To Sloan or Not To Sloan: Not Even A Question


Mag 14 2011, 1:48

So I pre-ordered the new Sloan album a month or so ago. I had been seeing the advertisements on youtube-just short vignettes, sort of along the same vain that had been put out around the time of "Never Hear the End of It". The disk came in Wednesday (signed by all 4 members!). Sloan has always been, in my opinion, their own genre of rock. It's not punk, but it is punk. It's not pop, but it is pop! It's not Iggy Pop, but it is Iggy Pop! (With better production values)....Alright a bit of a tangent there.

Consider "One Chord to Another" in 96'. It was such a gutsy album in those days-of the new and clean recording sound wave. The production was a massive throwback to mid-to late 60's Beatles. Listen to A Sides Win (off of the album in question). You can HEAR the pedal creek. The whole feel is pure, authentic, beat driven rock. The Double Cross is a total throwback to that album. In this case, the production has been tightened-but not for the worse! It's clean, but it's raw. It's harsh, but it's soft. It's Sloan! It's what you need to consider, if you were a once-upon-a-sloan fan, or just forgot. If you haven't heard Sloan? As Seinfeld's Mr. Mandlebaum would say. It's go time!SloanThe Double Cross


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