• Reinvention

    Ago 27 2008, 15:35

    Is it reinvention, or is it selling out? Just a thought.

    On another thought, super excited about seeing Alanis Morissette in October and even more ecstatic to buy the new Jenny Lewis coming out in September.

    My life would be perfect if Tori Amos would start a new album and RELEASE THAT DAMNED ADP DVD ALREADY.

  • New Musique

    Ott 10 2007, 22:24

    I've actually been listening to a lot of new music lately and all of it is wonderful! Here are some of the things I've been listening to lately.
    1. Art In Manila - Set The Woods On Fire
    - Reminds me of a softer, gentler Rilo Kiley. They are wonderful. :) "Anything You Love," "Golden Dawn," and "Set The Woods On Fire" are my favorites.
    2. A Fine Frenzy - One Cell In The Sea
    - A new Tori/Fiona piano pop red head named Alison Sudol who deserves a decent listen, "The Minnow And The Trout" and "Ashes And Wine" are lovely.
    3.Grand Ole Party - Humanimals
    - I saw them open for Rilo Kiley and I was blown away. The lead singer is a Karen O cross with Pat Benatar. "Look Out Young Son" should be on everyone's playlists.
    4. Sara Bareilles - Little Voice
    - She has an awesome bluesy, soul-filled voice to go along with her piano playing skills. I actually just think I have a thing for a woman and her piano. "Gravity," "Between The Lines," "Vegas," and "Come Round Soon" are highlights.
    5. Radiohead - In Rainbows
    - I received this album in my email this morning and my heart stopped. I have been looking forward to their release for a long while now and it is nothing short of my expectations. It is a beautiful complex piece of art, and Thom's voice doesn't stop short of anything under amazing. :) All tracks are wonderful.
  • ADP

    Mag 2 2007, 2:29

    I'm home.
    And I just put in American Doll Posse by Tori Amos and I feel like crying.
    It's beautiful.
    It makes me so happy.
  • Anticipation.

    Mar 7 2007, 2:48

    It seems like all I do anymore. Anticipate.

    1) New Tori Amos album called American Doll Posse comes out on May 1.

    2) On May 4, I go see Christina Aguilera, which I also can't wait for.

    3) May 8 is Gwen Stefani.

    4) AP Tests. Not really exciting. Just nerve wrecking.

    5) Graduation

    6) The start of the rest of my life.
  • Saddddd

    Gen 3 2007, 4:18

    My computer that I scrobble on is in the shop ;(

    So instead I'm forced to actually listen to my iPod.

    I keep falling asleep listening to Loreena McKennitt, too.
  • Best of '06.

    Gen 1 2007, 1:03

    Following are the best of 2006. Hope you all agree. ;)

    1. The Crane Wife by The Decemberists: The Decemberists prevailed again by releasing an album full of interesting stories and wonderful rhythyms.
    BEST OF:"The Crane Wife 3," "The Perfect Crime 2," and "O' Valencia."

    2. Eye To The Telescope by KT Tunstall: Newcomer KT Tunstall offers a fresh, raw voice against old-fashioned guitar riffs. She also keeps her wonderful CD grounded with plenty of perfect ballads.
    BEST OF: "Other Side Of The World," "Black Horse And The Cherry Tree," and "Universe & U."

    3. FutureSex/LoveSounds by Justin Timberlake: Corny, I know, but Justin really convinced me this time that his music is worth listening to. Filled with sexy dance beats and high-octive vocals, Timberlake has converted me into a fan *cough*.
    BEST OF: "FutureSex/LoveSounds," "My Love," and "What Goes Around..."

    4. Rabbit Fur Coat by Jenny Lewis with The Watson Twins: One of my absolute favorites of the year came from Rilo Kiley fronter Jenny Lewis and the sisterly workings of The Watson Twins. Her soft, Neko Case-like, country-inspired tunes are utterly amazing. I saw them live this past October. It was one of the best concerts I've been to.
    BEST OF: "Rise Up With Fists!!!," "The Charging Sky," and "Born Secular."

    5. The Only Thing I Ever Wanted by Psapp: Psapp's second full-length release is a lot like the first---amazing background music. I love to listen to Psapp when I'm driving or ready to go to bed. Amazingly "toytronic," as they have been called.
    BEST OF: "Hi," "Tricycle," and "Upstairs."

    6. Back To Basics by Christina Aguilera: Already a huge Xtina fan, I was very anxious to hear her 2006 release. What I found was a matured, married Christina. Her "oldies/circus" vibe was completely entrancing and fitting for her powerhouse voice. Five stars for Christina.
    BEST OF: "Makes Me Wanna Pray," "Still Dirrty," "Candyman," and "Save Me From Myself."

    7. Begin To Hope by Regina Spektor: Another amazing release for Ms. Spektor. Every single time she comes out with an album, I'm floored, especially on her newest release. Her change to uptempo beats compared to her sole piano was a perfect transaction in catching a new audience, while upholding the longstanding fans.
    BEST OF: "Fidelity," "On The Radio," "Apres Moi," and "Hotel Song."

    8. Taking The Long Way by Dixie Chicks: I have loved the Dixie Chicks for years and their newest album is nothing short of genius. Their truthful lyrics about "The Incident" allow for a heartfelt, amazing album that everyone (yes, even Republicans) should buy.
    BEST OF: "The Long Way Around," "Lullaby," "Voice Inside My Head," and "So Hard."

    Welcome, 2007. :)
  • Going out tonight underneath the charging sky.

    Set 8 2006, 0:11

    I saw Rent last night with Ms. Summer. It was purely amazing. Some of it could have been better (That's you, Mimi and Roger), but it was still beautiful.

    But that's not the best of the news.

    I just found
    Lewis tickets
    go on sale

    Phoebe and I are going. And we are going to Rise Up With Fists!!!
  • Comp Uter: The Evil Machine

    Ago 30 2006, 22:05

    My computer fried over the weekend and I just got speakers today.

    So, I'm sure that Sara is kicking my ass now.
  • Songs That Changed My Life.

    Ago 18 2006, 2:21

    1. "Merman" by Tori Amos. This song was written about me, to be honest. It's pure and hushed. My favorite Tori song of all time.

    2. "Rain" by The Corrs. A song for my future; what I hope and what I dream for.

    3. "Cooling" by Tori Amos. Another pure and honest Tori song. "Cooling" is beautiful and calming.

    4. "Bring It All Back" by S Club 7. Immature, okay. But everytime I hear this song, I smile. No matter what.

    5. "Elsewhere" by Sarah McLachlan. Another song written about me. It's chilling, eerie, and truthful. About love vs. family.

    6. "When In Rome" by Nickel Creek. Just. Pure. Genius.

    7. "A Man/Me/Then Jim" by Rilo Kiley. Soft Jenny Lewis + love x loss = Amazing.

    8. "La Serenissima" by Loreena McKennit. An instrumental by one of my favorite artists of all time. I cried when I first heard it. Nothing short of magical.

    9. "The Long Way Around" by Dixie Chicks. A musical jem from a perspective of a man that has passed, looking back and regretting his choices. A total inspiration.

    10. "Christmas Bells" from RENT. What every singer should be able to accomplish.

    11. "Your House" by Alanis Morisette. A beautiful, heartfelt, a capella ballad.

    12. "1963" by Rachael Yamagata. Upbeat and romantic. Beautiful.

    13. "Pretty Good Year" by Tori Amos. A journey of a song. Flawless.