February 2007 - " nothing goin down "


Mag 5 2007, 12:20


Some lads from the south of France drove over to do a spot of pre-mastering for their 12" electro maxi. They release under the name SouthNoise http://www.myspace.com/southnoise.

Been working more on unpdating the NeverEngine Kyma program, ready for upcoming live shows in Madrid and Rome, plus preparing the final recorded versions for the Tresor album.

.. and generally experimenting with stuff, making some improvisations in preparation for a long evening of 'nothing' in Madrid...


Station 55 Records this month, have confirmed a showcase at Sonar 2007 - Night of the Brain and Burbuja will play, and Joe Robinson will DJ. Dates and set times to be confirmed.

Burbuja - Burbuja album still at promo stage.. we have had some features online but moved the release date back until April 30th.

The Road

2/2/07 Top Models album launch support DJ at Sidecar Barcelona. I don't really like the sound of the Sidecar, but 'es lo que hay' .. the Top Models played a really rocking and really tight set, 3 guys putting out a lot of energy. Best part was when 'Fito' , a real character from the local rock scene, jumped on stage to sing My Generation with the band. F_F_F_F... I spun some cool stuff that night , Jimi Hendrix 'Izabella' , Brakes 'All Night Disco Party', The Modern Lovers 'she cracked 1972 demo version' and a whole lot more.

16/2/07 Stefan Bruggeman's ' A Production of Nothing' installation : 'Dark Pop Stacks' , part of Arco weekend in Madrid - what a fantastic night, such a long story though... Basically, Stefan, a conceptual artist from Mexico, made 3 short films about 'nothing' - I composed an experimental soundtrack for the second one last year, generated using the No-Input Mixer technique, that is, recording and editing highly amplified analogue circuitry and feedback loops. My friend Enrique, assisted Stefan and installed a 4 big stacks of 48 cardboard boxes with the word ' nothing ' written on the side of each one, and 24 strobe lights and a lot of glitter on the floor, then invited a whole bunch of art crowd and Madrid scene people to drink lots of Ballantines for free, whilst I DJ'd in the experimental style for about 3 hours. As you can imagine , things got tense, and suddenly from out of the crowd, a tall , exotic-looking Mexican transvestite called Viki, threw herself into the 'art' and everyone started smashing it all up. Stefan the artist wasn't very happy about this, and had to leave. But I immediately felt the need to stop the 'experimental' style, and threw down 2 hours of rockabilly, techno, wild funk and garage punk, just an explosion of pure rebel attitude! It was fucking ACE. Inspired me to write a song as well, called Viki the Tall.

22/02/2007 Cabaret at Sidecar Barcelona. Another Cabaret 'alternative' Dj session - much better turn out this time, and played a whole load of cool new stuff , like Future of the Left , Tokyo Police Club , TransAm 'The Surveillance' F.S.K 'Tel Aviv' Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 'Satan Said Dance' and much more. Rockin. Let see who might wanna book me to do one these sets at a larger international show - would be awesome.

24/02/2007 m25 Warsaw. A long-awaited return to Poland, it had been years since I been over to play, and the truth is, there's a lot of dedicated fans there. The Polish youth have always enjoyed a more experimental slant to their techno, so thats where we went during my set. Lots of NeverEngine prototypes and other controlled weirdness. Thanks to Maya for bringing me over and taking care, it was quite relaxing all round.

25/02/2007 Brussels Palais de Beaux Arts. Bit of a disaster this one - not the way I would want to spend my Sunday at all! - Apparently, not publicised as a real 'gig' , but some kind of aftershow of a dance performance, so people came to the dance performance and then left. They had no sound really, no sub bass and it was totally disappointing for me, as I played 45 minutes to a virtually empty room, and then decided to hang out with some people who had come to see me play ( actually, the only people who had come to see me ) - I begged them to take me out and show me some life, so they took me to a few bars and things were suddenly a lot more fun! Thanks guys!


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