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Giu 6 2010, 9:28

if you haven’t heard Mayer Hawthorne’s modern soul cuts, STOP! what you’re doing and go do so now, for your own good. having grown up just outside of detroit (ann arbor, michigan), mayer grew up surrounded by some of the best music ever made, including gems by isaac hayes, smokey robinson, and curtis mayfield, to name a few. after signing with stones throw, the self-taught multi-instrumentalist and singer released his debut album, titled “a strange arrangement“, and hasn’t looked back since. taking both north america and europe by storm with his old meets new fusion of motown inspired soul.

you’d be hard-pressed to find catchier, funner cuts than those on his first full length, where tracks such as “green eyed love” or “just ain’t gonna work out” will stick to your head for days! although the album is full of funk and energy in itself, it’s on the live circuit where mayer and his band, the county, excel. we had the pleasure of catching them live in madrid not long ago and left the concert wanting more, only to come back home with the consolation prize of playing his album non-stop once again.

you can keep track of mayer’s tour dates and news via his twitter: @mayerhawthorne or thru Stones Throw

listen to “a strange arrangement” via spotify or get your very own copy of it on amazon

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