) and Valley of the Damned, great ending, just after a porn magazine was thrown at the singer by a dude of the crowd, was rly fun haha :P

    Approx Setlist :

    Operation Ground And Pound
    Revolution Deathsquad
    Through The Fire and the Flames
    Valley of the Damned

    Part 4 - Trivium :

    Intro was a track from Final Fantasy VII (think so), while that was still dark, the band came in, 2 seconds after, KB hallen became hell when To The Rats started, what a great opening song and what a violent breakdown, a big mosh pit opened (it didn't close until the end of the show :P) and the crowd was headbanging all the way, the song wasn't ended yet when Fugue kicked in, it really set the pits afire ! Was truly METAL, Becoming the Dragon, Entrance of Conflagration (not sure bout this one), The Deceived, Gunshot were crazy headbanging and moshing, then they played Anthem, all the crowd was singing long and jumping, magical again. Rain was great too. The show closed with Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr, this one was a bad boy ! Pits were f*cking BRUTAL, everybody was screaming to death, it was METAL METAL METAL all the way :D Matt Heafy and Corey Beaulieu did really have a damn presence in this show, you could really feel the energy burning inside them !

    Very Approx Setlist :

    To The Rats
    Fugue (A Revelation)
    Entrance of the Conflagration
    The Deceived
    Becoming the Dragon
    A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
    Anthem (We Are the Fire)
    Pull Harder on the Strings of your Martyr

    Part 5 - Machine Head :

    Whereas during Trivium, some people didn't like them (especially some MH fans), the crowd was f*cking UNITED for MAchine Head's show. They opened with the clean part of Clenching the Fists of the Dissent in the dark, but when the riff kicked in, the lights appeared, and the crowd got INSANE ! headbanging, air-guitar playing, moshing, dancing, jumping, everything you could think of ! It got even worse for Imperium, where the biggest mosh pit of the show was seen (maybe excepting Davidian), everybody was singing and headbanding along. Rob Flynn really MASTERED the crowd, his voice was POWERFUL, liek the guitars and the sick drums. Then, before the 3rd or 4th song, we learned abotu the death of Phil Demmel's father, RIP, and all the crowd applaused, magical again.
    Phil was then replaced by Matt Heafy or Christopher Amott, depending on the songs, and they did a perfect job, it was rad to see them together on the stage, really gave the impression that metal was UNITED ! Aestethics of Hate was b-r-u-t-a-l, Then Halo started, along a circle pit, which soon turned into a big moshing fest ! Before the last song, Davidian, Rob Flynn, told the pit to split, he was screamin for more and more (I really thought he was going to do a Wall of Death :p), and a giant circle pit started, as the last song of the Black Crusade was beginning ! after the intro, all the crowd was either msohing, either jumping and singing along ! LET FREEDOM RING WITH A SHOTGUN BLAST ! The song ended, Rob thanked the crowd several times, and the Black Crusade was over !

    Approx Setlist :

    Clenching the fist of the Dissent
    Ten Ton Hammer
    Aesthetics of Hate
    A Farewell to Arms

    In short :

    Shadows Fall : Rad, but the crowd and the sound sucked

    Arch Enemy : A bit the same as above, but with a better atmosphere and damn good music. A bit short

    Dragonforce : Crazy, fun, fast!

    Trivium : Set the venue on fire !

    Machine Head : Brutal, just brutal :p