The best thing digital music has done for the industry:


Feb 16 2006, 3:03

Emphasized song titles. Seriously, the days of "Number 2 is my favorite track" are over. With ripped CDs, everyone knows the title that the artist chose for every song, and that's the way it should be. The title is the headline for what you are hearing. It's the first thing you should think before listening to a song, and the last thing you should think of when you are done.

Feel free to post other benefits the digital age has provided.
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  • mythrilnazgul

    allows me to not waste away hundreds of dollars per paycheck on music thats just going to get lost, break, or get stolen/borrowed.

    Feb 16 2006, 4:39
  • Shwenk

    the forums died :[

    Feb 17 2006, 2:11
  • vihreatee

    I still listen to albums. In fact, I only have full albums on my iPod. I might have gone a bit too far there but I like having things organized.

    Lug 2 2006, 9:37
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