SUH-WHEAT!!!!!! [I finally got an album by The Mars Volta]


Mag 26 2006, 23:45

So, I walk into FYE yesterday afternoon, and what is it that I find for sale at $11.99???....only the most kick-@$$ cd I've bought in a while-ok, ok, the ONLY cd I've bought in a while, I'm poor.

I wanted to get but Frances the Mute , yah, know, four extra bucks that i ended up spending on the most freaking AWESOME muffins at Frulatti-but I diverge.

De-Loused In the Comatorium is one of the most original rock albums I've listened to ever. It's got some blues, some Latin flavor, some vocals worthy of Thom Yorke and Matthew Bellamy, and some Santana-ish guitar solos.

I'm listening to Eriatarka (track #6) right now. Kind of Pink Floydish in the quieter moments of psychedelic guitar solos. The drum part is a bit like John Bonham's in Moby Dick.


  • BTBullet

    You cant compare the mars volta with any other rock band. They are in the're own genre. The track Take the veil cerpin taxt is one of my favourites. Did you know the singer and gutarist are from a band called at the drive in, which is and incredibly different sound to the mars volta.

    Mag 27 2006, 12:14
  • crai_zee_rana

    i didn't know that, but the band name sounds familiar

    Mag 29 2006, 14:55
  • johnnytwotone

    The Mars Volta are fantastic. I'll be seeing them live this fall, opening for the Chili Peppers (I'm going for the Mars Volta, honestly). But FYE ripped you off. I got their album for 9.99, and it wasn't even on sale.

    Mag 30 2006, 6:23
  • crai_zee_rana

    yeah, well, it was better than the 15.99 for frances the mute.... suck...i've never seen ANY band live..but The Mars Volta is on my List of Bands to See LIVE Before I

    Mag 30 2006, 16:39
  • johnnytwotone

    Really? No bands live? I mean, I haven't been to a lot, but I've seen most of my favorite bands live. Definitely try to get to some shows!

    Mag 30 2006, 22:10
  • AnnaHaNa

    The Mars Volta are the greatest band i've seen live yet. I saw them last summer in Finland for the first time. About At The Drive-In: Omar and Cedric were in the band until omar wanted out (sort of right before their breakthrough). At The Drive-In was probably more popular than TMV is nowadays but nowhere as good. The other members of ATDI formed Sparta, which is actually a pretty crappy band.

    Mag 31 2006, 9:48
  • crai_zee_rana

    ha, sucks for brother LOVES the mars volta, i'll kill him if he gets to see them live before i do....what kind of sound did at the drive in have?

    Mag 31 2006, 19:46
  • AnnaHaNa

    ATDI was often described as emo, but i hate that word and prefer not to use it.. you can listen to some of their songs here -->

    Giu 1 2006, 16:26
  • crai_zee_rana

    cool, thanks

    Giu 3 2006, 5:31
  • valoraami

    great album.

    Giu 3 2006, 6:23
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