• test

    Giu 23 2007, 4:19

    Last.fm isn't updating for me...
  • A Morbid First Entry

    Mag 24 2007, 20:08

    There are two things I know for sure. I love making playlists. And someday, I'm gonna shuffle off this mortal coil. With that in mind, now and then I'll hear a song and think, damn, I want that played at my funeral. So far I have a pretty awesome Final Playlist compiled, but only in my mind. Now I will commit it to paper electrons.

    First of all, it's nice to get things started with a hymn. Come To Jesus by Mindy Smith fits the bill perfectly. And it's nice and upbeat, which can be a good thing if people are feeling lugubrious.

    Some of my favorite singer/songwriters have written thoughtful pieces about the cycle of life and death. I think some Tracy Chapman would be appropriate, namely two selections from Telling Stories: Unsung Psalm and First Try. Patty Griffin has a few that would be appropriate, most especially Long Ride Home and Top Of The World--the Dixie Chicks also have a version of that one.

    There would have to be some Greg Brown and I think that Driftless is the one of the most simple yet profound songs. "Have I done enough, father, can I rest now? ...and the evening sky is the reason why I'm going driftless."

    A vision of the afterlife from Mary Chapin Carpenter, My Heaven would be a comforting touch, as would a simple Ave Maria by another favorite singer/songwriter.

    Finally--and Max, I hope you're paying attention to this part--it HAS to end with Marvin Gaye, God Is Love. Has to. And if you play Amazing Grace on the bagpipes I will haunt you.