belated thoughts on new scissor sisters album plus ana youtube goodness


Set 28 2006, 5:34

I got was a few weeks ago now, i love it i love it i love it. esp. Kiss you off! can this be the next single please!!?
i got the deluxe edition today although i have the tracks already from a download on my ipod. ahahah
LMAO @ the guy who served me at the store saying it looked like a deck of playing cards. classic!

anyways if you've seen the little banner thing of Ana on my profile, i capped it from this vid i managed to come across last week...

i could watch it for fucking hours. i love it! and i love her.

god i will just DIE if i don't see ss live again.



  • thrownsugar

    I will probably never get to see SS live :( I love the new album too ;D. Agreed, Kiss You Off should be the next single, well I think it is the best song on there ;)

    Set 29 2006, 22:52
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