The most important albums of my life so far......


Gen 11 2008, 18:09

Apart from this being a ridiculous bit of procrastination, I have always felt a need to kind of show some appreciation for albums that had a part in making me the person that I am and the music that I like now. I see plenty of journals out there telling us about their top 10 favourtie albums, this is far from being that, only a couple of these albums would make my top 10 but all of these albums meant something to me, not just in a little way either they were influential on my life during the times that I would play them. They aren't in any particular order but I guess it would still make sense to start at the beginning....

1. Oasis - (Whats the Story) Morning Glory
I always boast about how this was the first album that I ever bought, it is a bit of a classic after all. Not only was it the first album that i bought but pretty much the only album i owned for about 2 years. I didnt own many albums on tape, I think it was just this album and a couple of lighthouse family albums?? lol. This one was constantly in the tape player as well. I would play this all the time after school and as I had no internet to look up lyrics i spent forever listening and rewinding to try and understand all of the lyrics (bear in mind i was about seven or eight years old!) Me and one of my mates in primary school used to sit in the playground at lunch times and sing the lyrics, occasionally we even had a crowd watching us! This album always reminds me of times when there were less complications in life, you didnt need to worry about exams, women, cooking your own food, getting a job! It's nice to hark back to it every now and then and drift off into thinking about being seven again...

2. Korn - Follow the Leader
I skip forward a long period of time to get to this album, Korn are not exactly my most listened artist any more, in fact I barely remember the last time that i listened to any of their music. Without being cruel to Korn or this type of music but i saw this period of time as a downward slope in my musical tastes, i listened to a lot of deftones, dabbled in slipknot, and completely rinsed the first two limp bizkit albums (as you will go on to see)This album was an absolute masterpiece though, and i still regard it highly, its not exactly my cup of tea anymore but it is quality. The album makes me think of the first years of high school and not really knowing what sort of person you are going to turn into and knowing that music was going to alter this. The thought that i for some reason should be an angry teenager that had issues with the world seemed somehow appealing. I knew i was going to be a lover of music and i needed a path to follow and this was the most available option with several of my friends and my elder sister listening to this music. The thing is, i did really love it, i wonder whether i kind of made myself love it but nevertheless tracks like 'It's On!' and 'Children of the Korn' are absolute tunes that really stir something in me. If anything this album showed me that i shouldn't be a sheep, not because i don't think that the music is any good any more but that i should be making my own choices in what i listen to and the sort of person i'm going to be.

3. Limp Bizkit - Significant Other
Haha, how i loved this album. Break Stuff was always the best track to listen to if you felt the need to vent some anger, the start, 'It's just one of those days....' is classic and the emotion that it stirs in you is ridiculous. I still feel a tingle in my spine when i hear this track and i wana jump up and down and pretend that i have long hair that would make it worthwhile for headbanging. Re-Arranged that followed up from break stuff was such a ridiculous antithesis of the track that it would calm you down and your heart rate would be back to normality befor the track was through. The amount of times i've crooned along with Durst, 'reeeeeeeaaaaaraaaanged'. Not only was this album great for every emotion that a pubescent male teenager was going through but it was also one of my first experiences of hiphop. 'N2gether Now' was regularly skipped for the first couple of months of listening to the album but after a few time of not wanting to get up and change the track it started to grow on me and showed me what else there was that was out there. I always saw music as two seperate entitities beforehand. There was the popular chart music and there was 'rebellious' music which your parents would forever be telling you to turn down. I started to realise that there was a bit more out there and maybe being angry wasn't what i was meant to be either.

4. Cypress Hill - Black Sunday
The first hip hop album that I listened to in full. Not knowing a lot about drugs meant that i barely knew a single reference throughout. I had heard of a bong and knew that marijuana was an illegal drug (that Cypress Hill definitely seemed to enjoy according to their music) but stuff like 'roach clip' and the large number of other ridiculous terms for weed pretty much went straight over my head. I tell you what i liked though, just the flow, and the beats. I almost felt like i was on some form of drug listening to this album. The first track 'I Wanna Get High' just made me wana groove and chill out at the same time, the lyrics are mind-boggling and awe-inspiring. Before you know it the track is over and you think, 'shit....i need to hear that again!!' Despite thinking that listening to Cypress Hill was going to turn me into a drug addict (lol) things didn't turn out that well luckily! Cypress Hill definitely opened some doors to me, it was a strange transfer from the more nu-metal sort of bands there were mainly filling my head space but it was revolutionary in changing my path in music taste, something i am forever grateful for because i now listen to some of the most incredible music that i believe to be out there.


back to the revision then.....yawn!


  • zephyr-guy

    cool idea, don't forget arctic monkeys though! remember our road trips! xx

    Gen 16 2008, 23:06
  • cj6996

    haha, dont worry arctic monkeys is definitely worthy of a position in this chart. not so much the album though, more the tracks that were before the album, half of which made the album of course!! but there are definitely a lot of memories with that album!!!

    Gen 17 2008, 1:11
  • hippiehoofd

    Except for Oasis, 3 albums which had a big influence to me as well :)

    Gen 19 2008, 20:30
  • Zealant

    Pretty crumby reasons to call these the most important albums of your life, except in the case of Oasis.

    Gen 24 2008, 22:49
  • Seabie

    Nice idea for a journal! Also fun to see that the albums from Korn and Limp Bizkit have played the same role for me. I wasn't an angry kid though. Funny to see we both went a different direction after this nu metal era.

    Feb 13 2009, 0:54
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